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What's up guys? I'm professional
Formula Drift driver Ryan Tuerck
and we are here today to play the
“Game of Horse Power” powered
by the new GR Supra.
Two drivers each driving the GR Supra will
take turns trying to complete a trick.
The driver who nails the trick wins.
First person to spell H.O.R.S.E. loses.
Two professional drivers,
two powerful Supras,
let's play a “Game of Horse Power.”
Our first competition
is gonna be “Smoke Detected.”
You guys are gonna race across
the basketball court and try to
light up these smoke detectors
with the smoke from the car
as fast as possible.
The first letter, my friend.
H? [groans]
There it is.
Next Competition, “The Pizza Delivery.”
Use the power and agility of the Supra
to demolish a fresh, hot cheese pizza.
The driver whose pizza
is more demolished wins.
Moment of truth! [groans]
All right, from my judging aspects,
I'm gonna have to give it to Fredric.
Oh my god! Have some pizza.
Next competition: Box of Donuts.
Drivers must do a
half dozen donuts in a small,
confined spaced, a.k.a a donut box.
The driver to do a half dozen donuts
the fastest will be the winner.
Ken gets an O.
[Groans] I'll help you with that.
All right.
That's a good look, Ken.
Next competition: The Pinata.
The driver that breaks open
the piñata and finds a spark plug
inside the fastest wins.
Ken, you won!
Good job, boss.
Next competition is “Powerslide Parking.”
Now, the object is to
park the car the most centered
between the two vases
without knocking them over.
Let's see that R.
It's an R. All right. All right.
Yours is coming, Ken.
It's coming.
All right. This competition is called
“On a Dime.”
The driver who comes closest to
a dime at the end of the court
without hitting it wins.
Ken, you got within
seven inches of that dime.
Frederic gets an S.
Here, let me help you out with that S.
Thank you. Thank you very much.
This competition is called “Fast Break.”
Drivers must race across the court
and dunk a basketball on a mini-hoop.
The first driver to dunk on all four
baskets will be the winner.
The times were close.
But Ken, you took out an obstacle.
So you are DQ'ed and you're
gonna have to turn over a letter.
This competition is called
“A Latte Power.”
Now, there's a twist. I'm driving.
The passenger with
the least spillage wins.
There's a lot of G-forces in here, man.
All right, boys.
Frederic, I gotta
take my hat off to you, dude.
You killed it.
Ken on the other hand
spilled most of the latte that
came out of the cup on my lap.
That's what an S looks like.
That's an S.
This competition is called
“Shooting the J.”
You each have H-O-R-S.
The next trick is for the win.
The driver who does the best
J-turn will be the winner.
All right, you guys
performed great out there.
I liked the J-turns.
You both got a solid spin
on the 180, but one of you
did do it better than the other.
So, the winner of the 2019
Toyota GR Supra “Game of Horse Power” is…
Ken Gushi!
You killed it, Ken.
But here you go. You are the winner…
Ah, thank you. Thanks a lot.
…of the Horse Power Challenge.
All right.


2020 GR Supra Drifting & Car Stunts with Ryan Tuerck, Ken Gushi & Fredric Aasbø | Toyota

104 分類 收藏
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