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what's up everyone today I'm talking about Andrew yang universal basic income
and how Automation is gonna steal your job even if you're a doctor lawyer
bartender chef gymnast service dog hooker comedian
it won't be long until I'm replaced in here and this is my bedroom
it's what Andrew yang calls a tsunami of unemployment and he's running for
president with a plan to deal with it if you've heard anything about me in my
campaign you've heard something like this there's an Asian man running for
president who wants to give everyone $1,000 on month. hey you had me at Asian
man but Wow a thousand bucks a month that's enough to buy health insurance
plus $500 left over to definitely not buy drugs with this is Knee Of The Curve
welcome to knee of the curve I'm Emmett Short and if you don't know this is a show about
the topics leading us to the technological singularity there's a
tsunami a change about to hit us and most people are too busy building
sandcastles to notice so hit subscribe to stay up to date on human obsolescence
I know a lot of you are waiting for the sex robot episode but I'm not gonna put
that up until I do rigorous research and those creepy ass dolls are not cheap and
I'm not gonna get one secondhand plus ubi is a core issue when it comes to sex
pots house an honest lady of the night supposed to pay the bills when robot
blowjob machines are popping up all over London what what that that those are
urinals if those are urinals then how come when I was in one I had a
mind-blowing never mind moving on let's get into it jobs those
things robots keep stealing from America's Mexicans I'm kidding
Mexicans don't want these jobs more than 90% of our hired farm workers come from
Mexico but we're seeing a hundred fifty thousand fewer farm workers each year
young peope growing up in rural Mexico are getting
more education that gives them ticket to higher paying jobs that demand more
Skills and provide them with more stable employment the alternative is to find
new ways of growing these crops with fewer workers so it's all about
technology yeah turns out nobody wants to stand in the Sun 14 hours a day
picking strawberries and if you do you've taken this whole strawberries or
my favorite food thing way too far strawberries are for breakfast or
dessert or sex stuff but that's it anyway
robots are taking our jobs the five most common jobs in the United States right
now are administrative and clerical work retail and sales food service and food
prep truck driving and transportation and manufacturing those five jobs
comprise about half of all American jobs over the next number of months AI is
going to become industry indistinguishable from a person yeah
like the new Google answering service yeah that comes with the pixel phone so
it's amazing Google assistant is getting spooky good
Google's Gmail now finishes your sentences stealing jobs from millions of
annoying spouses if you really knew me that well you'd know I like to finish my
own don't say thoughts I say thoughts now historically people that feared
machines would put everyone out of work have been called Luddites which is a
term from the 1800s for the bands of English workers who destroyed machinery
that was threatening their jobs I think it was cotton gins or looms but it got
pretty violent with a lot of people dying and one unsympathetic factory
owner William horse fall getting his balls shot off
yeah because of looms how many of you have noticed doors closing where you
live I know you're from all over the country and why are those stores closing
one word answer Amazon Amazon soaking up 20 billion dollars in business every
single year how much are they paying in taxes zero
hey Bezos if I were you I'd start worrying about my balls we automated
away four million manufacturing jobs in Michigan Ohio Pennsylvania Wisconsin and
my friends and Technology know we're about to do the same thing to millions
of retail jobs call center jobs fast-food jobs
truck driving jobs and on and on but ultimately Luddites have always been
wrong every time machines take over an industry new and often
better jobs have been created in fact AI and robotics are already creating new
jobs there is a cafe in Tokyo where the waiters are actually robots controlled
by paraplegic people using eye movements you got to hand it to technology these
people had their spines crushed technology found a way to crush their
souls yeah thanks for the waiter gig nobody thought of inventing an eye
control drafting board so she can get back to being a fucking architect no
thanks for the nine-hour shift serving coffee to the mobile elite for minimum
wage really fills the void from her last job designing Tokyo's Olympic Stadium
great work okay so that one's not great but if hitch history repeats itself more
and better jobs will follow why would this time be any different the
Industrial Revolution which people generally refer to and say hey we've
been through this before Bain and McKinsey project that this time
is going to be three to four times faster and larger than that according to
economic theory if you were to automate away 4 million manufacturing jobs which
we did those workers would move get retrained rescaled find new higher
productivity jobs and all would be well but when I dug into the numbers it turns
out that almost half of those workers left the workforce and never worked
again and of that group about half filed for disability and then you saw a surge
in substance abuse and drug overdoses and suicides that's actually a much
better sign of what's gonna happen when the three and a half million truckers
and the two and a half million call center worker isn't the over ten million
retail workers suffer from the same sort of displacement right the scale of job
displacement across multiple industries is going to be bigger than anything
that's happened in the past by orders of magnitude
enter ubi universal basic income or what andrew yang has rebranded the freedom
dividend universal basic income money for nothing and chicks for free that's
not what it is ubi which the bowel disease also not what it is we need to
have everyone share in all of the gains from this progress and innovation my
flagship proposal of freedom dividend would put $1,000 a month into the hands
of every American so that if your mall closes or your job gets blasted away you
at least have $12,000 year that helps take the pressure off
and helps you transition in a better better direction
well that sounds dope but the fear is that with no jobs available and people
getting free money everyone will start living pointless unproductive
meaningless lives basically the whole country will turn into Housewives of
Beverly Hills your D linking income from actually earning a living when you work
that you get more out of it than money you get self-esteem just incentivized
people to be more or less industrious I would say are you a self-made success
story well are you robbing other people their ability to make be a self-made
success story wait so robots are coming for our jobs
and universal basic income is coming for our meaning but what about the vast
majority of people who hate their jobs does that mean they hate meaning or do
some jobs offer people a lot more meaning than others or maybe the more
money you make the more options you have to create meaningful things in your life
like support a family or pursue those kinds of jobs people don't hate
what are those jobs called oh yeah careers Chris Rock said it best now the
people in the audience with careers need to learn to shut the fuck up when you
around people with jobs don't let your happiness make somebody
sad yeah it turns out people don't really like jobs how did all these
people with careers not see that people like Bernie Sanders
I believe in a jobs guarantee why is it Federal jobs guaranteed better than a
universal basic that what a simple reason I think most people want to work
and I believe under a Sanders administration what we would do is
create those jobs you couldn't even call it a federal career guarantee no you're
gonna get a government job and you're gonna work hard you're gonna love it
because it gives you meaning okay what kind of job am I gonna get you got an
infrastructure which is crumbling we can put millions of people to work doing
that you want me to be a construction worker hey Bernie fuck you we're talking
half of all jobs in America gone in the next two decades and you want to create
a huge government bureaucracy to manage everybody's job I think in practice it
would be somewhere between highly and proud
to call and dystopian because if you've ever employed lots and lots of people
you have to put a bureaucracy in place to employ them and monitor them and then
if they don't like their job or don't like their boss or aren't doing a good
job and they're dependent upon that job for their very survival and you're
guaranteeing them that job then what do you do
and that to me is the path we must avoid it might be well intended but we might
as well just give everyone gray overalls while we're at it so what will people do
if it's not mandatory government jobs which let's hope that doesn't happen
Bernie you psychopath what do you bi opponents think people are gonna do when
the tsunami of unemployment hits just calmly adjust the Industrial Revolution
at the turn of the century included mass riots that killed dozens of Americans
and caused billions of dollars worth of damage
we now have Labor Day as a national holiday because of those riots we
implemented Universal High School in 1911 and part as a response to these
problems so even if you just rely upon history you would expect a lot of
violence and tumult and conflict Luddites are gonna wreck shit it's a
recurring theme but what you may not realize about those original Luddites is
they weren't angry with the machines if technology was gonna be used in a way to
benefit at everyone they were happy with it they saw this really not as a
technological fight but an economic fight when the Luddite started breaking
machines it was because they had lost their attempt to mitigate the way that
economic change would happen yeah people don't have a problem with the machines
doing tasks we don't want to do we love that the problem is with the economic
upheaval that comes along with the transition the choice we have to make is
who's in control of our economic future who do you think is most capable of
creating the new more fulfilling and higher paying jobs of the future the
government andrew yang says you are do we want to work for ourselves or do we
want to work for the government and and if this is the the choice we have if
this is the choice we have it's not about what would serve our government
it's what would serve ourselves we are the owners and shareholders of the
society it's our wealth and we should be able to decide what we want to do with
it opponents say the big problem to doing
UVI is people are going to be too lazy to do anything so
nothing will happen seems like the choices between nothing happening or
people getting their balls shot off if I was a software engineer my balls would
be donating to Andrew Yang's campaign and guess what here are the top five
occupations of donors to the yin-yang software engineers number one so these
are the people that are closest to the action when I talk to software engineers
they're like oh yeah it's real because they know what's going on the smartest
of them have been talking about ubi for years I think ultimately we will have to
have some kind of universal basic income I don't think we're gonna have a choice
basic minimum earnings for everybody so that every there's nobody that is having
to sleep on the street we should explore ideas like universal basic income to
make sure that everyone has a cushion to try new ideas these are the guys making
the machines I say we trust their self-interest and let them give us money
it's like pre-emptive reverse extortion it's like if a small business went to
the mob and was like hey can we pay you some money to protect us from you it's
brilliant and it's worth taking a moment to reflect on why this is all happening
right now and it's in the name of the show Denis the curve the line on the
graph is the rate of technological advancement it's growing exponentially
and the point of most extreme change is the knee of the curve humanity is
getting very close and things are going to change faster than they've ever
changed before that's why we need to react to this problem in a way we've
never tried before now look I don't know if universal basic income is gonna fix
all the problems of this job loss tsunami but after you understand the
situation and listen to all the other plans
it absolutely seems like the least crazy if you'd like me to have a basic income
I'm only $1,000 a month away from earning a thousand dollars a month on
patreon link in description if you'd like to write jokes for this series
which I don't have a joke for so there's your end hit me up on Twitter at kneeing
the curve where I post the topics for upcoming episodes if you get a joke on
the show you get a credit in the description a shout-out at the end of
the episode and soon prizes but not til I get at least one patreon supporter
looking at you mom let me know in the comments what you think about automation
and ubi and if you're in the please share this video with your
community hit subscribe to stay up-to-date on how technology is changing
everything peace


楊安澤,全民基本收入&自動化:與Emmett Short合作的曲線膝蓋 (Andrew Yang, UBI & Automation: Knee Of The Curve with Emmett Short)

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