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how do you like using power tools? it's fun lose all the work El Hefe has arrived
and now we see Salut! well hello everyone from the Bergner backyard today's gonna be a
bit of a different video we're gonna be doing some home renovations in my parents home
home yeah we're gonna be building a new deck yeah because whatever we have over
here is just a slab of cement that was here when we bought the house yeah and
the people that build this they forgot to put any rebar or anything to
strengthen the the cement so everything is cracking everything is out of level
yeah we're gonna build a beautiful deck yes so the exciting part about this
project is that Jeff from home renovation DIY come to Brampton to fix this deck
we we've been binge-watching their channel they do it all and they explain
it in a way that any homeowner that is not very handy yeah Us!
I can do it you know there's no one greener than me camera this channel is
very informative and it's worth your while if you're gonna have any project
any renovation and you want to do it yourself and save some money basically
if you want to see the technical stuff of how to build a deck you can check out
Jeff's video here we're gonna be showing you the behind the scenes and then at
the end of it all we're gonna do a big reveal have a big barbecue are the time
Argentine styled barbecue the way we like it and show you the little staycation oasis
that is will have here so that is the plan we need to show you our shirts yeah DIY
okay the only thing is that me El Jefe I'm the boss right here. He's the boss.
they gotta be careful with their yeah coffee breaks it's nobody smokes or
nothing get better breaks a water break I gotto okay all of that. a but let's rewind a bit so I can
tell you how exactly we ended up with Jeff in our backyard it all started with
an email from home run vision DIY last December Jeff and his wife Michelle had
watched some of the video Sam and I filmed barbecuing with my dad in the
backyard and of course our concrete slab of the deck had made a bit of an
appearance their expertise saw a potential DIY project so they sent us an
email to see if we were interested in a collab their channel teaches homeowners
how to tackle home renovation projects big or small and they could envision a
backyard oasis perfect for staycation I told my parents about this email I had
received and it took them all of five seconds to say yes yes please
so here we are but now we'll let Jeff tell you the plan we originally were
just going to come down and do a really simple kind of pressure-treated lumber
you know resurfacing but we got lucky so a partner who's helped us out we're
putting in a Brazilian IPE deck which is a hard wood exterior product that's like
no maintenance we're gonna put a sealer on it and then we'll check back with you
in about ten years and see how it's doing really so really what it is is
it's a DIY project with really high-end amazing materials that have been
designed for DIY installation so we're gonna help Sam learn a few skills put
together a nice pergola some Sun Shade finally we're gonna see Samuel with a
hammer using some material and I've already pinched my hand and oh well
blood sweat and tears that's why I went here
so what did we get up to on the first day you asked well we were mostly
sorting the wood that had been delivered double-checking measurements getting to
know each other and also feasting this is a latin-american household so it
wasn't long before homemade empanadas and wine entered the picture so we
didn't get started on the build but we did some of the prep work and ate like
kings and queens we're getting nothing done
we're gonna have the best siesta ever
day 2 early morning and we have come to Home Depot to pick up some extra
supplies that we need wood lumber here we have them in the back doing their
nice we got a seven I needed seven of those shopping mission completed
look at all the stuff we got guys like he came to it was like 500 600 600 Canadian dollars unity
in there and this is going to allow us add an addition oh sorry we have to go
the other way oh so oh it's opening you open sesame'
now to load the truck out a little bit
you get a nice little trick it we're gonna nice a little fire security
since our concrete slab was on the smaller side of things Jeff decided to
build a deck extension so we spent the morning working on that
Sam and I were tasked with digging holes for the concrete blocks some of the
holes were neater than others but more on that in a second
Togo the project manager inspecting that everything's turning out okay I
think we need to show you guys holes Sam would you like to showcase the the hole
you dug tell us all about it this one that's like the size of a bathtub yeah
let me just say went a little overboard hey and you're not gonna show mine -
beautiful mines perfection right here guys versus fans all right guys so it is
day two we spent the morning at Home Depot sure did fine we dug six holes
uh-huh I did one thank you for starting the credit he's making mine about twice
as big as I need to be right yeah so we're just building a simple floating deck
day you have two box beams and then we're gonna put our floor joists on top
of that I call the floor joists just people can kind of understand right yep
and then we're gonna put our deck tiles on top of it and we're gonna have a
finished deck today that's that's incredible right just a few hours we can
have this side finish and then we'll be prepping this side for tomorrow
hopefully we can get all of our pergola posts in today yeah we'll see how we
hold up see how they hold up I'd be having too much fun to get any work done
this afternoon that we've got a good lunch coming up El Jefe he has arrived what
happened it is lunch time lunch time we got that we got all the
hard work done that's all it's time to chow down on some lunch we are having
its polenta as like a tomato sauce and that's why see spicy sausages we got to
meet oh and we've got some sausages oh it's bubbling so we have asado a
low-down what's it in English again Asado A La Olla or that I think it's a beef like a
Peruvian cooked in a pot yeah there is no English word for it
after lunch it was time for some fun with power tools
the love and the Crescent Wrench here
okay no hospital chess no how do you like using power tools it's fun does all
the work
who's a good-looking boy Oh Togi is I'm so good-looking it's me they're
talking about me voila to meet our crooked concrete slab
yeah he's like no worries guys I'm coming I got it I've got a solution
what's going on oh geez
got rich muscle here that's it we're killing Samuel well so we're gonna give
them a break you know so anybody who's a friend you know fans of Samuel and
Audrey you've seen you've seen Daniel on the show yeah sometimes I appear here
there is the ultimate storyteller okay yeah so you want to try out some of
these tools and toys and have some fun and drill some holes that's it I'll let you be like a nice
materials maybe we'll find oil who knows we'll get lucky
you're so strong you actually listen stop the drill bit from moving they send you sheriff in town let's go
So Samuel you're fired. I'm fired. Wow. I've never seen so much strength before in my life.
is a three so two questions for you guys yes what did we get up to yesterday what
did we accomplish and what's happening today I was like the floating deck
yesterday it's easy yeah we got our yeah we were like
digging digging holes we were all enjoying that we were all enjoying that
we out that was like a really fun group you sprained your wrist it sprained my
wrist yes lately strange no recovering you're
working hard yeah that's good you're feeling better and today we're building
a pergola yeah ooh fancy not just any pergola this is a pergola
that's nine feet tall we're gonna have Sun sails stretched out in between I
mean gorgeous it's gonna be gorgeous yeah all right so uh weather - yeah so
now we have to put up these hundred pounds posts everywhere hard hat day
hard hat day yeah okay well let's get at it
El Jefe has arrived to participate in Day 3 of a build has a ride after he's a
share of work somewhere else somebody has to work to pay the bill
the man in the yellow hat do you have a status update for us
that's update those guys are doing some serious measurements over here it's
doing some grunt work trying to give them basically the the deck tiles to
work with mmm-hmm well we are making very good progress guys this is what we
finished yesterday voila this is what we've been working on
today looking good coming together and I think we're gonna be taking another food
break soon yeah
today has been a bit of a heavy lifting day I don't quite have the same muscle
power as these boys so if I'm mostly helping in the kitchen we had a nice
lasagna for lunch now we're gonna do a picada
for dinner a bit of a mid-afternoon snack because it's been a long day today
we started at 9:00 and I think we're gonna be working until the Sun Goes Down
it might be a 12-hour day to be honest so yeah I'm gonna make sure everyone is
well fed and hydrated it is the end of day three everyone is hungry so today we
are doing a piccata we're going to introduce like a big snack we've got
lots of deli meats cheeses chips peanut spreads pickles olives it's gonna be
good I'm tired everyone but the deck is looking good we are making progress I
think we just need one more day guys one more day
like me when I see my card and I have the five in one at my back pocket guys I
need to show you how ridiculous the dog Togo is look at where he has decided to
position himself right in the middle of the action of course oh well I've had an
easy day Jeff has been working his tail off no you only have one hand yeah thank
you anyways we've made - Jeff is a major industry
chipped in with Togo approved sleeping on every inch of this deck well yeah
we've almost completed the the second section of the deck right now yeah one
more holiday we should be good one more one more day okay guys we've got the
barbecue yet to come so stay tuned for that right some more work and then we
got some good food good morning right in there we're up bright and early today
there is the potential of rain there's the Sun this the sun's out right now a
four day four and the deck is looking fantastic yeah you guys have made
tremendous progress yeah well we're getting there we're getting there how's
your wrist this morning my wrist it's it's a little better well we'll try to
finish off the floor before the rain gets here mmhmm yeah at least it'll be
functional then it's gonna be great that's the nice step you know make it
functional yeah and then we'll make it pretty
then we'll make it birdie all right we'll check in with you later
mr. inspector is at work early in the morning inspecting that everyone arrived
yes everyone is here yeah Togo oh my this has been so much fun guys so much fun for me
with rain on the forecast day four was a short work day we made a bit of progress
on the deck but then called it a day and went out for sushi we didn't film that
looking good good morning guys Day 5 still going strong so today should be
the final day well tomorrow we're gonna have to seal the wood it's been raining
so we can't really do that right now but we are on our way to Home Depot yeah we
need some like I think it is some kind of like bolts and some screws and we're
also picking up some some covers for the bottom of our patio furniture yes I'll
scratch them yeah because it's metal and we don't want to scratch that beautiful
new wood so yeah we're gonna do a little errand at Home Depot and then we'll give
you guys an update as to what's going on in the backyard and guys today is a big
the main event we're having the barbecue we're having the asado so let's go
so what do we have well I think we're gonna go with this we have I think we
need close to 20 of these and this is a package 48 what does this do what's this
is for these are for the round legs for the patio furniture the chairs the
tables so we don't scratch the wood yes you are these can be custom cut and we
have like rectangle strips and there's a 2-pack in each of them so we figure four
of these should be enough yeah it says heavy duty so hopefully you can handle
some rain we can handle some rain exactly all right and now we need to
find some more supplies they gave us a little list so let's continue
that's the daily soundtrack Togo
the big job that afternoon was getting the pergola beams up the boys did the
heavy lifting and once that was done we installed the sails the team chose white
and blue for my dad a little homage to the Argentine flag
and now for the final day of the deck build day six was all about the
finishing touches and getting the place looking good
we brought the patio furniture out of storage decorated with flowers and put
up outdoor lights on the pergola perfect for the summer evenings it was also time
to celebrate the completion of this project so stay tuned for one of my
dad's world-famous asados aka Argentine BBQ we are now working on the
lighting decorating it making everything look pretty today is day six of the
project final day are going to enjoy a wonderful barbecue but first we decorate
with flowers and planters and lights and we got the sails up yesterday patio
furniture is out so it's coming together it's starting to look like a real
staycation it's very handy having a tall person in the house working hard Sam
I'm working tall working at all okay so we've finally moved on to the
barbecue part we've got the grill master Audrey's dad Daniel he's cooking a
whole bunch of stuff on the grill buddy what have we got in store today today
we're gonna go with some steak yeah we've got lamb chops Hill on top yeah we
got Italian hot sausage yeah on we're gonna have a little bit of chicken too
which I'm gonna get right away oh let's see there's small pieces like
that so you need to use something to hold it it's gonna be an epic feast okay
well this is what you get after building that deck and we all deserve it what it
is especially Jeff yeah there's a lot of work here like I mean yeah the amount of
work he did it's just unreal yeah unbelievable before you tackle any
do-it-yourself project you should go into his into his page and check it out
because he does it the right way yeah because everything in the house do
that you can imagine so yeah we want to do a bathroom we want to do a living
room whatever it is you're going to do it's there you're there
I'm the good thing about it is that he can explain it's easy simple yeah you
don't get him intimidated by the project because he can explain it and make it
look so easy yeah that's that's very important not
that a lot of people had that skill that skill guys it is really coming together
the barbecue is almost ready the table is set food is arriving the dog is ready
Togo is investigating is that steak for me is it for me guys what do you think
what do you think Togo is that steak for you
maybe potatoes are coming to the table so we are almost ready to enjoy a meal
together with Jeff and Michelle from the home reno-vision DIY team we are
amazed by their work everything they managed to do the space they've created
for us it's gonna be such a fun summer having this new deck this beautiful new
space it feels like a new home at least the exterior does so yeah we're really
pumped we're gonna go see how my dad is doing with the meat and then it's lunch
so we have some chicken with roasted red peppers chorizo is it spicy Italian what
did we go Italian chorizo aha and then we got lamb chop shops um we got steak
meat is on the table let's go eat let's go eat Togo is ready come on guys come on
Salut! and now we feast and now how does it I haven't had a bite yet but it smells wonderful I love it The dog is there waiting for your scraps How is it Audrey? I haven't had a bite yet but it smells wonderful.
God boy. I love lamb chop. I love it. thank you family
well guys that is a wrap for the renovation project with home renovision DIY what a
fun a week oh my gosh first of all we thought we were just gonna be here at
working on the yard for like two two and a half days it took us a bit longer we
had some rain we had some hurdles along the way but Jeff and the team just
figured it out and now we've got like this little
staycation paradise yeah he figured it out by making it twice as big yeah and we had so much wood so he was like let's build more
like what a wonderful place I'm so happy with it this isn't even my house this is
my parents home they're really happy with it
Togo loves it he's like lying down here on the deck enjoying it breezy evening
but yeah this was a really fun week our first time shooting a collab outside of
the travel genre home reno of something we know nothing about but we learned so
much we had a really good time and yeah now we get to enjoy this beautiful place
all summer long we're going to link over to Jeff's video if you want to know the
technical stuff how would we build this if you want to see Sam wielding a shovel
and using a drill go watch Jeff's video on a home renovision DIY and yep that is
all for today we'll see you guys in the next video bye


庭院 (Backyard Staycation )

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