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hey guys ~
welcome back
so I'm turning 27 this week and this may be an unpopular opinion
but I actually feel like growing up..
it's such an exciting thing because
as I get older the more I learn about the world and myself
the more I learn about the person I want to become
the more I see myself realizing all those things
and becoming the person that I want to be
I don't know.. I just feel like that whole journey
and this whole journey of being alive and healthy and breathing
and being able to grow up
I think it's such a wonderful thing that..
I don't know..
a lot of us may take for granted (myself included) every once in a while
so today.. we're gonna talk about 26 things I learned at 26
and having a birthday at the end of the year
I used to hate it when I was younger because it gets combined with Christmas
so instead of getting two gifts I just get one gift or just no gift at all
anddd... yeah..
but now that I'm older I think it's such an awesome thing
because you usually reflect on your birthdays so it's like..
ok I'm gonna reflect in December
and then it's the new year so you do more reflecting
so it's just this..
~ fusion haaa ~ of great reflection
so to all my Sagittarius babies out there
*virtual hug* here's a hug
happy birthday to you guys, happy birthday month
andddd... yeah..
so let's just get started with the first thing
one of the most important things I learned this year
is that you can't be your best all the time
but you can try your best all the time
sometimes your best is here and that's totally fine
sometimes it's here and that's totally fine too
as long as we're trying our best
given the circumstances of whatever situation were in
that's good enough
and I feel like most of us on this channel are all pretty..
I don't know like we..
kind of have really high expectations for ourselves
we're really hard on ourselves
we want to be this thing that we have in our minds
and it frustrates the heck out of us and we're not
sometimes your best isn't gonna be the picture you painted in your head
and that's totally ok
this kind of ties in with the second thing which is done is better than perfect
doing something and starting is so much better than
having the result be exactly what you imagined it to be
and I feel like more often than not
the chase for perfection and wanting something to be perfect
is actually holding us back so much for even just starting
and sometimes it just prevents us from starting at all
so I really really started embracing the fact this year
that things aren't always as bad as we think it is in our head
it's almost always just in our head
thinking it's not good enough, thinking we're not good enough
so done is better than perfect
and the third thing is
there's no best option for what you should do with your life
what I've realized this year is that as long as I use my heart fully
it's a Chinese thing for "yong xin"
"yong" is use, "xin" is heart
if I fully apply myself to whatever it is that's right in front of me
no matter which path I take..
if I use my heart in any one of these paths
eventually they're all gonna come together
this is something that you guys actually ask me quite often too of like..
I don't know what to do..
I don't know what the right thing to do is.. please help..
I've learned it's just to do my best where I am with what I have
and trusting myself in the process
that eventually it'll lead me to where I need to be
I love New York..
there's so much noises everywhere
and then the sun's about to set
my life.. okay..
and I guess that could be..
that could be the fourth thing just rolling with the punches
you know.. waking up..
you never know what you're gonna get every day
but you can try your best where you are and do you're best
actually that's just a summary of the first three points
so the fourth thing is balance
which is something that I struggled with so much this year
it's important to push ourselves
and it's important to push yourself hard
but it's also important to remember that
there's only so much we can humanly do
before we push ourselves to a full-blown blowout
and it brings us to the next point which is
to give yourself permission to be a potato if you want to be a potato
listen to your body, listen to yourself, give yourself what it needs
because.. next point..
it's all temporary
no matter how awesome you're feeling
no matter how terrible you're feeling
no matter how if you're on cloud nine
if you're at rock bottom
wherever you are..
it's all gonna be temporary so don't be too attached to it
which is like the seventh thing of not to be too attached to anything
because at the end of the day
we're not going to feel awesome all the time
we're not going to feel terrible all the time
so to be attached to wanting to feel a certain way all the time
we're just setting ourselves up for failure because..
we can't be one thing all the time as much as we want it to be
so I think it goes back to acceptance
and just accepting yourself for all the good and bad
and knowing that..
sometimes best is here, sometimes best is here and it's okay..
yeah I think it all comes down to like..
acceptance, awareness, knowing who you are
and knowing that we're human
and it's okay to feel things
and to not be okay all the time
the next thing
when in doubt, honesty is always the best..
~ ahh I just bit myself ~ honesty is always the best policy
for this video there are gonna be sponsors
but I just want to let you guys know that it's to allow me
to make what I want to make for the end of the year
so that there can be the manifestos
and the thing on my spirituality
and all these awesome things
that I've been itching to make but I haven't been able to
so with all that being said..
this is gonna bring us to the next point which is giving back
I'm going to be donating what I'm making from this video
to my favorite nonprofit that moves me
and inspires me so deeply every single year
this is a form of giving back for sure
but I want to start giving back to causes that
have helped me so much during my darkest times
and has helped uplifted me and my soul and my existence
I think this all sounds like pretty like.. ~ ooooo!! ~
but dude if you guys have seen Shen Yun
and you probably will know what I mean
if you guys haven't, I highly highly encourage you guys to watch it
so the mission of Shen Yun is to revitalize 5,000 years of Chinese culture
through like singing, dancing, musical performances and..
it's so beautiful, it's so wonderful
I'm gonna like, you know.. throw some clips up for you guys to see
some of you guys have asked if I will ever start a patreon
some of you guys have asked if I'm ever gonna do some sort of donations page
I'm so grateful and thankful that you guys are thinking about me
and want to help me in this way
but I do have more than enough already
so it'll mean the world to me if you guys could donate even $1 or $5
however much to Shen Yun I'll leave the link down below
and of course, this isn't the sponsored message just FYI..
it's just.. I really want to share this with you guys okay
#10 is self-care is skincare and skincare is self-care
I spent a good amount of this year
learning so much about the outer inner inner outer
how our internal state, stress, being overwhelmed
the foods we feed ourselves affects our outer world
like our skin and you know.. everything out here
and how also the products we apply to our face really affects
everything that's going on inside as well
so the importance of clean beauty
the importance of being mindful
of the different types of products we're putting on our faces
this year I was really happy to learn so much more about clean beauty
and discovering brands like Follain
who are so committed to sourcing like
the best 100% non-toxic skincare and beauty products
if you do have people in your life or maybe it might be yourself
who are looking into these cleaner types of skincare products
I would honestly highly recommend Follain
yes, this is sponsored but I really do love this brand
and I have so much respect for their mission
and everything it is that they're doing
so there is this hydration kit that comes in a pouch
and there are 3 products which are perfect for winter
these products make an awesome gift
because it's for all ages, it's for all skin types
it allows you to share your love for your loved ones
because you are caring about their health
you're caring about their internal state
so if this kit is something you feel like you can use in your life
or if this is something that you feel like you can gift someone
who is very near and dear to your heart
feel free to click the link down below
you can get over 45% off and free shipping from Follain
and you will be able to get this hydration kit
and this awesome little pouch
so #11 is..
time spent on yourself is never time wasted
even if that means taking some time away from your loved ones
because I really believe that at the end of the day
those who love you and those who understand what you're doing
will be there supporting you and cheering for you
regardless if you can be physically or mentally present
or even if you're not physically mentally present for a while..
that being said..
relationships are also really important
um.. but I really do believe that
as long as there's open line of communications
as long as both parties.. both sides are trying
or I think you know.. let's just focus on ourself
as long as you're trying your best
to keep that line of communication open
it's really important
which brings me to #12 which is..
my parents are my best friends
the older I'm getting the more I'm just like ..
wow! they're so cool and they're so funny and they're so cute
as of right now in my life
I'm not the best at keeping in touch with people
the only people that I keechup.. keep up with..
keep in touch with.. keep touch with..
are my parents like I call mom and dad
either mom or dad or both
everyday on my commute home
even if I get to talk to them for 10 minutes or 15 minutes
and I just feel like you'll make time for what's most important
and as of right now in my life it's like yeah..
my parents are what's most important
and of course my friends, relationships, like everyone else that's important as well
but the older you get the more you also realize that
you don't have time for everything
so what you spend your time on
is a reflection of what's most important to you
and so it's important to know what's most important to you
so that you can spend your time that way instead of any other way
hope that makes sense
so the next point is curiosity
I feel like being curious is one thing that has led me to where I am today
it's a curiosity of..
I wonder if there's a need for the type of content that I'm creating
I wonder what the world would look like..
if more people were open to talking about these kinds of things
and sharing these deeper more like..
ohh maybe you shouldn't.. I don't know
I don't know why our society we don't..
it's like we all go through negative feelings
we all feel bad sometimes / all the time
but like how come we don't talk about that more
and what would a world look like if we do that more
and so I just feel like curiosity really is such an important trait
that can also be learned
it's not like a fixed IQ thing where you're just born with like this
a loited.. allotted amount of curiosity
and once you hit that threshold you're done
you can try to be more curious
you can try to care more
you can try to want to learn more about the world
about the people around you, about the things around you
about the things that interest you
*thumbs up*
so that's a.. that's being curious
and the next one is
be strict with your own values
but do not project your values and expectations for yourself onto other people
this was something that took me sooo long to learn
because I used to be so..
you know I feel like with my channel..
I share with you guys what I've been through
and I talk about things in a way that's like..
this is what I do
find what you're doing because we're different people
we go through the same things but it's different how
we're gonna get to the.. our destination or our answers
or to where we want to go
so I make a point to not sit here and be like..
you need to do this and you need to do that
and this is the right way, that is the wrong way
because that's who I used to be
I know myself.. I hate being talked to that way
but I used to be like that to my friends
I used to project my values onto my friends
I used to have these like absurdly high expectations for myself
and I will have that for my friends as well
and when they don't meet those expectations
I'm so disappointed or I get upset
or I feel like they don't care about me and what I think
and it goes back to like attachments
it goes back to just.. you know acceptance
of how it's good to want things for yourselves but
let that just live in your own world
because the moment you start projecting that onto other people
like I don't know like it's not fair..
and it's not how relationships should be
if we're able to love and accept each other more
regardless of how they look like regardless of what they believe in
regardless of anything
that'll .. it'll change the world for sure
if love and acceptance and like compassion
became this thing that was just ingrained in all of us
#16 is no loss, no gain
it's a Buddhist principle
and it is that if you don't lose anything you won't gain anything
for example for this year what I lost is I lost sleep
I lost time with my friends
I lost..
I don't know if lost is like the best word to say in this situation
but it's just like the direct translation from Chinese
to lose something..
I lost a lot of things this year by focusing on work
but what I gained were the fruits of my labor
of growing channel to the point it is
being able to work with brands that I love.. that I really care about
being able to do all the things I'm able to do now
is because of all the work that I put in
and all the things that I had to let go of like having fun
and doing the things that I'm slowly trying to bring back into my life
but yes, I really do believe that you get out of something
as much as you put into something
the fact that you are watching me on this little screen right here
is proof enough that you really can do whatever it is that you want to do
if you put your full heart into it
and if you really trust and believe in yourself
so that is #16
eat that ice cream, eat that pizza, eat that ramyun
do what you want to do because we only have one life
and it's too short to spend like restricting ourselves
and putting ourselves into this little thing
and like you can only do this, you can only do that
so much restriction, so much this and that..
and coming from me.. it..
this was like something really..
something I actually embraced this year because
I've always struggled with my weight
I mean like I'm already skinny
I'm a skinny person..
but I've always believed that I can be skinnier
and that I can be more this.. I can be more that
because we are human
and we have these like unrealistic expectations for myself
midway through this year I was like you know what..
just eat what you want and don't be attached to anything
I think that's um.. the most important thing of like
don't be attached to eating certain foods
don't be attached looking a certain way
don't be attached to only being able to eat green stuff
and healthy organic whatever whatever
because at the end of the day
it's just as long as I'm not starving
as long as I'm not hungry then like that should be okay
and I kid you not..
the moment this realization settled and I really believed in it..
my weight just plateaued in a good way like..
it just balanced itself out to the point where I..
I haven't worked out at all
I haven't been eating the cleanest
but like my weight just evened out
because my attachment to looking a certain way
and to only being able to eat specific
very restricting foods was let go of
and this is like a Buddhist principle of really like letting go of attachments
and how things will just.. like just..
going according to the natural course of life
so I don't know..
yeah it really.. at the end of the day it's..
everything that I talk about today really is like going back to letting go of attachments
okay #18 is use fear as a compass to chase your dreams
because for the most part if you're scared of doing something
if you're fearful of doing something
it usually means that's exactly what you should be doing
so take the chance, take the risk, and go do those things
because it'll probably lead you to the most beautiful places
and I feel like we talked about this enough
so I'm not going to talk about it too much
#19 is learning
learning can come in any shapes, sizes, and forms
the previous years I read lot of books
I listened to a lot of podcasts
for this year because those things take time
and I.. you know you guys know how much I worked this year
I didn't have us much time to do that as much as I would have liked
but I did spend a lot of my time looking up videos and courses online
so that I can improve and hone in on my craft
of what it is that I'm doing on my channel
how to edit videos better
how to do social media better
how to be a better speaker
I still obviously clearly need to work on that
and a lot of that is through taking courses on Skillshare
you guys have probably heard me talk about Skillshare
many many times throughout the year
they're my favorite online learning course with over 22,000 classes
on everything from creativity like arts and crafts
to business and productivity
so if this is something that you feel like you could use in your new year
to hone in on that craft..
that thing that you've been feeling like you need to do
but you haven't yet done it yet
because you're scared for whatever reason
and something's holding you back
this is your sign..
Skillshare is offering the first 500 people a 2-month premium trial
as they always have every month in my video
so if you're interested, link is down below
and let's move on to the second.. the.. the last couple of points
what it really means to give without expectations
there's a huge difference between knowing and accepting
and like really embracing and living out what you know
so I've always known the like yeah..
give and don't expect, give and don't expect
but like deep down in here I'm just like..
keeping tabs like omg..
I've done so much for this person
how come they're not appreciative
how come they don't acknowledge my help
how come they don't say thank you
and it took time to really slowly chip away at this thing
because it's something.. I don't know it's like..
it's human nature for us to expect something in return
but as with all things.. things take time and that's okay
as long as we're working actively towards being better and letting go
and becoming a better version of ourselves.. that's okay
#21 is the world doesn't owe us anything
we have to work hard for the things that we want
and I feel like..
I don't know what it is about our generation (myself included)
I just grew up with this sense of entitlement of..
I deserve things because I'm "me"
and I'm so capable and I'm so able to do all the things
so I deserve X Y & Z
and it took me a good amount this year to really.. again..
chip away at this notion that the world owes me anything
but no.. it really comes down to our work..
having faith in yourself and something greater than yourself
and persistence
and that's something.. that's the last point..
make sure you stick around for the last point
if you guys have already stuck around for this long
I don't know why I just said that
because you guys are probably gonna watch til the end
#22 is always always always listen to your gut and trust yourself
I really do believe there's this..
so I believe that there's us, right?
and there's a mini version of us in here
that's our true knowing self that knows what's best for us
and this like little version of yourself is always like..
"Rowena do this"
"be careful Rowena, you're about to fall"
or like "don't do that"
like "danger is a coming"
but a lot of times we're just like..
ah shut up like you don't know
like you don't know or like..
we're so preoccupied with the things in here
that we tune out our voices in here
every single time I've listened to my intuition
every time I listened to my gut
it's only done great things for me
and it's..
I've did exactly what I need to do
and it brought me to where I am today
by listening to myself and trusting myself
and of course like.. higher powers and all that
but I think like.. believing in that comes down to believing in yourself
#23 you can have everything but not all at once
this is something that Chriselle Lim
put into her 30 things I learned at 30
this is so true.. it kind of goes back to..
I'm sure you guys have seen that triangle
school -- social life -- sleep pick two
and I think when you get older it's like ..
work -- social life -- sleep pick two
mine for the past 2 years is work and sleep
hopefully it's changing
#24 is ownership..
owning what you do and just living and breathing who you are
I think that's something I'm still working on
I don't see many people really owning who they are and doing what they do
and when you do come across those people
you're just like..
wow! how do you do that like how are you so you
and these people exude this energy
that makes you just like want to be like..
yes! you're so you like you're inspiring me to be me
I'm going to read a quote from the founder
of my spiritual practice Falun Dafa
on just that: persistence and perseverance
and it's honestly helped me through some of my hardest times
when it's difficult to endure, you can endure it
when it's impossible to do, you can do it
when you're overcoming a real hardship or tribulation, you try it
when it's difficult to endure, try to endure it
when it looks impossible and is said to be impossible..
give it a try and see if it is possible
and with that this is #25
and this brings us to the last point of #26
and I'm going to leave this one up to you guys
please let me know down below
what's the one most important life lesson you learned
and feel free to thumbs up and comment
on any of the comments that you guys read that you guys can relate to
although the things we go through are so different
the feelings that we feel are so universal
so we're all in this together.. really we are
and if someone hasn't told you in a while..
you're doing great!
and you're doing awesome!!
and you will be okay everything will be okay
if it's not okay right now don't worry it's all temporary
things will come around
if you continue to push yourself to be the best version of yourself
and if you continue to take care of yourself
and practice self-care and practice self-love
because at the end of the day
it's not that no one else will do it for you
it's that you deserve it
you deserve to be taking care of
you deserve to be loved by yourself
and with that.. I love you guys so much
thank you for making 26 one of the best years..
no.. THE BEST year of my life
and I'm so excited for 27
I'm so excited to take you guys along
and my battery's about to die
and it's dark and it's so dark outside
I'm gonna flip my camera around in a second
and um.. with that..
I love you guys!
baiii ~
*sings* New York City
see how dark it is?
ok baiii ~


長大 ( 26 Life Lessons I Learned at 26 | Letting go, giving back, self care)

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