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Welcome to the world premiere of the E3 2019, Dying Light 2 Gameplay Demo.
Dying Light 2 is an open world action RPG game that gives you the power to make choices that change both the narrative and the world around you.
The mission we are about to see is crucial for the narrative. The City is on the brink of destruction as drinking water is just about to end.
Our guide and friend, Frank, believes that the only person that can solve the drinking water problem is the Colonel,
a man with a bad reputation, who leads a group called the Renegades from the City's pumping station.
Frank uses his status to call a meeting between the Renegades and the officers from the two main Factions that operate in the City.
Our game's protagonist - Aiden Caldwell - is invited as well. And he's just about to join the others...
Aiden? We need you.
Renegades will be here any minute.
Damn... Where have you been?
Around town.
Need to rest?
I'm okay. I'll be okay.
They don't know..?
That we've run out of water? No. They don't.
Were you gonna tell them?
If we work things out with the Colonel, I won't have to.
And if we don't?
Then tomorrow, this place is done. Either way, tonight should be a party.
Let's go get Juan. He's celebrating early.
Where's the big guy? Is he late? Or is he just a dick?
Matt's upstairs. Waiting.
You know, this blows. It's Lola's last show and here I am, goin' to grovel with the Butcher...
Matt? It's time. Let's go.
I'm drinkin'.
See, this is why we're screwed. How's this fuckhead gonna get along with anyone?!
Look, fellas, either the Colonel turns on his gold-plated taps, or we're all dead. So seeing as he's graciously agreed to talk, we're gonna dress up real nice and go to his island on our very best behavior.
Now, move your ass, Matt.
Only if I can kick his.
Off to the slaughter...
We're in the central part of the City, so called District II.
The City is made up of 7 very different regions and each one is a truly individual environment that introduces new parkour moves, enemies, and gameplay mechanics.
Not going?
There's a lot of 'em down there...
Things'll get fucked up at the castle. I guarantee it. Got a Plan B?
I'll improvise.
And what if HE improvises?
It'll work out.
You so sure about that?
Fuck! I knew it!
Weapon Modding makes a comeback in Dying Light 2.
We have a modded weapon - so now let's find a good moment to use it.
You get after those fuckers. I'll look after him.
What happened?
What happened?!? Those fuckin' Renegades shot him. Where were you?
Catch that truck, or you'll never get onto the island!
The first choice: chase the truck or stay with Frank.
[Chase the Truck] [Stay with Frank]
Just keep him alive.
Stay in contact.
Now run, dammit! RUN!
Hold on, Frank...
Ok, let's chase the truck and see what consequences that brings!
The truck is gone, but this tall building looks like a great vantage point. We should use it.
As you can see, life is booming on the rooftops
and this is something you can change by your actions and decisions.
Aiden? Have you found the truck yet?
Not... yet..!
Can you see the truck?
How's Frank?
We can't find a doctor, but don't think about that now. I'm on it.
That's the Renegades' truck...
I have it. I'll get them for this, Matt...
Just keep your cool, kid. Remember, what matters is the water.
This calls for something special...
In Dying Light 2, we have doubled the number of parkour moves,
so let's use some of them now.
We're deep inside a Dark Zone! Let's run away quickly, because the infection will kill us.
UV flashlight - very strong but needs to be aimed.
Our stamina level seems to be too low to open it.
Infection progresses - our Bio Marker is turning red.
Another way to use UV Light is the UV flare. It covers a big area, but lasts only for a few seconds.
Matt... I lost it, Matt.
Damn it... Wait...!
We've got a visual... Confirmed. They're heading onto the viaduct now.
Which viaduct?
One over the tracks.
I'm on my way!
Be careful, Aiden... The Colonel: he's a psycho. He doesn't mess around...
Neither do I...
Hey, whoa. Get, go on, out. Leave me alone.
[Threaten the Driver] [Kick out the Driver]
Take me to the castle.
Are you - nuts?
Just drive.
I wasn't doing nothin'. Just chillin and bam, suddenly everyone's clawin' at each other like fuckin' rats...
You mind?
Can't handle this sober. So much as see a gun; I shit myself. It's like a disability, y'know?
This one time, I saw this guy knife two dudes in the metro. Straight-up stabbed 'em. Then pulled out a grenade.
How much longer?
It was a fuckin' grenade, man! I thought I was dead...
Why did you shoot Frank?
I didn't shoot nobody.
Must've been some kinda fuck-up, man. Was he your friend?
Of course he fuckin' was. You gonna kill me?
Steve? Pick up, you fucking stoner.
[Tell him what to Say] [Don't let him Answer]
Say everything's fine.
I'm here, you bitches. Where the fuck you been, right?
You coming in?
He's on his, I mean, I... Everything's fine.
Just don't screw up the code, or someone will finally get to shoot you.
Ahh, guys... I love you.
Couldn't we get a bigger ass-clown for this?
What is the code?
Three horns. No, nonono... Three horns.
You better get it right.
So this is where the Colonel resides. It seems we're entering the heart of darkness.
So just to recap. The City is out of drinking water and people believe only the Colonel can solve this.
We tried to talk with his emissaries, but something went wrong.
It's time to talk to this guy in person. The fate of the City is in our hands now.
What's wrong?
Fuck, guys! Three short ones!
Good thing we didn't kill Steve. Without him... and the code... getting in would be much more difficult.
They're gonna kill me.
I have to raise the alarm!
[Convince Steve] [Threaten Steve]
Don't even try, or I'll come back for you.
I'm on the island. What's with the butcher thing? All I see is regular people. I should talk to the Colonel...
The time for talk is over.
Frank's dead.
You there? Aiden?
Our friend, Frank, is dead.
If we had chosen to stay with him, perhaps this story would look differently. But now... This raises the stakes.
Ok, this looks like the Colonel's place. Let's pay the guy a visit.
Where is he?
Where's the Colonel?
She's afraid of you.
Play, Anna! There's nothing to fear.
So you've come to kill me, have you?
I came to turn on the pumps.
I won't let you do that.
Where's Frank?
He's dead.
Dead? How?
Your man shot him.
Wait, Sam.
You saw it happen? You saw MY man shoot?
Matt did.
I sent five men. Where are they?
Aiden... What's happening?
We can count bodies later. The city's waiting for water.
Water? You can't turn on the water from here! They played us, don't you understand?!
Don't listen to him. Turn on the pumps.
You do know what he wants, right?! He wants you to kill me, open the doors and let his butchers in.
You want water for the city? I know how to get it. But you've got to trust me.
For fuck's sake, he killed Frank.
The Colonel looks like he knows what he's talking about, but can we trust him?
On the other hand, we really need that drinking water... And we need it today. [Trust Colonel] [Turn on the Pumps]
00:21:24,980 --> 00:21:26,640 I'm turning on those pumps.
... What a pity.
This is another new Dying Light tool.
The Scorpio. A devastating ranged weapon that basically one-shots your enemies...
The Grappling Hook can also be used during combat and combined with other moves.
...Aiden! Talk to me!
I'm alive, but the Colonel's getting away.
Fuck him! The water's what matters.
[Turn on the Pumps] [Chase the Colonel]
I'm turning on the pumps.
Each pump should have its own valve. Find it.
There's a problem...
What's that? Repeat!
The alarm went off! The pumps stopped! What's going on, Matt?
It's just an old piece of junk. Find the control room and turn on the main valve. Before the whole thing falls apart.
I'll find it. Stay on the radio.
Okay. I'm in the control room.
Good. The main valve should be somewhere there.
Frank would be proud of you.
Dying Light 2 gives you the power to make choices that have massive consequences for the whole City, the sandbox space of our game.
Turning on the pumps reveals a huge open world region for you to explore, with new mechanics, quests, and things to find.
It also changes the direction of the Narrative.
The Colonel was right: there really was a plot against him.
But only he knew the area was flooded for a reason...
Thank you for watching the demo of Dying Light 2!


垂死之光2 E3試玩影片 (Dying Light 2 Award Winning Gameplay 4K Demo)

623 分類 收藏
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