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So you thought it was safe to withdraw money out of any ATM?
Well, guess what, we're going to show you the dirtiest tricks of these ATMs that are all around Europe in every single tourist destination.
And there's many of them--they're here here here here, even here, and here and here and here and here here and here.
This company, Euronet, operates their ATMs all around Europe: Spain, Italy, Hungary, Slovakia, UK, Germany, Austria and even here in Czech Republic.
The reason these ATMs are only in tourist destinations is because they only cheat tourists.
This ATM is really smart.
If you put in a local card of the country that you're in, it will act as any other ATM.
But if you put in a foreign card, it will act differently and it will try to screw you over. And there are two dirty tricks.
Let me show you the first one using a foreign card on a Czech ATM.
The first trick is this ATM will try to force you to withdraw ridiculous amounts of money.
You can see 10, 12, 14 up to 20,000 crowns. That is nearly the average salary in Czech Republic, and you do not want to walk around with 20,000 crowns around in the city. What would you do with that money?
There is no chance you would spend 20,000 crowns in two days in Prague.
Maybe if you're gonna get your hotel room in Four Seasons.
And if you get past step 1, here's step 2.
The reason in step 1 this ATM wants you to withdraw as much money as possible is because here they're giving you a really bad rate for your currency.
When I selected the minimum amount to withdraw, which was ten thousand crowns, this ATM is offering me a rate of 20.1 crown for a dollar.
The actual rate as of today
is fifteen percent higher and also this ATM would charge me if I would withdraw four dollars for the transaction.
So I would end up losing fifteen percent of my money out of ten thousand crowns.
That is a lot.
So you do not want to use these ATMs.
Still the same ATM, still the same dirty trick.
We found a receipt at this one where somebody withdraw one thousand crowns.
In total he paid thirty five percent in fees out of the amount he withdraw.
So why did we make this video?
Well because people always tell us: “Why do you warn about exchange places, that they have bad rates, when I can just withdraw money out of ATM?”
“That is safe.”
Well as you saw right now, it is not.
You can lose third of your money if you use these Euronet ATMs all around Europe and especially in Prague.
They're on every single corner.
Not only Euronet does this dirty trick, but even big bank names for example ČSOB which is a big bank here in Czech Republic.
They will try to lure you into withdrawing almost forty thousand crowns out of their ATMs.
How to avoid this thing in general?
If you use other ATMs and you select the amount you want to withdraw, always decline the conversion of the ATM.
So if it's asking you: do you want to accept our conversion or decline it? Always go with decline.
Also, if you pay with your card at stores, at coffees, at restaurants which is the safest way to pay in Czech Republic,
and it will ask you even on the terminal in the restaurant: do you want to be charged in your currency or in Czech crowns, the local currency,
you always want to go with the local currency.
I hope it makes sense.
We're trying to help you not waste your money on your vacation.
Where to change money safe, where to eat, where to have the cheapest beer, where to go for a walk.
Everything is covered by the show that we do which is called the Honest Guide, Janek and Honza.
If you hit the SUBSCRIBE we'll be happy, write us in the comments what your suggestions for other episodes are, or if you have fallen maybe for this trick with these ATMs
we would love to hear about it and I'll see you next week! And a Czech word at the end will be "bankomat."
Which is "ATM." Bankomat.




279 分類 收藏
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