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Josh Gad and I have always had so much in common, you know.
- Incredible actors on stage and screen? - Check.
- Insanely charming? - Check.
Sex symbols?
Ask your mom next time she pops open a bottle of Rosé.
Yet, with everything we have in common, we've never actually made a movie together.
Isn't that plain? it's (what) all people ask me.
- Biggie and 2-Pac never collaborated. - Never.
- We weren't going to let that happen. We were Olaf and Peter Rabbit. - No.
And then one day the phone rang and it was Quentin.
He had a new project called "Once upon a time in Hollywood", you remember?
And he needed two hot guys for the leads.
That was it. This was going to be our summer.
Alright, what's the matter, partner?
It's official, old buddy; I'm a has-been.
Oh, come on. Can't be that bad..
No one wants to work with a washed up, old gunslinger.
- Sorry, can't get that. - Almost, almost.
- It's the wind. It's the wind. You can put your hand.... -The fin (finger) get stoned, yeah. You want me to hold....
But then that will burn my fleshing but....
- It's the... I think it's the wind and both of us have fleshy thumbs. - Go again?
Fleshy thumbs.
It's official, old buddy. I'm a has-been.
Oh, come on. Can't be that bad..
Eh, can we get some water maybe or...?
He may be allergic to, ehh, cigarettes.
We should have property checked that out beforehand but it could be...
You're alright? Do you need mouth-to-mouth?
I think that, I think that actually may be the wrong end.
- I think that might be the wrong end . - Ahh! My bad. My bad. -Cut!
It's official, old buddy. I'm a has-been.
That's it. You're both fired!
So, it turns out they did not have e-cigarettes in the 1960's.
Quentin is famously strict about historical accuracy in all his films.
Yeah, incredibly strict. and in the end they decided to go in a different direction.
-But that wasn't just because of us. -No.
The studio thought that having two beloved, highly recognizable actors like josh and I leading the movie would be distracting.
And just when we thought we were out of luck, we got a call from the producers of the Fast and the Furious.
And guessed we would wanna to be the two leads.
Hobbs and Shaw.
Still gonna be awesome.
We got to move, Shaw!
I will move as fast as I can! Hooobs!
How is this...?
Now this is confusing cause I'm trying to open on my end by going up, man.
- Does anyone know...? - Awhh!
- Ahhhhh! Look at that! - Let's what it needs to do.
-That is so clever, I can't believe. It's so cool! -What!
- Cars, cars. - Cut.
- What? - Cut.
We got at a move, Shaw.
I'm gonna move as fast as I can, Hobbs!
How do I.... Where's the thing to move the...
I think there should be a lever where I can find the audible mode.
- Oh, I found it, it's like a button but I can't get it to stop moving. - Really? It's like a lumber.
- Guys, guys, guys? - I don't know. I can't breathe much longer.
- I seems to get the.... - I'm....
- I'm scared. - Cut!
- Let's go. - Let's go.
You got to... yeah I got the same problem.
You have to pull it through so that... Ease it back,relax. Ease it back.
- You are getting too aggressive. Ok? Even if it's dramatic, you have to be safe. - I'm not.
- I'm being gentle. I'm being gentle. I'm being gentle. -It's for your safety.
Guys forget the seat belt.
Forget the seat belt, what kind of message does that send?
- That really is sending a really bad message to the family across the country. - Come on. That's not...
- I can't be a part of a franchise that forgets the seat belt. - Be seen, bee save, yeah?
- Safety first! - Safety first.
Guys, cut. You're both fired.
- What? - What? Can we do it without the seat belt?
We didn't even make it to lunch that time before they got rid of us.
That's shameless for you.
One minute you're the cock of the walk, the next minute you're being escorted off the set with a backpack full of stolen iPhone chargers.
We had blown two huge chances and it looked like that phone was never going to ring again.
But it did.
Technically, it was an e-mail.
But then we called them back on the phone.
Guess who's starring in the next big reboot?
- That's right. It looks like it's gonna be a summer after all! - There it is!
- Oh god I'm bleeding! oh no! - Summer time.
- This is it. - Yeah.
Hobbs and Shaw? Pfff... more like "Hobbs and naw, son i'm good".
Yeah or like "Once upon a time in Naw-llywood".
That's basically what i said, but just different words, but it's also good.
Josh gad, James Corden: the faces of Disney.
- Gentlemen, right this way. - That's do it.
At first I was disappointed but honestly we really leaned into the roles.
- We kind of made the characters our own. - We sure did.
There is a snake in my boot!
To infinity and beyond!
And the sequel "toy story 3", "toy story 4" went on to become number one at the box office that week.
And you know why? Because of us.
It's our summer, baby.
- Alright, that's do it. Angry Birds 2! - Angry Birds!



超鬧!柯登與蓋德試鏡《玩命關頭》的下場是? (Josh Gad & James Corden Were Fired from 'Hobbs & Shaw')

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Joyce Chiou 發佈於 2019 年 8 月 21 日    Joyce Chiou 翻譯    Evangeline 審核
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