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Is this good?
Earlier this week a guard lost his life here at the Seattle quarantine facility.
The attack is the first of its kind since the cure was developed five years ago.
Recently there's been talk about the rights of these so-called cured ones and some humanitarian organizations are even arguing that maybe the time for reintegration has arrived.
Hi, you're a human we don't see a lot of you guys around here.
Don, there's humans out here.
Less Than Human
Oh, can I get you something to drink, maybe some tea?
Man, what's that smell?
Just look at me not into the lens
So tell me how long have you been in here?
At the camp?
Well, I think they placed us in here ...
I guess it's been about six years now.
I see and do you...?
What were you saying before?
Come on, you know, it's impossible for me to hear anything from...
What's this, what's going on here?
So, what do you do all day?
We meditate.
Deep breathing exercises really release the spiritual toxins from your body and that's important.
I don't meditate.
Well sometimes you do!
And how about you Don?
Nothing, I do nothing.
That's what I do all day.
Come on, that's just not true.
This morning you helped carry out the trash and wash the floors.
- I guess that's my life now. - Those things just didn't magically happen.
You did that.
So judging from what you've been through would you say that you still have certain...cravings?
I mean any urges that...that you feel like I don't know maybe giving in to?
I would, I would kill...
I would just kill to get a little bit of organic Marin honey.
Oh, it was it was so good!
I just, you just can't get good stuff like that anymore.
I'll tell you what I want, alright.
More than anything else, I want my old god damn life back.
All right, I want my old goddamn life back.
I was up for regional sales manager.
I was going to be a charge of 12 people, you know what that is?
That's a fleet of realtor's with me at the helm.
It's hard, I know.
It's really hard
But you know what?
You've still got your rhythm and you've still got your harmonica.
Don plays a mean harmonica.
Stop it, Andy
Hey man, EASY!
You always do this.
Do what?
- Why do you always have to be like this? - God damn it, Andy!
- Everything is always...oh, I lost everything...everything is always about you! - Oh, stop it, Andy
- Let's get out of here! - I had potential!
I had a prospect, do you get any of that?
That's what you're not getting, Andy.
I had a life for God's sakes.
I had a god damn life!
Andy, man, come on.
You still there man?
Don't be like that.
All right, I'm sorry.
Are you coming or what, you've got the car keys!
What we witnessed here today is a clear sign that reintegration is not an option.
The danger we thought we'd gotten rid of is lurking just beneath the surface.
The images speak for themselves.



黑色幽默短片 ─ 非人之人 (Horror Short Film "Less Than Human" | Presented by ALTER)

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Mackenzie 發佈於 2019 年 8 月 21 日    Mackenzie 翻譯    Evangeline 審核
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