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Here are true facts about the owl.
baby Owls are called Owlets and they look like a cotton ball that grew a face, and legs.
Owlets are born without flight feathers. And because they're vulnerable, they camouflage themselves as muppets.
the Owl has large front facing eyes which give it a wide range of binocular vision.
its eyes on nearly immobile in their sockets
and therefore it must swivel its head around its neck to see.
Some owls bob their heads up and down in order to maximize their depth perception.
Try it right now. Focus on object and bob your head up and down.
That's right keep bobbing your head.
It doesn't really work for humans, but you do look like an idiot.
As the Owl grows older it developes its flying feathers
And oh my, that's cute! He's like little baby.
He likes being pet, its really the eyes isn't it? It's adorable.
Oh look this ones playing with his friend.
Wait, what you doing to that Bird? crap you're not playing
Don't try to hide it. I already saw it.
Despite its cuddly appearance
beneath those fluffy feathers the owl is what we call a beast of prey.
because it eats prey.
Just as the as the Owls call us apes of the hamburger, because we eat hamburgers.
The Owl is a specialized hunting machine.
Its talons on are zygodactyl, two in front two in back, and their grip is the strongest of the raptors
500 pounds per square inch,
eight times stronger than the human. (Just for the record, this is why we wear gloves.)
They crush their victims, then tear off little strips before swallowing them whole...
digesting them and then vomiting out the bones and fur in a small pellet.
and this is why it's polite to throw up at an owl dinner party.
The Owl is a quiet hunter.
It has specialized feathers on the front of its wings that reduce turbulence and allow it to fly in relative silence.
If silence were loudness they would be the loudest flying bird.
That's a terrible metaphor.
The Owl's face is basically like a giant ear.
The specialized feathers of its facial disc channel sound to its ear holes, like a fuzzy satellite dish.
That's nasty, yep thats an earhole.
Many owls have asymmetrical ear holes; one is higher than the other.
By sensing tiny differences in the delay in volume of sound as it arrives in each ear,
the Owl is able to create a three-dimensional auditory map of its surroundings.
Try riding a bicycle at night and picking up on moving burrito with your feet, based on the sound that it makes.
That is how an Owl do.
When they aren't being quiet, Owls make a wide variety of sounds.
Perhaps the most famous of these sounds is the 'hoo hoo' sound made by some Owls.
It reminds me of the fairy tale, where a young girl is lost in the forest,
and she sees an Owl and asked it "do you know where my mother is?",
and the Owl responds "why the hell would I know where your mother is?"
“Are you stupid? And why are you fairy tale children always getting lost in forests
and hallucinating about animals that can talk?"
and then the owl swooped down and ripped the little girl's face off and ate her eyeballs.
and then the owl hooted 'hoo hoo'
It's a German fairy tale so its a little dark I guess.
Maybe it's the translation? Nope not the translation...
Says right here,"...... rips her face off." Oh god there's even a picture.
Just remember don't do drugs because an Owl may just to rip your face off



【泛科學精選】你有所不知的貓頭鷹 (True Facts About The Owl)

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1camouflage  0:11
這個詞同時可以作為名詞或動詞,意思是「偽裝」或「掩飾」,當做為動詞時,也可以用 disguise 來代替。camouflage 這個詞常出現在托福的文章中,用在敘述動植物會透過「偽裝」來逃避天敵的獵食。
Some animals use camouflage to hide from or confuse their predators.

In order to avoid being eaten by predators, moths are good at disguising themselves.

【侏羅紀世界】穿高跟鞋跑得過恐龍誒!來看現實世界版 (How Jurassic World Should Have Ended)

binocular 可以作為形容詞或名詞。作為形容詞,意思是「使用雙眼的」;作為名詞,它和 glasses 一樣,都必須以複數形式出現,通常會以 a pair of binoculars 呈現,意思是「一副雙筒望遠鏡」。而 bi 這個字首代表雙數的意思,在英文中蠻常看到,例如大家最熟悉的字 bisexual 「雙性戀」就是其中一個例子。
He bought his son a pair of binoculars for celebrating his son's bithday.

3bob  0:31
作為動詞,bob 的意思是「上下 (來回) 擺動」,而通常要表示上下擺動時,都還會再加上 up and down。作為名詞時,bob 指一種俐落俏麗的短髮造型,中文翻成「鮑伯頭」。

bob 出現在片語
bob up 「突然出現」
He bobbed up out of nowhere.

bob 出現在俚語
Bob's your uncle. 這個俚語的意思是「這樣就搞定了」。
Jason: I didn't get a good score on my math test.
Max: You just have to study harder before the next exam and Bob's your uncle.

【TED-Ed】顏色是什麼? (What is color? - Colm Kelleher)

4tear off / tear something off   1:43
She was very curious about what present her boyfriend bought for her birthday so she quickly tore off the wrapping paper.

另外,若是寫成 tear off from someone or something,那就有匆忙離開某人或某事的意思。
I really want to stay and be with you, but I am late for work and I have to tear off.

網球肘(運動貼布) (KT Tape: Tennis Elbow)

hallucinate 是動詞,意思是「產生幻覺」,而 hallucination 是它的名詞型態,意思是「幻覺」。同樣有「幻覺」意思的還有 illusion,但是 illusionhallucination 有一點不太一樣。illusion 所產生的幻覺通常是因為外力刺激造成,所以這是個普遍的現象,你我都可能出現 illusion。相較之下,hallucination 出現的原因多半是因為內在的個人因素,例如精神上的疾病所造成的幻覺。
The phenomenon of drug abuse which causes hallucinations occurs in every country and it is getting serious.

Alix Generous: 我的內心怎樣學會跟亞斯伯格症對話 My Inner Life with Asperger's | Alix Generous | TED Talks


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