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Spearfishing in Hawaii.
I'm like a fish out of water.
Thank god, I've got free diving champ Kimi for a guide.
She makes it look so easy.
Damn, she's good.
Despite my fetching camouflage, I can't hit a thing.
You were that close!
That close.
Don't get frustrated.
Oh, man.
Like, really. You were almost there.
That was a good fish, too.
How do you keep your breath under such control?
Because you're holding on to the seabed.
You have the spear in the other.
And the current is pushing you back and forth the entire time.
It's a lot of work.
Right. Here we go.
That was awesome, though.
Right, hold my breath.
Line up my sights.
This is just like shooting fish in a barrel.
A very big Pacific-Ocean-sized barrel.
Whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo!
A beauty.
I held onto the rock, bent down the corner and just waited for him to pop up.
Oh, that was awesome.
I don't want to come out.
- I know. - Amazing.
What a teacher.
It makes you want to live under water.
It's that exciting.
You don't want to come up.
I want to go back again.
This is an enenui.
- An enenui? - Yes.
And did you grow up eating fish like this?
- My dad would go spear fishing to put food on the table, and this is one of the main fish that he fed us. - Wow, cool.
How cool. Beautiful.
So you literally eat this raw?
We always would eat this fish raw.
This fish eats a lot of seaweed, and so it tastes different all on different parts of the island depending on what type of seaweed is growing there.
Thank you.
Can you taste that?
That's delicious.
And it does taste a little bit seaweedy, a little bit salty.
A lot of times we add seaweed for flavor.
With this fish, it's already pre-seasoned.
Thank you.
Because of its diet.
I mean, it was like the perfect trip to any fishmonger you'll ever go to your entire life.
I didn't think it would taste that good, and my god, without any dressing, without any chili or any soy, and so that's got me thinking now.
You know, do I make this feast predominantly around the fish locally, or is it meat right now?
Honestly, I'm spoiled for choice.



你看過戈登煮魚,但你看過他捕魚嗎? (Gordon Ramsay Learns to Spearfish | Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted)

1577 分類 收藏
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