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  • It's AumSum Time.

  • What if all insects disappeared?

  • No worries.

  • I have their photographs.

  • You might think insects are inconsequential, but the reality is.

  • Without them, there probably would be no life on earth.

  • The first life to get affected, would be plant life.

  • Most plants in the world are angiosperms, that is, flowering plants.

  • Without insects pollinating them, plant life would gradually disappear.

  • Gradually, birds and mammals feeding on plants would also disappear.

  • Further, insects are food for many birds, frogs, reptiles, etc.

  • Without insects, they would also start dying.

  • Then, animals eating those animals would also start dying.

  • This would ultimately lead to a domino effect.

  • Finally wiping out the top of the food chain, that is, human beings.

  • Also, don't be surprised, if you suddenly see a lot of dead things everywhere.

  • This is because insects are decomposers.

  • Without insects, decomposition process would take much longer.

  • What if earth lost oxygen for 5 seconds?

  • We would need to organize a search party.

  • No.

  • If it was just 5 seconds.

  • We wouldn't notice changes in our breathing.

  • But do you know what would happen around us?

  • Earth's crust contains 45% oxygen.

  • Without oxygen, crust would crumble.

  • Causing the ground to crumble and we would be in freefall.

  • Buildings, bridges and concrete structures would crumble into dust.

  • As oxygen is the binding agent for concrete.

  • Cars would stop.

  • And planes would fall from sky as their combustion engines wouldn't work without oxygen.

  • Also, losing oxygen means losing almost 21% air pressure.

  • This would cause our inner ear to explode, causing hearing loss.

  • It would also become darker suddenly.

  • Why?

  • For sunlight to reach us, it needs to bounce off air particles like oxygen, dust etc.

  • No oxygen means much fewer particles to bounce off, thus much darker.

  • What if the sun disappeared?

  • We would need a lot of flashlights.

  • No.

  • The sun's enormous mass and gravitational power locks the planets in their orbits.

  • If the sun disappeared, the earth would fly off in a straight line into space.

  • Earth would collapse into darkness only after 8 minutes.

  • As sunlight takes about 8 minutes to reach earth.

  • Moon would disappear as it doesn't produce light of its own.

  • Plants would die, as no sunlight means no photosynthesis.

  • Within a week, earth's temperature would drop below 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Dropping to negative 100 degrees Fahrenheit within a year.

  • Making it impossible for us to survive.

  • Ocean surfaces would freeze.

  • However, water in the interior would stay liquid, due to heat from the Earth's core.

  • Only microorganisms who don't require photosynthesis.

  • Would survive by converting core's heat into the energy they need.

  • Thus, without the sun, humans wouldn't exist.

  • What if everyone went vegetarian?

  • Then I will turn Pizzaterian.

  • No.

  • Meat industry requires a lot of land to feed and maintain livestock.

  • This leads to deforestation and an increase in greenhouse gases.

  • Turning vegetarian would free up that land.

  • Restoring at least 70% of it to natural forests.

  • Thus cooling the planet.

  • Also, today there are around 1 billion cows.

  • Who excrete large amounts of methane.

  • Methane is a deadly poisonous gas, 20 times more harmful than other greenhouse gases.

  • Cutting out meat would decrease methane in the atmosphere.

  • Human deaths would also go down.

  • Chronic illnesses, cancers, strokes, etc.

  • Would drastically reduce, leading to reduced medical costs as well.

  • However, the meat industry generates a lot of employment.

  • We would need to think of alternative employment measures if everybody goes vegetarian.

  • But the overall positive impact on the climate, our health and the planet cannot be ignored.

It's AumSum Time.


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如果所有的昆蟲都消失了呢?| 如果所有昆蟲都消失了呢? (What if all Insects Disappeared? | #aumsum)

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