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This is Old Town Square.
The most visited square in Czech Republic in Prague.
And one of the biggest tourist traps in Prague is right here.
This exchange place.
What this place does is instead of 27 CZK for 1 EUR, they'll give you fifteen CZK for one EUR.
It's horrible, and they're still here for decades.
Nobody's doing anything about it.
We're gonna do something about it today.
You don't want to change in this place, no.
1 EUR, 15 CZK.
It's very bad, so here's a map to a better place.
It's right there.
You just go straight there, no problem.
We just saved what, one, two, three, four people.
Let's save more.
Make sure to ask before you change.
(They) give you 15 CZK for one EUR instead of 26.5 (CZK).
That's today's rate.
This is a tourist trap.
If you want a better exchange place, just follow these maps.
15 (CZK) , very bad
This place is very bad.
Just keep going guys, nothing to see here.
Nothing to see here guys.
So, so far, we have saved about 20 people.
If you do the math, if every single one of them would exchange 50 euros, that's a thousand euros, but he would leave half of it for this company.
So we saved them, 500 euros, in 30 minutes?
That's good.
I like this.
So this is the first time we hear the astronomical clock.
It's going to be many more times today.
You're going to get three hundred CZK.
(Cestina: Miss, give him rate 27 CZK, please.)
So the score is 40 to 1.
One guy, just, we couldn't help him.
He just would change the money.
(Spanish: 15 CZK for 1 EUR.)
Do not do it here.
You would get 15 CZK.
Follow the map, okay, or try to get as close to 27 crowns as possible.
Sometimes Honza can't film because he has to help me when there's like a big group of tourists
And we're like "Noo."
Always ask before you change anywhere, okay?
Oh, you don't want to change here.
Very bad.
So, two hours went by, we're still here.
And we saved about a hundred people.
So far so good.
And we're not going anywhere.
You know how many times we have heard the sentence, "thank you" today?
About 300 times.
You know how many times people sitting inside this place heard it?
He's saying I cannot do it.
And I'm telling him, i will do it.
I will do this.
I will continue doing this because I'm trying to save people from losing money.
We shook it off!
So, basically to make the long story short, they call the cops, obviously, that we're blocking their business.
I called my lawyers, or our lawyers, and they said that...
Oh miss, don't change your money here.
So yeah, we're just continue doing it now.
Saving people one by one.
So the score as a right now is 300 to 2.
Two people slipped.
One guy just didn't want to talk to us and he only changed five euros.
So that's good.
But, that's not even going to be good for Trdelník or anything because he got 75 CZK instead of 135 CZK.
And of course this place has two doors, so there's another friend by the second door.
2 minutes away is a good place!
So eventually the state police came by and they said that there's a city law where we cannot hand out flyers.
So we're not going to hand them out.
We're just going to show them and they said it's okay, but...
Hi, do you speak English?
But this place is really bad, no problem.
I need to pee.
Save the world for me.
We have just received a letter from Gordon Robert Prior.
A guy who's representing checkpoint.
And he's telling us that as of right now because of what we're doing here they have lost hundreds of thousands of Czk.
You didn't lose money.
We saved money from those people.
Those people actually...
We saved them money because you have a really, really bad rate.
And he's also saying that if we publish this video...
So if you're watching this right now, I may be in jail because he's saying we can get prison for two years.
Up to two years
That's pretty bad.
And another hour went by, we're still here trying to save tourists.
And we're successful!
And the cops are here again.
But luckily, we're not doing anything illegal.
So, it's good.
We're saving people.
We're saving your money.
Please share this video, so nobody will go to this place ever again.
So there's a there's a good place right there.
26.5 CZK is what you should get for 1 EUR.
So guys it's five o'clock.
The astronomical clock is just telling us...
We're tired, so we got to go home.
Unfortunately, this place is here 24/7.
So we need your help.
Share this video, spread the news.
Please do it.
Let people know that this is an epic tourist trap.
This is like the definition of a turist trap.
Hey guys, don't change your money here.
It's a trap.
It's a tourist trap.
So we were peeing once and we had one bottle of water.
I'm just...
Hi guys, do speak English?
Warning: this place is a tourist trap.
To get your attention, I'm also going to tell you where to find the biggest pokéman.
Also, there's a free Wi-Fi in my pocket.
And as a bonus free white paper.
Warning: this map is included.



去布拉格旅遊荷包好痛?誠實導遊告訴你哪裡換錢最坑! (PRAGUE'S WORST TOURIST TRAP!!! (Honest Guide))

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