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This year, I asked my viewers to send me some of their bad holiday gifts.
So I'll share them with you right now.
And this is from Sandy from Minnesota.
She says my great aunt in Ireland always sends me perfume for Christmas.
My aunt doesn't see very well and this year's gifts was a little strange.
So these are the perfumes this year.
And the first one, it's a, several scents, white lace and muddy grass.
In case you want to smell like you fell down at your wedding.
I mean what is that, what?
Burnt marshmallow and leather is the next one.
Leather jacket, burnt marshmallow, someone at the factory is sniffing too much perfume, I think.
This is my favorite.
This is whipped cream and microchip.
It's like if you drop your iPhone in frappuccino, I guess, we should bottle this.
All right, the next one is from Nina from London, England.
I was doing my holiday shopping and I came across this at TJ Maxx.
I didn't have the heart to give it as a gift, so I'm sending it to you.
OK, this is, please enjoy with me.
It says Facebook, and it says F, family and friends, A, attitude, C, communicate, E, exciting, B, behave, O, oops, Oh, opportunity, K, keep in touch.
OK, let's start from the beginning.
Someone came up with the words for Facebook, OK?
Someone said we got to make a word for Facebook.
And then they thought, we should frame this.
And then someone at TJ Maxx said we're going to buy these and we're going to sell them.
Somehow Sears is going out of business?
TJ Maxx is OK with?
But it inspired me to make one of my own.
And where is it?
Do I not have it?
Oh, OK.
It's just fresh off the press.
OK, here it is.
Ellen, E is for excellent, L is for lesbian, L is for lesbian, E is for entertainer, N, oops.
All right, and this next one.
Michael from New York sent this in.
My mother bought these for my father several Christmases ago, but he never opened them.
They're men's support socks, but I couldn't stop laughing at the name.
And here they are, men's support socks.
They're called Supp-hose.
Supp-hose, and they go with your not much britches.
Please remember to wash them, nobody likes dirty hose.
All right, finally, this was a gift that I got from one of my viewers.
This was sent to me from JB.
That's all I know.
It's very mysterious, JB.
And here it is.
Yeah, that's what I said when I saw it.
It's called Ellen and Portia, Number 10.
He took 10 tries, but he finally got it.
He got it on number 10.
This is one Portia and I would weave our hair together.
We would, it's actually a good portrait of Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa.
I may send it to them.
It's really scary too.
No matter where you're standing in the room, our chins follow you.



【Ellen】艾倫秀開箱粉絲收到史上最糟的禮物 (Ellen Reviews Fans' Really Bad Gifts)

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Julia Kuo 發佈於 2019 年 7 月 4 日    Julia Kuo 翻譯    Evangeline 審核
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