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[singing] BRAVEST WARRIORS!! [siren] We've got a Red Honk!
I am Supreme Chancellor Gayle from the Moon of Glendale! We need help!
Word up, Gayle! We're on our way! Woah, slow down. Don't eject your core, champ.
I called to speak with the Courageous Battlers! That was our parents' old team. They all got
sucked into the See-Through Zone two years ago.
We haven't seen them since. Any job they can do, we can do, Ma'am. We're
the Bravest Warriors! But y'all kinda look like dorks.
Hey! We're the mightiest heroes in the universe, GAYLE! If you don't want our help -- UP YOURS!
Danny! Don't take out your moop on Gayle! You gotta learn to express your moop in more
productive ways. Yeah sorry man I'm taking moop management
classes. Warriors! To the HellaFlaptor!
[singing and ukulele] Time Station 1, Moon of Glendale.
I'm Chris. This is Danny, Beth and Wallow. Don't shake Wallow's hand, his glove gets
jealous. Oh, and who is this Harlot? We shall settle
this with fisticuffs! Pixel, shut down.
No, but! He's a little needy, Danny's still fine tuning
his Nano Nads. Actually, Wallow and I go way back.
You're still... so boomin, Gayle. About that day on Venus--
Not necessary. Mm! Uh! Speak not of the past! No! Nooo.
Come, we must hurry. Professor Fartsparkles will explain, but first I must wake him from
his Time Nap. Professor, these are the Bravest Warriors.
They... kind of look like dorks. Listen up, Fartsparkles--
Shhhhhhh! After the great Time Catastrophe, I invented
the Fartsparkles Time Generator to keep the flow of time pumping, but something is very
wrong. The Generator's Core is an artificial intelligence, and it's getting... moody.
This is what's known as the Fartsparkles Effect. You probably shouldn't let this guy name everything
after himself. [giggles]
Look. Is that... us???
You cloned us? Gayle, if you wanted my body you could have just--?!
Heavens no! Those people are just as much you as you are. We are all of us trapped in
a time loop. They are us from exactly five Glendalien minutes ago.
Time is overlapping on itself! That means there's another group of us only
five minutes behind that group, and then another. Infinite us's!
If this keeps up, your planet's gonna have a much undesirable population boom.
So you do understand. Perhaps you are not dorks after all. Repair the time loop. Save
Glendale! Now put me back in my Time Nap. Pour the slime!!!
[splat] [snoring] Let's get to the Generator!
I don't want to know what happens if the next group catches up with us!
To the Fartsparkles Chamber! Professor Fartsparkles will explain, but first
I must wake him from his Time Nap.
[electrical crackling] It's the Bravest Warriors! They're dead! They're
ALL DEAD! It's us!
Gayle's right. It really is us, and we're hecka dead.
This must be the group that was just ahead of us in the time loop! We caught up to our
future selves. But that means... Sometime in the next five Glendalien minutes,
we're all gonna die in this room! Danny, we have to break the cycle!
We're locked in! And the Time Generator is out of control!
My sweet! I'm filled with regret! All these years, I've been holding on to so much moop!
Now it's too late! Gayle? I never stopped loving you!
[romantic ballad music] Oh lord. [smooching]
You're teaching it the meaning of love! Wallow, smooch harder! SMOOCH HARDER!

What is this? What is thiiis?
Pixel! You don't understand. You can't have him! Wallow is mine! Pixel, NO! Shut down!
Dudes! We're pissing off the big time thing -- mute your glove! Pixel, no! Give me back... my hand!! MINE!
Too much emotional pain! Machine can't take it! Beth!
It's the Bravest Warriors! They're dead! They're ALL DEAD!
Nope. Dude, I ain't goin in there.
Sorry Gayle. You should put some time clams on it, see if it wears itself out. We gotsta
book. I'll call you! No he will not.
Hangover! Hello I'm Pendleton Ward and you're watching
the show that I created, called Bravest Warriors, on Cartoon Hangover.


神勇戰士 第一集 時間黏液 Time Slime (Bravest Warriors - Ep. 1 Season 1 On Cartoon Hangover)

5258 分類 收藏
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