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how are you today Darci I am so good
but really nervous oh that's fine to be

nervous well welcome to champions you
are a champion now why did you want come

back and do champions I always love a
good competition but I missed being on a

GT and maybe having a chance to have the
world champion title just seems awesome

no pressure but you're the first stop so
let's set the standard

are you uh are you a little nervous to
be back on a GT um yeah a little I'm so

right it's gonna be so much fun I mean
the crowd is here the judges are here

it's it's like we never left yeah I
guess you're right I mean Simon's even

wearing the same clothes so Oscar how
has your love life been since last year

I'm not very good all right well how
about you well all the ladies tonight

with a killer song all right let's do it
we are light balance the dance group
from Ukraine

they took third place in America's Got
Talent season 12 they were so close to

winning our live stream
Dhar Selene is a huge talent but we feel
we could have made it all the way is

pretty difficult
this was all we had before America's Got

struggling dance group in Ukraine

there's been a lot of war and the
country was very unsafe place our

family's future was very insulting
didn't we Merkers get challenged but our

lives still change we get requests from
all around the world to perform and we

were able to move our families from war
zone to the safer areas seeing our

families safe yeah it's
and now on America's Got Talent the
champions we are competing against are

Celine Dion
it's going to be difficult but we want

to win this time so they're coming back
stronger and we're ready to fight for it

I love this starter party
if it's great vows that's refreshing
Heidi what what you do is so innovative

and it is so fresh literally every time
when you come onto the stage you are so

good at what you do and I love you guys
thank you so much

we decided to make this show recorded
champions because we thought how

exciting would it be to put the best of
the best from all around the world and

put them into the ultimate competition
and you define why we did this show

because this was sensational
there is no question about in my opinion

that if you had done that two years ago
this could have ended differently I mean

this is gonna be one heck of a
competition tonight remember only two

acts from tonight can go through so
congratulations and thanks for being

I don't think you can know when a moment
is gonna change your life my 11th

birthday my mom gave me a box and there
was Pudsey looking up at me he was

definitely an attention seeker I'm
actually and this is my dog pussy

Pudsey he's gorgeous
with cirbar that we had to kind of break
through and be even better than that

this is what I've been waiting for
Britain fell in love with him
we were kind of just thrown into this
world that we all just knew nothing

about 1700 Ashley Butler and argon times
we had our own kids TV show we performed

in front of the Queen my dog actually
had his own film you know not many

people can actually say that about a
year after we won Britain's Got Talent

this little guy came along they grew to
love each other very very quickly

Sully learned off of putzie Pudsey was
11 he seemed tired didn't want to eat

and I think at that point we knew that
something really wasn't right the vet

confirmed to us that he thought it was
cancer and they said like there's

nothing we can do
he kind of lifted his head a little bit

to look like us but that's all he could
do and then we had to say goodbye

you know he touched so many people he
had done so much for me so much for my

family they are very grateful Sally
looked up to Pudsey he became a little

bit protective over me think yeah
as soon as he passed it was like he was
out okay I know what I need to do

I'm a little bit worried he's never
performed in front of an audience this

big I have to prove myself in a way that
I'm coming back with a different dog or

actually good luck I didn't win
Britain's Got Talent with this dog but

maybe we can try and win the champions
Ashley just to explain Ashley and a dog
called PUD z1 Britain's Got Talent

in 2012 and unfortunately Pudsey has
passed away hasn't he well trust me

Pudsey will remain online forever
because he is obviously one of most

amazing dogs so now because this is the
first time I've met

Sully how old is Sally he's five
he looks like a puppy he could be no

he's beautiful
I'm really sorry about Pudsey but now I

guess it's Sully in the spotlight now it
is it's Sully's time to shine let's do

this let's do this for Patsy hey good

he looks like a little puppy because
Patsy was quite big

now it's time for tonight's big bite
in the right corner we have the other

just leapfrogged leap onto the table
just leap onto the table

I've never seen a dog that seemed more
happy to be here more happy to entertain

us than Sully we just want to smile and
I would imagine our superfans

representing America are going to vote
for you I have a feeling you might be in

the finals thank you
this from start to end just made me
smile so big give me a really warm

feeling because I could see how much you
love your dog and how much your dog

loves you I absolutely loved it
I mean he is just so cute it was so fun
to watch you must put in so many hours

to train and we must have the best
patients on the planet that was a lot of

while Ashley who would have believed
seven years ago we would be doing this

again under this context you are a
champion Sully is a champion

HUD Z will always be a champion I'm
absolutely thrilled

genuine April 30 you come back
you and we want you to do well so the
same cleaner before I haven't it's a

funny guy you see very flashy fact isn't

being funny yeah that's his act being
funny I'm sorry before I start my act I

wanted to share with you guys one of my
favorite things that happened to me from

being on America's Got Talent Heidi
yeah and then there was that how do you
nice to me maybe we can do that again

sometime we'll talk about it later never
give up on your dreams for real though

you never know what's coming at you on
the corner of Life take me for example

a few years ago nobody knew who I was
right now I make more money doing comedy

than Bill Cosby yeah laughter I love
laughter so much it's my favorite thing

in the world cuz it brings all of us
together you know like we're way too

divided right now here in this country
so many people are upset about like

immigrants coming here taking work away
from people who are born and raised here

in the USA you know you know oh my god
you know I just realized the foreigners

old mad about who are taking all the
jobs are the judges from America's Got

because they're from other countries I I
just got back from performing in South

Dakota and I was doing a show in this
little town no diversity at all and I

went up to the promoter of the event
before the show sir I was like hey I

talked about being Jewish in my routine
I swear make sure the audience can

relate to my material material so before
I do my acts I was wondering you guys

have a Jewish people here in town and he
was like no say whatever you want and I

was like that's not what I meant
oh my god I'm really cool now

you know you're cool if you have to
announce it I'm really cool I was at a

bar talking this girl things went great
I'm really cool you know and I was like

we've been talking too long I never got
your name

oh my god what was your name and then
and she was like Cher and then I was

like oh my god that's my mom's name no I
was like Sharon we're both mature adults

we're plugging some cool stuff later if
you know what I mean just you know when

we do that I can't call you the access
to be weird for me okay

so instead have to call you mom
I choke hurts me more than it hurts you
I assure you all right my name is Taylor

Lampson thank you for laughing at my
jokes I really appreciate it thank you

so much would you like to introduce
yourself to the judges and to the

audience please my name is Cristina
Ramos and I'm Spain Scott Allen Weiner

things change since you won it's changed
a lot because suddenly my dreams come to

describe to me where you're from
I I need to think in Spanish and

translate in English I was born on a
small island in Spain my mother always

said I had talent but I'm very very shy
I didn't think I will be in a talent

show what so when I went to Spain Scott
Talent it was very very scared for me

Gilligan adored big Italian espana i
never thought i cool to it

the moment when I won that is the big
remember for me how excited I I was I

spent my whole life in my eyes
America was so far dream so so far but

now I'm here
very nervous because I really wanted to
win America's Got Talent champions

that is scary
I mean this is why I love about this
shirt just when you think there's this

beautiful innocent girl singing such
lovely beautiful melody opera comes a

I loved it you're a very beautiful woman
my gosh love it I loved it it's right

it's very original very different we
always look to be surprised on the show

it makes sense that you're a champion
about you
in each of the 50 states are talking

about you right now
I believe everybody didn't expect

I loved it because it was so much fun
you know you start like kind of like a

maria callas and they don't let you turn
into like a courtly love and you go

completely bonkers I loved it
thank you ladies I mean it was

spectacular your voice is off the charts
this was unbelievable I mean really

really unbelievable
the one making the decision tonight it's
going to be 50 states but that was

do you see yourself today we are the DDF
crew and we are the winners of Holland's

Got Talent season five in 2012 the VF
crew started back in 2003 in those days

jumprope wasn't really popular in our
country but one day an American team of

jump ropers came to our school we were
so blown away that we had to try it

and we never stopped we were addicted to

jumper he just came home did our
homework and practice every moment our

parents didn't mind we totally messed up
the house they loved it we never thought

we could make a living out of jumping

but winning Holland's Got Talent's of
course change a life it was mind-blowing

we've got to perform in Las Vegas see
the whole world and we got our own

theater show it's a crazy thing for us
that we learned about jump rope from an

American team and now 25 years later we
are here on America's Got Talent the

champions what does it feel like to be
here at America's Got Talent amongst the

best of the best
Holland's Got Talent was already like

top of the top but you can't compare to
this stage come on we have been

practicing a lot for this performance
we're up against it's the best of the

it's really important to be even better

than any performance we might never get
another chance to make it in America so

this performance had to be perfect
but look we've just seen the winner of
Spain's Got Talent you're the winners of

Holland's Got Talent this is why I'm
fascinated about this show it's a good

luck thank you very much
what did you think of it I'm just gonna
be totally honest you know I sit here as

a judge in America's Got Talent
and on America's Got Talent that

wouldn't have ranked and we've had we've
know we've had

I'm just saying I've seen a lot better
and I don't know if it's because you

were nervous there was a couple of
mistakes but didn't blow me away

I really enjoyed it was exciting
made that look really easy and I do know
how hard it is because I can't stand

like for three seconds in the double
dutch thing Heidi what did you think I

liked it because it was perfectly timed
how he doesn't understand is you guys
make it look so much easier than I think

it really is you should try just do a
regular jump rope

like guys I'm gonna be honest with you
context tonight is everything we've seen

winners of America's Got Talent
vs. winners of Holland's Got Talent and

various other countries I mean this was
really really really fun but it has to

be I believe more than that let's see
what the 50 states in later thank you

very much
I'm Victor key I was a finalist on
season 11 of the America's Got Talent

through the entire competition I was
really really nervous during that time

that's for sure that opportunity was the
world to me

I mean there was a little bit of a
kerfuffle dropping the ball in the

middle but can I just say I know but I'm
just pointing out but then still with

the positive reactions of the judges and
an amazing acceptance of the audience I

got to the final being a finalist it is
an amazing feeling but inside I really

wanted to win especially if now
performing tonight is about much more

than me since America's Got Talent
I met this beautiful woman I fell in

love and I became a father my little boy
is 11 months old now his name is

Leonardo she's the most precious thing
I'm jealous of your hair I don't have

any he's so lucky I grew up without a
father so it is extremely important for

me to be there for my child
and to watch him grow and try to be an

example it gives you that drive to be
better work harder and I'm very grateful

for this opportunity to come back and
try again

I want the title of champion
Dean and America's Got Talent it changed

my life lot
and coming back to America's Got Talent

champions it might change my life

thank you it was so amazing there's so
much elegance to you into your act it's

so beautiful to watch then you just
don't want it to end well done thank you

you're a juggler you're a dancer you're
a contortionist it's that you sent a

whole tab below I like to call me thank
you honey

everybody has been great tonight
including yourself and only two can go

through so now it's up to those
superfans to allow you to go further you

know what you just did right there and
then was impossible for anybody else to

do I mean the timing along with the
music and how graceful you are you were

great tonight it really was I think
you've got better if you want my honest

opinion on the show so far
I'm seeing great talent everyone's up

their game I feel this competitive
spirit from you along with everyone else

it could be a shock tonight we're not
voting the fifty states of voting you

have a shot thank you
to see you again
i'm courtney edwin in hours of finalist
on season 13 America's Got Talent

I've always been quite shy and I didn't
find it difficult to talk to people

welcome to America's Got Talent
how are ya a little bit nervous but I

feel like when I sing I turn into a
different person

I just get another reason I stopped

we're gonna go for gold and puzzle I
best stop crying

it felt really good you're like a

normally I give people advice don't
listen to a single word I say

okay I have to go freak out now my
prediction is you are gonna win

America's Got Talent
2008 I felt like I could take it all the

way leaving the competition is Kortney
hadwin it's difficult and fan favorite

courtney hadwin only plays six last
night on the America's Got Talent finale

it felt really bad growing up I've
always wanted to be a rock star

champions is a second chance for my
dream come true

you're just on America's Got Talent
I some cover songs and I didn't mean so

there wouldn't be any point doing
champions if I was gonna do the same

thing I really wanna show people
something a bit different

only two acts are gone at the finale I
want to be one of them

when you're on the show last time and
you didn't win my mouth literally

dropped so many people were disappointed
hence the reason why you were here today

how do you feel now taking on the best
in the world I didn't expect to be get

invited to champion so just to be here
is just an honor thank you and maybe

this time you deal the chances with it
anything can happen on this show - good

Courtley that was bloody fantastic
let me tell you something Courtney

something has changed in you trust me in
the time year on the show last year so

now your interaction with the audience
the confidence I think this has been my

favorite performance of you so far Mel B
you're only 14 and you've already

figured out what style to dress in what
style of music you like you've figured

out your performance most people it
takes somebody a lifetime to figure just

one of those things out and now you're
amongst the champions and you are a

champion Courtney I love when you come
onto the stage then when he starts

singing you turn into this lioness and
you just wore it out and you just go

watching you q first of all fantastic
but I'll be honest with you I don't

recognize that song
what is it who's that it's original

my name is Anna my name is Alfredo
we are deadly games and we were

semifinalist on America's Got Talent
season 11 mine and I we met 10 years ago

and as soon as I saw her I asked would
you like to have knife thrown at you and

she said yes right now
I come from a family of danger

he's been my dream since I was a little

boy now thanks to America's Got Talent
we're living the life that we wanted but

shortly after the show
my mother text me you sister had an

my sister was a nihilist one day she

fell 30 feet high headfirst without
safety nets or anything to hold her and

she's being in a wheelchair ever since
it's a miracle that she's alive what we

do for a living is very dangerous for
Judge Scott's on our dress rehearsal we

had the accident
broke with Anna on it and the whole
thing to me you know sometimes I think I

wanted to you know I mean it's our doing
so for champions we knew we had to come

back with the most dangerous routine we
ever perform in our lives for this act I

have to be so precise if I make a
mistake tonight I can kill her

things can go wrong but we're here to
win this time

we could fade away
Heidi yes
can I use your phone please no no

thank you oh god you know no you're not
doing this backwards

first of all when I see the emotion in
your face I realize what this means to

you and as Simon has said many times
this is now the Olympics of talent and

you rose to the occasion and it was not
only dangerous it was sexy it was like

fifty Shades of danger this unbelievable
I almost don't want you to go through

because I'm not sure my heart would
stand upon being honest with you in my

opinion what you just showed us tonight
defines what a champion

I mean you are really pushing yourself
to the limit I almost had

he's almost jumping out of my chest and

one spot left on squad
I have somebody here today my sister
Fatima she's on our list almost two

years ago she fell headfirst thirty feet

without any protection so I was thinking
about giving up and now thanks to Heidi

we're here to win it thank you so much
here we go Mel has invited you all to
her house tonight

they barbecue knows about the general
right guys so I want to know what have
you been up to since the finals I want

to tell you something before the finals
before the first audition mr. pibbles

and I in 2013 we left England and we
moved to Las Vegas I spent a year

looking for work nothing a whole year I
applied for America's Got Talent didn't

here for a while I was about to give up
and the day before I went back to

England I get the call
I do the audition they get all the way

to the finals of America's Got Talent
I lost you know what happened the next

day I flew back to Las Vegas mr. pibbles
and I we got our own show at the

flaminia Adler flamingo of Las Vegas mr.
pibbles and I have been there to this

day and they just renamed that theater
the pistol metal dragon theatre

ever since they're hashed out the egg I
had one dream get my very own show in

Las Vegas Tanner it happened people it

we've got billboards all over Las Vegas
we saw that shows across the country it

was the greatest he wowed the judges on
America's Got Talent

and this year we want gold for the best
of Las Vegas Awards

you know what dragons love gold they
love gold but you know what even with

all the fame the fortune just can't seem
to make mr. Pitt was happy look at him

miserable I don't know what's wrong with
him it's like something has changed

between us I mean the way just sits
there and looks at me I keep thinking

what have you done to us Biff what have
you done

since we lost America's Got Talent mr.
bill has never been the same

look at me just just look at what you
just look at me not just talk it out if

you just talk out you'll feel a lot
better I just don't know how to make it

up to it I mean how could I possibly go
back in time and somehow win America's

Got Talent again unless there was some
sort of spin off champions edition

let me tell you this competition means
everything it's my chance to get back in

mr. pibbles good books
I'm not here for the gold I'm not here
for the princesses you need to make it

rain with little messed up efforts I
love this little guy he's my champion

aren't you buddy
got it just hates me to be cheer him up
he never got over the loss you know why
let me tell you why guys cuz this dog

was born a champion good luck
show us why you're a champion thanks

I was giving out he was heading home
Heidi I've got a lovely spot for you to
hang out in stand there face the front

perfect Heidi hold it your hands like
this hands like this lovely Heidi does

that ring come off yes
all right great Heidi you're gonna place

that ring on this little spoon over here
where'd you get the ring from Heidi

you bought it yourself I would like to
offer you a complimentary bring cleaning

service would you like that it's very
good he's been cleaning his own ring for

years favorite little treat over here oh
look we got for you buddy yeah prime

steak I ain't even gonna place the food
on top of your ring just over there

we're gonna mush in mushy mushy mushy
mushy mushy this is for you Heidi

that's right you're gonna feed mr.
pickles you take them come on now Heidi

mr. pibbles it's gonna lick all of the
food off of your ring leaving it as

gleaming as the day that you bought it
for yourself there we go now mr. pibbles

is a true professional this lady's
German it's quite stunning to see

he took it all at once he's one of the

okay Heidi he's doing more of a
deep-clean all right honey you take this

I'll take this here's our deal we are
gonna get your ring back at all cost

Heidi oh look what we got for your buddy
oh yeah me I'm yam yam yam that's right

now Heidi we just fed mr. pibbles a
high-strength laxative so any minute now

he's gonna go off like the Bellagio
fountains okay you're gonna hold mr.

pibbles out in front of you like this
almost Oh perfect perfect come on buddy

come on squeeze it out come on
he's like a slot machine to it come the

cherries these were congested Heidi on
the count of three give them a squeeze

one two three
good show buddy good joke are you gonna
there's no good win since are you gonna

reach into the bag hiding
into that bag Heidi come on Hattie reach

into the back hiding
it's an egg let's walk howdy
let's walk we're gonna go and say hi to

Simon in your hands hi do you have a
genuine tiny dragon egg is that correct

yeah it looks like an egg it smells like
a negative invokes like an egg stand

here show the egg to Simon don't move
don't don't don't ruin my life Heidi

either they crack the egg into the glass
please crack the egg into the glass

crack crack crack that's it very good
yeah lovely how they're gonna take the

shell from you and it vanishes Heidi
you're gonna into the yolk you feel that

take it out
hey pip demand it dragon and mr. pickles
from season 10 of America's Got Talent

thanks for watching Got Talent global
remember subscribe subscribe subscribe

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