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- Hi, we're Joel and Lia.
- Welcome back to another
episode of Story Time!

So, this is a series we're
trying out on our channel where

we sort of just answer questions from
this book called Ask Yourself,
which someone kindly bought us.
Through it, we sort of retell old stories,
and without the book, we wouldn't be able
to think about those
stories really easily.

- So, the book is actually,
that's what it says on the back,

Ask Yourself, but it's
called The Book of Questions.

- Oh, dammit, I was like,
it's called Ask Yourself.

- But that's exactly what it does,
it asks yourself questions about yourself,
your morals, your beliefs,
hypothetical situations

to get to know yourself better.
- Yeah, and it's good 'cause we get
to know each other better,
even though we've known each
other forever, pretty much.

It's good for that.
Right, should we kick it off?
- We'll kick off.
So, if you watched the first episode,
you'll know what this
first question is gonna be.

- Oh, 'cause we did a teaser.
We were like, come back
next week for dot, dot, dot.

- Like a TV show.
- Yeah, I know!
- Come back next time.

- We love it when it feels like a TV show.
- We do.
If you're new here, by the way,
we're Joel and Lia, we make videos--
- [Both] Thrice weekly--
- About all sorts of different things,
so make sure you click subscribe
and the notification bell.
- What he said.
- "You discover your wonderful
one-year-old child is,

"because of a mix-up at
the hospital, not yours.

"Would you want to exchange the child
"to correct the mistake?"
- Okay.
- Okay, so you've literally,
you've just given birth,

you've given birth, you've gone home,
you raise your child, you spend a year
getting to know that child, it's yours,
you love it so, so much, and after a year,
the hospital calls you and goes, Lia,
I'm really sorry, I don't
know how this happened,

but that child is not yours,
we got your baby mixed up,

your baby is with a woman called
Susan Myers in Southampton.
- Sorry if there's a Susan Myers.
- Like, do you want,
we've contacted Susan,

do you want the baby back,
or are you happy with the current one?
What do you do?
- Am I happy with the current,
obviously I've had a year with that baby,
and I think I've given birth to that baby
that's in front of me.
I'd do the swap.
- You would, would you?
- Yeah, 'cause you think about it,
you either carry on your whole life
knowing you've got a kid that's not yours,
but you're like, oh, I've
spent a year with it now,

I feel like this is my baby,
or you just do a quick swap.
Okay, no.
- Yeah, but don't forget,
this baby has a new name,

they won't be used to their name.
- Won't be used to me.
- They won't be used to you,
they won't know that you're mum and dad.
They'll probably be
quite scarred emotionally

'cause they've had a year thinking
their mum and dad is someone.
- No, it's just, it's a baby.
- I know, but they'll still cry,
babies still cry until they see their mum.
- Yeah, babies cry.
The thing is though, the
other option is to do nothing,

and stay with that baby forever.
- You're right, it's the what if.
- You've guessed what if, and
then they get to five, six,

and then they're going--
- And the child then pisses
you off and you're like,

I should've got my real kid back!
And you're like, I
shouldn't have said that.

- Yeah, exactly.
It's really tough, but you've
gotta nip it in the bud

as soon as you find out.
- But I think your love for that child,
even though it's not your blood child,
would be just as strong as
if it was your blood child.

- Of course, yeah, 100%.
You'll get the new baby
and you'll have to like,

well, I don't know, you'd have to, like,
I'm your mother!
And you just put it over there
and you're like, here's me!

- Oh, no!
- It's so hard.

- It's so hard, I don't know what I'd do.
I'd like to think I'd just
keep it 'cause I'd be like,

whatever, I can't give up my
child that I thought was mine,

but then I realize I hate kids,
so I'd probably just not care either way.
- You don't like kids.
- I don't like kids, so.
- Great, great, there's that.
We'll get into why Joel
doesn't like kids another time.

"Do you think that the world will be
"a better or worse place 100
years from now, and why?"

It doesn't say why, but let's say why.
Well, we always would anyway.
So, do you think the world would be
a better or worse place
100 years from now?

- Well, the way it's going at the moment,
I think it'll end up worse,
but maybe it'll be 50
years of getting worse

and then it'll start to get better.
I don't know!
- Well, are you talking in
terms of, like, technology?

- Politics, obviously there's lots of
bad stuff going on right now.
Technology, I get annoyed
when people say that, like,

oh, the internet's really bad,
and social media's really bad,
'cause I'm like, well, no it's not,
it's made, like, it's done loads of good,
but I can see the bad elements of it.
- It's done some bad, yeah.
- So I don't know, I don't know!
- 100 years from now, so
what year will that be, 2119?

2119, so our children's children will be
alive, doing stuff.
What's it gonna look like and
will it be better or worse?

I think, obviously, we've lived through
an age of, like, technology booming.
I think it will be scary
to us where that will go.

Technology is listening
to your conversations.

Soon there are things that
know everything about you.

There's gonna be cars, like,
you get into a car, say that, like,
you only ever drive to
work, home, and the gym,

you get into the car and you say work
and it'll just take you there
'cause it's remembered it.
- Which I think is amazing.
I don't think anything bad
can come of that, really.

- Yeah, 'cause people are
not being stupid, yeah.

- I think the only bad things
that can come of it, really,

are the new technologies
that people will just get

more and more distant from each other,
which is coming from a very
emotionally distant person.

Like, I don't, I'm quite a lone wolf,
don't really like people very much,
so I quite like the fact that technology
disconnects us from people,
but still keeps you connected,
you know what I mean?
- Yeah, like we're all really connected,
but through these devices, you like that.
- I like that, but I can see
it could get even bigger,

the divide, where people just end up
not talking to each other at all,
which would be really bad.
- Yeah.
- I don't know, it's a hard one.
- It's really tough, isn't it?
- And then I want to
think, like, who cares?

Like, in 100 years, we'll be dead,
so it's another generation's issues,
they can deal with it.
- Really?
I'm really glad that we're not,
that we're this generation,
that we're not gonna be born in 50 years.
I'd hate to be born into all of this.
- We were the last generation
that didn't grow up with the internet.
Like, when we got the internet,
I think we were in our teens,
rather than childhood, so
that'd be really weird.

- It'd be so weird.
Imagine photos now, every single
photo, say, of your child,

will be documented
probably online somewhere.

- Forever.
- We're really lucky.
- We're very lucky,
'cause my parents and I,

I don't have any pics of
me as a child, really.

I just have a few.
- Let us know your guys' thoughts because
the world's a scary place.
- Also, we wanna know what you guys think,
because this is a way we can think
deeper about these things,
'cause maybe you thought

something that we haven't.
- Yeah, definitely.
- Which is rare, because, you know,
we're really clever, so.
Okay, oh my god, "Would
you accept $1 million,"

let's say pounds, "would you
accept one million pounds

"to leave the country and
never step foot in it again?"

- Just a million?
- Yeah.
- No.

What, a million to never
come back to the UK?

- Yeah, it's not enough, is it?
- It's not enough.
- A million pounds would go very far.
- No, it really wouldn't.
- Like, a million pounds in London, like,
that could buy you a nice two bed flat.
- Yeah.
- Two bed apartment, that's it.
- That's it, no, I wouldn't
accept a million pounds.

- And then you'd never see
your family, your friends.

- No way, that's, no way.
- Instant no.
- Instant no, but I wonder
what amount of money

it would have to be for us to say yes,
'cause clearly everything's
got a price, doesn't it?

- Yeah, exactly.
- So what price would it be?
- 10 million.
- 10 mil?
- I think so, but still--
- I'd probably do it for 10 mil.
- But still, family and
friends is an issue.

- I know, that sucks.
Yeah, but it doesn't mean
you can't fly them to you.

We've made this rule, you can't say that,
but with that money, I'd
do this, yeah, it's like--

(doorbell ringing)
- Takeaway?
- [Lia] That's our takeaway.
- Okay, run, run, run.
- Should we finish the video?
- [Joel] Yeah.

- We'll finish the video.
- Okay, so the million, yeah, 10 million.
- 10 mil?
- I think 10 million, I could do it, but--
- We'll go to the US, we'll
just miss the UK a lot.

- Yeah, and to be honest,
your family would come and visit you,
and there isn't anything to say
you couldn't just fly home and see them.
That didn't say to never, actually,
you couldn't step foot in the country.
- You can fly somewhere
else and they can be there.

- Yeah, they can come and see you.
Also, for 10 mil, I'd just
relocate my whole family.

- Exactly.
- They'd do it.
So, this will be slightly political.
It has to do with gender.
- Oh, okay.
- "Which sex do you think
has it easier in our culture?

"Have you ever wished you
were the opposite sex?"

So, we will answer that next time.
Come back, that's a little teaser for you.
- We just wanna say a huge
thank you to SkillShare,

who have sponsored this video today.
SkillShare, as you may or may not know,
are an online learning platform
with thousands of classes,
and over the last few months,
we've been sharing with you guys
what classes we've been doing with them.
We have decided to do some
cooking classes this month.

- Oh my gosh, I'm not a good cook at all.
You're better than I am.
- But you're a better baker.
We've got our strengths.
- We've got our strengths, but yeah,
I really wanna learn to
be better at cooking.

I know you do too, so
we're using SkillShare.

They've got plenty of videos on there
all about cooking, cookery classes
like how to know flavors and spices.
- How to make boring
foods more interesting,

because that's the thing, really.
Like, we kind of know what foods
we're meant to be eating
to get to our goals and stuff,
but we just wanna make those
foods taste less boring.

- So don't forget to click
on the link down below

if you're interested in SkillShare.
The first 500 people will get
two months for free on the platform,
and if you do wanna subscribe after that,
it works out to--
- [Both] Less than $10 per month--
- For an annual subscription.
- So, wish us luck, guys.
I hope we won't burnt
down our own kitchen.

Burnt down?
I can't speak, burn down.
- Burn down our kitchen?
- Yeah.

- Well, yeah.
- Or set off the fire alarm,
you know what my flat's like.

- Oh, it's gonna happen.
But who cares?
New year, new me.
- I don't care about my flat!
Who cares?
- I do!
Well, thanks for watching guys.
Come back next time, we post videos--
- [Both] Thrice weekly.
- And click the notification bell
to be one of the first people
to find out about our videos!
- [Both] See you soon, bye!



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