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- Hello everyone and welcome back
to English With Lucy.
Today I'm going to talk
to you about 10 phrases,

10 British phrases
that Americans probably won't understand.
So this video is going to help you
with your speaking and your vocabulary,
especially if you're American.
But if you want to develop
your speaking skills

and your listening skills
and your pronunciation skills even further
I highly recommend
listening to audiobooks.

If you can hear the way
a word is pronounced

while reading it,
oh my God,
it will help you so much.
If you want to improve your British accent
then download books
with a British narrator.

The same goes for American,
you can choose an American narrator.
Audible are giving you one free audiobook,
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Also, just a reminder
that I have started a new channel,
it's a personal channel.
It's where I can put all of the videos
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aren't related to English,

like hair, makeup,
skincare, my life,
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It's called Lucy Bella Earl.
The link to check that out
is in the description box.
Right, let's get started with the lesson.
Number 1 is I'll give
you a bunch of fives.

Now, this sounds great,
a bunch of $5,
doesn't everyone want that?
Wrong, a bunch of fives
is a punch in the face.

So if someone says,
if you come any closer
to me I'm gonna give you

a bunch of fives,
go away, don't get any closer.
Number 2 is a bit of how's your father?
You could also say rumpy pumpy
or even a good rogering.
How's your father,
rumpy pumpy, a good rogering.
Now, if anyone asks you if you fancy
a bit of how's your father,
it's a slightly rude proposition.
It means relations,
In Britain we like to be quite indirect.
We would never just ask someone
if they fancied relations?
We would say,
do you fancy a bit of how's your father?
Or was there a bit of
rumpy pumpy last night?

Or did you get a good rogering?
We might say something like that.
But not to be confused with someone
who genuinely just wants to know
how your father is?
Maybe look at their facial expressions.
Number 3 is to play footy.
I'm just gonna pop out
and play a bit of footy.

This means to play football.
But in America they call it soccer,
'cause to them football
is American football

which is an entirely different sport,
although, a lot of fun to watch.
I would like to watch a live game
of American football and I really want
to try a corn dog.
I'm not completely sure what it is
but I've seen it and it's
on a stick and I want it.

But yes, if you hear someone's going out
to play footy or footy.
Sometimes we drop the T
and put in a nice glottal stop, footy,
then you know they're
going to play football.

Number 4, this is a phrasal verb,
to bodge something up.
I've really bodged it up.
This means to do something badly,
especially repair work.
If somebody says that their builder
has really bodged up their landing
then you know that their upper corridor
is in a bad state.
Number 5, one is nice,
one is not.
We have to spend a penny,
which is very polite,
that's what my grandma says,
or we have to go for a slash,
which is not so polite,
don't say it.
Don't say it in formal situations.
Both of these mean to go to the toilet,
more specifically to pass urine.
Spend a penny comes from when we used to
have to spend pennies
to use public toilets.

I'm not gonna go into
why it's called a slash.

We can also say to go for a wee,
which isn't so bad.
If you were very childish you can say
to go for a wee-wee.
I've seen Americans tend to say
I'm going to visit the bathroom,
I'm going to go to the bathroom.
We might say that but we're more inclined
to say toilet,
'cause for me a bathroom
has a bath and a shower in it.
A toilet is specifically a toilet
but what I tend to say is the loo.
I'm just gonna pop to the loo,
just pop into the loo.
Number 6, to have a right old knees up.
We had a right old knees up last night.
This means to have a party
or to have a good time out.
You can also say to hit the tiles.
I think we're gonna hit the tiles tonight,
we're gonna go to a club.
Or you can say we're
going out on the lash,

which means we're gonna
drink loads tonight.

Oh my God,
I'm on the lash tonight,
I cannot wait to get a
Jägerbomb down my throat.

That's not what I say,
I absolutely hate Jäger.
Number 7 is old Blighty,
old Blightty and if I refer to old Blighty
it's normally quite affectionate
and it means Britain.
And if I see something in Britain
that isn't going very
well or isn't that pretty

to look at I say I just love old Blighty.
We're very self-deprecating.
Number 8, to have a good old chinwag,
to have a good old chinwag.
If someone's having a good old chinwag
it means they're having a conversation,
'cause we wag our chins.
It also more specifically means
having a real chat or a real gossip.
I saw those two outside
having a good old chinwag,

they were really talking.
Number 9 is a meat and two veg.
Sounds very innocent,
show me your meat and two veg.
I'm having a beef with
potatoes and broccoli.

No, someone who asks to
see your meat and two veg

is not asking about your dinner,
they are asking about
the male private parts.

I first heard this
phrase when I was sitting

with my dad in his vegetable garden
and there was a path nearby
and two of my school teachers,
I must've been seven,
couldn't see me 'cause there was a hedge
and they said what are you doing, Richard?
And he said,
oh I'm just tending to my vegetables.
And I heard one of them say,
I'd like to see his meat and two veg.
And I remember just piping up and going,
dad, why do they wanna
see your meat and two veg?

And everyone being
really, really embarrassed

and my dad went red but kind of liked it
and they totted off.
So yeah, that's a very fond memory
of meat and two veg.
So inappropriate, they
were such naughty women,

I love them.
And number 10 is mint.
I might say that's mint, that is.
If something's mint it means it's perfect
or in perfect condition.
So if I'm trying to sell
you my broken television

I might tell you
it's in mint condition, perfect condition.
Or I might say I went to see S Club 7
at the club last night and
they were absolutely mint.

It means they were really great
and in perfect condition,
which I am sure they are.
I am sure S Club 7 are in mint condition.
Right, that's it for today's lesson.
I hope you enjoyed it.
I hope you learned something.
Americans, tell me,
did you know any of these phrases?
And I would love to know if there
are any American phrases
that British people don't know?
Maybe I cold find an American
and we could do a video about it.
I need to find an American.
Anyway, don't forget to check out Audible.
The link to sign up is
in the description box

so you can claim your free audiobook.
And don't forget to connect with me
on all of my social media.
I've got my Facebook,
my Instagram and my Twitter
and I've got my new
Lucy Bella Earl channel.

The link to see that is
also in the description box.

I will see you soon for another lesson.
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10 British slang phrases Americans DON'T understand!

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