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I've always hated driving
I know how people who do like driving
but I'm not one of them.
On the other hand
living in Southern California without a car
is like living without legs
but I hate driving still
I'm the kind of person who gets really intense while I drive
My shoulders will get all sore
after driving anywhere that takes me longer than 15 minutes
People used to tell me
"You'll get used to it someday."
But they lied
1, 2, 3, and many years have passed
It never happened
I'm still the same old horrible driver
I never got into any real accident
ahh, besides the time I hit my neighbor's trash can
I actually hit it multiple time.
5, 6, or even 7 maybe
just don't tell anyone
Then there's this one time
I drove myself onto the sidewalk,
plus the time on to the middle traffic island as well
There's this other time I ran over someone's feet
on a very narrow street
He looked painful so I offered him a ride to the hospital
But he said it was okay
I'm guessing probably because he...
was too scared to be my car
At the end of the day,
staying in pain is still way better than
sitting a car with a driver like me
But these aren't real car accidents
So I guess everything turned out alright
and it comes the time when I first started working from home
I didn't really drive as often anymore,
and I tried to bike or walk whenever it's possible
and by that, you could tell how much I hated driving
and I also discovered something wonderful call uber, and lyft too
I'm not sponsored by I hope them
but they actually don't cost as much as I thought they would
It'll be nice if you get to match with the drivers
like how tinder works though
So once a very long while
I tried to drive my car
the battery was dead
So I sold my car eventually
which is a whole other story
And I never really drove again after that
Besides the time of traveled to Japan
and everyone was driving on the wrong...
ahhh, I meant left side of the road
my friend who drove us got so scared
he was scared because he almost turned into the opposite lane
while making a left turn
and I was like, maybe I should drive
because it doesn't really make any difference for me
I turn into the opposite land several times
even when I was driving the states. So yeah..
It's basically the same thing for me
fun fact
they actually give you one of those foreigner driving stickers
to put on the back of your car
If you're going to be driving in Japan
so I wouldn't be too worried
because people know I'm dangerous
But I didn't really drive still
because I don't want to kill my friends
nor the nice and polite Japanese pedestrians
(some Japanese terms about being polite?)
And that's the end of my story
I hope you enjoyed it
Also, I want to give thanks to my friends
who drove me around all the time
and the list goes on and on and on and on
When did you go? I don't remember making plans
Hey, this is our first video. We worked really hard on it
So I hope you'll enjoy it
I think this would be a good chance
if you want to be my first few subscribers
since I don't really have any yet
I didn't really know what I was doing a lot of times
but we did it anyway
I'm pretty sure that the next one is gonna be better
because it can't be worse
So please turn on the notification button (the bell thingy)
so we'll be able to see each other again
I thought I can't animate
but this was a lot harder than I thought
Hey leave a comment and let me know
what do you think?
Okay. Bye
(the end)


身為一個開車白癡,開車上路真的是我的噩夢! (動畫版) (The worst driver ever! I hate driving animated!)

835 分類 收藏
Amy.Lin 發佈於 2019 年 5 月 9 日
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