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Keeney whores you're so hot right now
But no like this is Keeley Hawes time, it's well. Hey well, I mean, yeah, I don't really know what you know, I know
It's a weird thing with none of those things happen. Wait 43. That's a bit weird
Yeah, and you've been in this, you know business for 200 years and suddenly you're hot. It's um
No, it's an interesting one but Bodyguard took off in a way that I think no one expected
It was completely insane and people are always saying to me. What what was it? You know that create
What's the recipe for that sort of success? Well, if I knew so good or bad? It's read ibly good
I mean I made up way too late
Big deal
Just to say I haven't I haven't seen it yet, so can you not talk about it?
You won't believe what so pleased about it
It's being it's all in America now, yes, is that what you do you see it in America? Yes. Yeah. You see a bill
No, I haven't. I'm like mad. I'm okay don't want to hear a lot about it. Yeah
People are watching America as she's really dead
Doesn't doesn't come back
Didn't you think she was going to come back alive well, wait a minute
That's a complete red herring that doesn't exist what he just said no no no
They're gonna get really confused now Sally
She's dead
If you had this problem but Bernie American viewers have some confusion over Richard Madden's character and his relationship with you
Yes, because of his fabulous Scottish accent and whenever he calls me, Mom
Because I'm his boss. He said he actually calls me mum
That's a big part with no one talking about
Someone I do know who did this but someone's done a compilation of him saying mom
Mom yes moans. Thanks mom
He did say to me, you know
We've done a few scenes and lots of dialogue has playing the Home Secretary lots of chats and and occasionally he would reply with
Yes moment
And he said I think I say mom a bit too much
73 times in Episode one
But no, I love the way he says mom
She's dead


英國脫口秀 (THIS Bodyguard line had Keeley Hawes in hysterics - BBC)

2023 分類 收藏
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