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  • CARL AZUZ: On this last day of April,

    關於這個 4月的最後一天。

  • we thank you for taking 10 for "CNN 10."

    我們感謝你 以10為 "CNN 10"。

  • I'm Carl Azuz at the CNN Center.


  • Our first story.


  • In a part of Africa that's still reeling from a cyclone that

    在非洲的一個地區,仍然 颶風肆虐

  • made landfall in March, government officials

    在3月份登陸。 政府官員

  • are now getting an idea of the destruction

    現在得到了一個 毀滅的想法

  • by a second major storm.


  • This one was named Cyclone Kenneth.

    這個名字叫 肯尼斯旋風。

  • It hit Mozambique late last week.

    它擊中了莫三鼻克 上週晚些時候。

  • At that time, its wind speeds were 140 miles per hour.

    當時,其風速 是每小時140英里。

  • That's the equivalent of a Category 4 hurricane out of 5,

    這相當於一個 4級颶風,5級。

  • but Kenneth was the most powerful

    但肯尼斯是 最強大

  • storm ever to hit Mozambique.


  • The nation's government says almost 3,400 homes

    國家政府 說,近3400家

  • have been destroyed, and more than 18,000 people

    已被摧毀,而且 一萬八千多人

  • are displaced.


  • At least 38 people died.


  • One uniquely destructive thing about Cyclone Kenneth,

    一個獨特的破壞性 關於肯尼斯旋風的事情。

  • it's slow.


  • When a hurricane, or cyclone, doesn't pass over an area

    當颶風,或氣旋。 不經過的區域

  • quickly, it can drop even more rain than it normally would,

    速降 比正常情況下的雨量。

  • and that can make flooding even worse.

    而這可以使 水災更嚴重。

  • Over the course of this week, forecasters expect

    在此過程中 周,預測者預計

  • up to 20 inches of more rain.


  • Save the Children, an international aid group,

    拯救兒童組織,一個 國際援助集團:

  • says survivors in areas of heavy damage

    倖存者說,在 重災區

  • need food, water, and shelter urgently.

    需要食物,水。 和緊急避難所。

  • But workers haven't been able to get to some areas

    但工人們還沒有 夠得著

  • because rivers have flooded and covered roads.

    因為河流有 淹沒和覆蓋的道路。

  • Cyclone Kenneth killed four people

    肯尼思旋風 四人死亡

  • on the island nation of Comoros, which is about 100 miles east

    在科摩羅島國。 東百里

  • off the coast of Mozambique.


  • The Mozambican island of Ibo looks

    莫三鼻克人 伊波島

  • like it took a direct hit.


  • Mozambique is not a wealthy country.

    莫三鼻克不是 一個富裕的國家。

  • More than 46% of its population is estimated

    其46%以上的 人口估計

  • to live in poverty, and natural disasters like this

    貧窮的生活,以及 這樣的天災

  • are part of the reason.


  • ELENI GIOKOS: Two major cyclones to hit

    ELENI GIOKOS:兩個 大氣旋

  • Mozambique in just a matter of weeks, it's unprecedented.

    莫三鼻克在短短的時間內 的周,這是前所未有的。

  • And of course, as the country tries

    當然,作為 國家試圖

  • to recover from the devastating impact of Cyclone Idai,

    亡羊補牢 伊代旋風的影響。

  • another stronger storm hits the northern parts of Mozambique.

    風雨欲來 莫三鼻克北部地區。

  • Cyclone Kenneth hit the country in the early hours of Friday

    肯尼斯旋風襲擊該國 週五凌晨

  • morning, and Mozambicans woke up to strong winds

    上午,莫三鼻克人 風起雲湧

  • and heavy rainfall.


  • But two major cities that are very densely populated

    但兩個主要城市, 人煙稠密

  • in the northern parts of Mozambique

    在北方 莫三鼻克部分地區

  • were not as severely impacted.


  • The eyewitness accounts and, of course, businesses

    目擊者的陳述 當然,企業

  • that we spoke to say that it wasn't as bad as they feared,

    我們與之交談的人說,它 並不像他們擔心的那樣糟糕。

  • and it's basically business as usual.

    基本上 照常營業。

  • But it's 80 kilometers north of Pemba

    但這是80公里的路程 奔巴以北

  • where the catastrophe did occur on the island of Ibo.

    禍起蕭牆 發生在伊波島。

  • According to a resort manager there, 90% of the homes

    據一位度假村經理說 在那裡,90%的家庭

  • were totally destroyed on the island.

    被徹底摧毀 在島上。

  • And it seems that that is where the eye of the storm

    而這似乎是 風口浪尖

  • passed through.


  • Now, remember that this part of Mozambique

    現在,記住 該地區

  • isn't as densely populated as the rest of the country.

    地廣人稀 作為全國其他地區。

  • It's also very remote.


  • We're talking about villages that are not easily accessible.

    我們說的是村莊 不易獲得的。

  • CARL AZUZ: 10-second trivia.


  • Which of these countries borders the sea of Okhotsk?

    其中哪些國家 與鄂霍次克海接壤?

  • China, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, or Japan?

    中國、哈薩克斯坦。 烏克蘭,還是日本?



  • This body of water is surrounded mostly by Russia,

    這片水體是 主要被俄羅斯包圍。

  • but is also bordered by Northern Japan.

    但也邊 由北日本。



  • Emperor Akihito was the first Japanese royal

    明仁天皇是 元老級

  • to marry a commoner.


  • He was the first Japanese emperor to visit China,

    他是第一個日本人 皇帝訪華。

  • Thailand, and the Philippines.


  • And today, he becomes Japan's first royal in 200 years

    而今天,他成為日本的 兩百年來的第一任皇帝

  • to abdicate to give up his throne.

    歸順 放棄他的寶座。

  • The role of Emperor is symbolic in Japan.

    皇帝的作用 在日本是象徵性的。

  • The decision-making power lies in the hands

    決策 大權在握

  • of its elected politicians.


  • But as that symbol of national unity,

    但由於這個符號 的民族團結。

  • Emperor Akihito has been popular,

    明仁天皇 一直很受歡迎。

  • and many Japanese are sad to see him step down.

    而很多日本人都 傷心地看到他下臺。

  • In a rare televised address in 2016,

    在一次罕見的電視直播中 2016年的地址。

  • the Emperor said he was worried that his age and fitness

    皇上說他很擔心 老當益壯

  • level would make it harder for him to carry out his duties

    級別會使 他履行職責

  • as he had until then.


  • The next year, Japan's parliament

    第二年。 日本國會

  • passed the law that allowed him to abdicate if he wanted to.

    通過法律,允許他 如果他想退位的話,可以退位。

  • And on Wednesday, his son, Crown Prince Naruhito

    而在週三,他的 鳴仁皇子

  • will become the 126th Emperor to ascend to Japan's Chrysanthemum

    將成為第126位皇帝 登上日本的 "菊花

  • Throne, the name given to both the Emperor's position

    王座 皇位

  • and to his seat used during the coronation ceremony.

    和他的座位上使用 加冕儀式;

  • WILL RIPLEY: Crown Prince Naruhito

    威爾-裡普利:皇冠 鳴仁親王

  • inherits the Chrysanthemum Throne at a time

    繼承菊花 一次上位

  • of transition for Japan.


  • Once the region's economic powerhouse,

    一旦該地區的 經濟強國。

  • today, the Japanese economy is struggling,

    今天,日本人 經濟在掙扎。

  • the population aging, and the workforce shrinking.

    人口老化,以及 勞動力萎縮;

  • The royal family is also shrinking.

    王室 也在萎縮。

  • Women are leaving and giving up their official duties.

    婦女正在離開和付出 擔任他們的公職。

  • The law says if a woman marries anyone outside

    法律規定,如果一個女人 嫁人

  • of her own 18-member imperial family,

    她自己的18名成員中 皇室。

  • she automatically becomes a commoner.

    她自動 變成了一個普通人。

  • A man keeps his royal status for life.

    一個人保持他的皇家 終身地位。

  • As each princess marries and becomes a commoner,

    隨著每個公主的出嫁 併成為一個普通人。

  • the royal family keeps shrinking,

    皇室 不斷縮小。

  • fewer people to fulfill all the responsibilities.

    少人問津 所有的責任。



  • INTERPRETER: You're exactly right,

    你是... 完全正確。

  • and I believe that a certain number of imperial family

    而我相信,某種 宗室

  • members are needed, as the number

    需要成員。 為數

  • has been decreasing rapidly.


  • WILL RIPLEY: Japan used to have many noble families,

    WILL RIPLEY:日本曾經 有很多貴族家庭。

  • but after the war, just one.


  • Now, they're the royal equivalent

    現在,他們是 皇室成員

  • of an endangered species.


  • Japan also used to allow women to sit

    日本也曾 讓女人坐

  • on the Chrysanthemum Throne, but that was centuries ago.

    在菊花寶座上。 但那是幾百年前的事了。

  • Today, it's a different story.


  • The crown prince and princess only have one child,

    王子和 公主只有一個孩子。

  • 17-year-old Princess Aiko.


  • Under current law, she cannot ascend to the throne so her

    根據現行法律,她不能 登基

  • cousin, 12-year-old Prince Hisahito, will be second

    堂弟,12歲的王子 久仁,將是第二個

  • in line after the abdication.


  • Conservative commentator and imperial author

    保守派評論員 御史

  • Tsuneyasu Takeda argues against women reigning again.

    武田恆安認為 反對婦女再次統治。

  • The reason?


  • Preserving the male bloodline of the world's oldest

    保存男性血統 世界上最古老的

  • continuous hereditary monarchy.


  • Why is it necessary for the emperor to be a male?

    為什麼需要 皇帝要當男的?



  • INTERPRETER: First, it's essential to know

    第一: 須知

  • why the emperor is an emperor.


  • I think it's very important that an emperor, historically, is

    我認為非常重要的是 皇帝,在歷史上,就是

  • of the principle of pedigree.


  • WILL RIPLEY: But does that mindset put the whole existence

    WILL RIPLEY:但這是否 思維定勢

  • of the royal family at risk?


  • I mean, what if there isn't a male heir?

    我的意思是,如果有 難道不是男性繼承人?

  • What if a male isn't born?


  • Then what?




  • INTERPRETER: This male-line succession has been in effect

    這個男線 繼承權

  • for more than 2,000 years.


  • There were some periods when succession became difficult,

    有一些時期 繼承變得困難。

  • but historically, they solved the problem

    但在歷史上,他們 解決了問題

  • not by putting a daughter or sister of the emperor

    不是把女兒 御姐

  • on the throne, but by bringing in someone

    在位時,卻被 請人

  • who had the male line pedigree, even

    男的 一脈相承

  • if he was a distant relative.


  • WILL RIPLEY: But can the Japanese public

    但可以 日本民眾

  • continue to accept an imperial family perceived by some

    承天承運 世家

  • as outdated, out of touch?




  • The Japanese government will soon discuss whether succession

    日本政府將 接不接班

  • law needs to change.


  • Some argue if it doesn't, the imperial family

    有人認為,如果沒有。 皇室

  • faces an uncertain future.




  • CARL AZUZ: When someone is set to receive an organ transplant,

    當一個人被安排好了... 接受器官移植。

  • doctors have only a matter of hours to get

    醫生只有 幾小時就能搞定

  • the organ to the recipient.


  • Kidneys, lungs, and liver simply don't survive very

    腎、肺、肝 苟延殘喘

  • long when being transferred.


  • Many human organs are transported on airplanes,

    許多人體器官是 用飛機運輸。

  • but some researchers are testing out drones as a way

    但一些研究人員 測試無人機作為一種

  • to speed up the process.


  • There are a number of obstacles to doing this.

    有一些 障礙,這樣做。

  • For one thing, the most recent test, which was successful,

    首先,最近的 測試,成功。

  • only covered a couple miles.


  • Experts say drones would need engines,

    專家表示,無人機 將需要發動機。

  • not batteries, in order to carry an organ cross-country.

    而不是電池,以 攜帶風琴越野。

  • Drone technology is still relatively new.

    無人機技術是 還比較新。

  • There are concerns about how reliable it is.

    有人擔心 它是多麼可靠。

  • And the Federal Aviation Administration still has

    而聯邦航空 行政部門仍有

  • strict rules concerning drones.


  • Also, some wouldn't be able to lift the machines that keep

    而且,有些人也不會 抬起機器,保持

  • organs functioning, and special coolers

    器官運作。 和特殊冷卻器

  • will have to be developed to safely transport them.

    將不得不發展 以安全運輸它們。

  • Still, the technology could save lives.

    不過,該技術 可以挽救生命。

  • NATASHA CHEN: From West Baltimore,

    NATASHA CHEN:從 西巴爾的摩。

  • a drone carrying a human organ launches.

    無人機 人體器官發射。

  • It lands 2.8 miles away at the University

    它降落在2.8英里處 在大學裡

  • of Maryland Medical Center.


  • - Confirming homos active.

    - 確認同性戀者活躍。

  • Temperature's appropriate.


  • Organ doesn't appear to be injured at all.

    器官沒有出現 以至於根本就沒有受傷。

  • NATASHA CHEN: The kidney is then successfully

    陳娜莎:腎臟 然後成功地

  • transplanted into a patient, saving her life.

    移栽 病人,救了她的命。

  • The first-of-its-kind voyage has the potential to revolutionize

    首創性的航行已經 革命的潛力

  • the organ transplant process.


  • - This will have a direct impact on improving patient outcomes

    - 這將直接影響到 改善病人的治療效果

  • where time is critical.


  • NATASHA CHEN: When performing an organ transplant,

    陳娜莎:在表演時 器官移植。

  • figuring out how to get it to the recipient

    想辦法 送達

  • quickly is often the most complicated part.

    往往是 最複雜的部分。

  • Any delays can destroy the organ's viability.

    任何延誤都會破壞 機關的生存能力。

  • - The system is broken and it needs to be fixed.

    - 這個系統已經壞了 而它需要被修復。

  • It takes too long, it is unsafe, and it is way too expensive.

    時間太長,不安全。 而且它太貴了。

  • NATASHA CHEN: The new technology has

    陳娜塔莎: 新技術已經

  • the potential to make it cheaper,

    有可能 讓它更便宜。

  • faster, and more reliable.


  • It could also widen the donor organ pool

    它還可以擴大 捐獻器官庫

  • and improve access for people in rural communities.

    和改善人們的獲得感 農村社區的人;

  • The University of Maryland is now working with three organ

    馬里蘭大學是 現與三個機關合作

  • procurement organizations across the country

    採購組織 全國各地

  • to slowly begin implementing drone use.

    緩緩 實施無人機使用。

  • I'm Natasha Chen reporting.


  • - All right.

    - 好吧,我知道了

  • Over to you, doctor.




  • CARL AZUZ: Yoga with baby goats, 10 out of 10.

    CARL AZUZ: 瑜伽與 小山羊,10分滿分。

  • A person who took part in this said

    一個人 本說

  • she figured it'd be, quote, "yoga with goats

    她認為這將是。 引用 "與山羊一起做瑜伽

  • running around," and that's pretty much what

    奔波",以及 大致如此

  • it was at this event in Kansas.


  • Now, the animals do tend to get in the way,

    現在,動物們做 往往會礙手礙腳。

  • and that's all part of the fun.


  • And the farm representative says your hair

    而農場代表 說你的頭髮

  • and clothes are at risk of getting a serious nibble.

    和衣服都有可能被 得到一個嚴重的啃噬。

  • But if you don't mind a downward-facing goat with

    但如果你不介意的話 俯視羊

  • your Downward Facing Dog, then you'll probably

    你的朝下 狗,那麼你可能會

  • want to "nama-stay" for more.

    想 "納摩-停留 "更多。

  • You'll sub breathing for bleeding, posture for pasture,

    你要用呼吸來代替 流血,姿態放牧。

  • agility for futility.


  • If this very idea gets your goat and you

    如果這個想法 羊入虎口

  • feel like you got a bad workout, hey, at least

    心有餘悸 鍛鍊,嘿,至少

  • you'll have a scapegoat.


  • I'm Carl Azuz for "CNN 10."

    我是 "CNN10 "的卡爾-阿蘇茲。






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