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  • CARL AZUZ: Hi, I'm Carl Azuz for CNN 10.

    嗨,我是... Carl Azuz為CNN 10。

  • Welcome to everyone watching worldwide.

    歡迎大家的到來 全世界都在看。

  • It's great to see you this Monday.

    很高興看到 你這個星期一。

  • The month of April is drawing to a close,

    四月份是 臨近尾聲。

  • and this Friday, the first Friday

    和本週五。 第一個星期五

  • of the new month, the US government's latest jobs report

    新月,美國 最新就業報告

  • is due out.


  • It'll look at economic indicators

    它會看 經濟指標

  • like the unemployment rate, the percentage

    像失業 率、百分比

  • of the American workforce that doesn't have a job.

    美國勞動力的比例 沒有工作的。

  • For the past two months, it's been

    在過去的兩年裡 幾個月來,它已經

  • at 3.8% percent, considered a very low rate and a good sign

    為3.8%,被認為是 極低率和好兆頭

  • for the economy.


  • The report monitors whether wages are growing

    報告監測 工資是否增長

  • and by how much.


  • Wage growth can be a good sign.


  • And it'll examine the number of jobs that were

    它將檢查 的工作數量

  • added to the economy in April.


  • That statistic has been a roller coaster this year.

    這個數據一直是一個 今年的雲霄飛車。

  • Hiring boomed in January with more than 300,000 jobs added.

    1月份的招聘熱潮與 增加30多萬個工作崗位。

  • The number dropped dramatically in February

    數字下降 2月急劇

  • with less than 35,000 added, and it bounced back in March

    與新增的不到35000人。 並在3月反彈

  • with just under 200,000 new jobs.

    以低於 新增20萬個工作崗位。

  • Predicting what the economy will do, how much it'll grow,

    預測經濟狀況 會做什麼,會增長多少。

  • is done by looking at information like this

    是通過觀察 這樣的資訊

  • and by reading the trends in the US stock market.

    並通過閱讀趨勢 在美國股市。

  • Christine Romans from CNN Money explores

    Christine Romans,來自 CNN理財網探討

  • how it continues to rise and what could slow

    如何繼續 漲幅和什麼能減緩

  • that down in the months ahead.


  • CHRISTINE ROMANS: Resilience is still the word in stocks.

    CHRISTINE ROMANS:復原力 仍然是股票中的詞。

  • After one of the best first quarters in years,

    經過一個最好的 年來的第一個季度。

  • April brings the major US averages close to record highs.

    4月,美國主要 均線接近歷史高點。

  • This year, the NASDAQ is up more than 20%, the S&P 500 up 16%,

    今年,納斯達克指數漲幅較大 超過20%,標普500指數上漲16%。

  • the Dow up 13%.


  • The Dow is now up more than 40% since the election.

    道瓊斯指數目前漲幅超過 40%,因為選舉。

  • Now so far, the beginning of earnings season

    到目前為止,開始 盈利季節

  • hasn't changed this narrative.


  • Yes, profit growth is expected to turn

    是,利潤增長 預計將變成

  • negative in the first quarter.


  • But guess what?


  • Investors largely saw that coming.

    投資者主要 早就料到了

  • The US economy is growing, and the job market is strong.

    美國經濟在增長。 和就業市場的強勁。

  • Wages are beginning to pick up, but overall inflation is low.

    工資開始回升。 但整體通脹率較低。

  • There's enough confidence in the markets

    足夠了 市場信心

  • and the economy to bring a wave of tech start-ups

    和經濟帶來的影響 科技創業潮

  • public, the so-called unicorn parade of IPOs.

    公家,所謂 IPO的獨角獸大遊行。

  • 10 years into an economic expansion and JPMorgan Chase

    10年的經濟 擴張和摩根大通

  • CEO Jamie Dimon told shareholders the expansion

    首席執行官傑米-戴蒙告訴 股東的擴張

  • could run for years more.


  • What could go wrong?


  • Well, plenty.


  • The early benefits of new tax laws in the US

    早期的好處 美國新稅法

  • are beginning to fade.


  • Rising gas prices could bite consumers.

    汽油價格上漲 可以咬住消費者。

  • Oil prices are up 35% this year, and the average

    油價上漲35% 今年,平均

  • price of gas in the US jumped almost $0.10 in a recent week.

    美國汽油價格上漲 最近一週,幾乎0.10美元。

  • America's trade wars are ongoing and trade talks unfinished.

    美國的貿易戰正在進行 和貿易談判未完成。

  • Beware a breakdown in trade talks with China

    謹防出現故障 對華貿易談判

  • or a worsening trade situation between the US

    或貿易惡化 中美關係

  • and its largest trading partner, the European Union.

    及其最大的貿易 歐洲聯盟這個夥伴。

  • President Trump has until May to decide

    特朗普總統已經 直到5月才決定

  • whether to slap tariffs up to 25% on European car imports.

    是否將關稅提高到 25%的歐洲進口汽車。

  • Any of these factors could make the historic stock market

    這些因素中的任何一個都可能 創歷史新高

  • run a lot more vulnerable.


  • - 10 second trivia.

    - 10秒鐘的小事。

  • According to the Pew Research Center, 77% of Americans

    根據皮尤研究報告 中心,77%的美國人

  • have what?


  • Is it a smartphone, landline, dog, or passport?

    是智能手機。 固定電話,狗,還是護照?

  • Smartphones are the answer here, and cell phones in general

    智能手機是答案 在這裡,和一般的手機

  • are owned by 95% of Americans.


  • CARL AZUZ: A debate is raging over kids and screen time--

    卡爾-阿蘇:一場辯論正在激烈進行中 在孩子和螢幕時間-

  • how much of the day they should spend in front

    他們一天中的多少時間 臨門一腳

  • of TVs, smartphones, tablets.


  • The World Health Organization recently

    世界衛生組織 最近組織

  • released guidelines on this.


  • It says for young kids, screen time

    它說,對於年輕人 孩子, 螢幕時間

  • needs to be limited to an hour a day or less.

    需要限制在 每天一小時或更少。

  • That's similar to a recommendation by the

    這類似於一個 委員會的建議

  • American Academy of Pediatrics.


  • Experts say too much screen time early in life

    專家說的太多 早熟

  • is associated with delays in language skills,

    與延遲有關 在語言能力方面。

  • social skills, even the brain's ability to think.

    社交能力,甚至 大腦的思維能力。

  • But there are other studies that suggest limited screen

    但也有其他研究 暗示有限的螢幕

  • time, especially with educational apps or programs,

    時間,特別是與 教育應用程序或程序。

  • can encourage creativity and sometimes

    可以鼓勵 創作,有時

  • problem-solving skills.


  • So the research is mixed.


  • In some classrooms for older kids,

    在一些教室裡 對於大孩子來說。

  • administrators have found a place

    管理員 安身立命

  • for artificial intelligence.


  • What's not known is whether this could be a substitute

    不知道的是,是否 此可代替

  • for old-school education.


  • - A timeless scene that has been played out

    - 永恆的一幕 歷歷在目

  • in schools around the world for centuries--

    在各地學校 幾百年來,世界上...

  • young students enjoying their break between lessons.

    青年學生享受 其課間休息時間。

  • But back in the classroom of this school in Abu Dhabi,

    但回到教室裡 阿布扎比的這所學校。

  • a transformation is happening.


  • - In this lesson, you learn to solve equations

    - 在本課中,你將 學解方程

  • with rational coefficients.


  • - Whiteboards, markers, and books

    - 白板。 記號筆和書籍

  • have been replaced with interactive calendars,

    已被替換為 互動式日曆。

  • digital avatars, and laptops.


  • - Let's solve this equation together.

    - 我們來解決這個問題 等式一起。

  • - 14-year-old Maria Mohammed is just one of 25,000 students

    - 14歲的Maria Mohammed 只是25,000名學生中的一員

  • in the UAE and the US being taught through

    在阿聯酋和美國 受教

  • the Alef Education platform.


  • MARIA MOHAMMED: When we was using books,

    當 我們是用書。

  • it was like, so boring.


  • So it's nice to use new technology in learning

    所以用新的 學習技術

  • not in a traditional way.


  • - Founded in Abu Dhabi in 2015, the online program

    - 年在阿布扎比成立。 2015年,在線計劃

  • is using technology to disrupt traditional education

    正在利用技術 顛覆傳統教育

  • in the classroom.


  • Children are encouraged to create their own avatar,

    鼓勵兒童 創建自己的頭像。

  • and through the use of videos, animation,

    並通過使用 的視頻、動畫。

  • digital content, and questions along the way,

    數字內容,以及 一路走來的問題。

  • the Alef platform aids learning.


  • At its headquarters in Abu Dhabi in a secured control room,

    在阿布總部 扎比的安全控制室裡。

  • analysts use artificial intelligence

    分析師使用 人工智能

  • to make sense of the reams of information coming in.

    成堆 的資訊來。

  • - So we capture millions of data points on a daily basis.

    - 所以,我們捕捉到了數以百萬計的 每天的數據點。

  • A human could not process that many data points.

    人類無法處理 那麼多數據點。

  • - The premise is simple.

    - 前提很簡單。

  • If a pupil struggles with a concept,

    如果一個學生有困難 與概念。

  • the system adapts and presents the lesson again in a form more

    系統適應並呈現 重溫課文,以更

  • tailored to the student.


  • The result is reframing the future of education.

    其結果是重新定位 教育的未來。

  • - Wouldn't it be great if you could look at artificial

    - 如果 你可以看看人工

  • intelligence and data to drive kids into the right careers,

    智慧和數據來推動 孩子們進入正確的職業。

  • into the right choices, post-secondary education?

    成正確的選擇。 中學後教育?

  • - When it comes to adopting AI technology,

    - 說到 採用人工智能技術。

  • the United Arab Emirates is one country leading the way.

    阿拉伯聯合酋長國是 一個國家帶頭。

  • But with artificial intelligence expected

    但是有了人工 智商

  • to generate $96 billion dollars towards the economy by 2030,

    將產生960億美元 到2030年,對經濟。

  • some are worried that this technology comes at a cost,

    有人擔心,這 技術是有代價的。

  • with a growing debate over whether the benefits outweigh

    爭論日趨激烈 是否得不償失

  • increased screen time for children

    擴屏 孩子的時間

  • or potential privacy concerns.


  • CARL AZUZ: US Centers for Disease Control

    CARL AZUZ:美國中心 疾病控制中心

  • estimates that 1 in 59 children in America

    據估計,1/3的人 美國59名兒童

  • has been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.

    已被診斷為 自閉症譜系障礙;

  • It can involve problems communicating,

    它可能涉及 溝通的問題。

  • bonding emotionally, or repeating the same behaviors.

    情感紐帶 重複同樣的行為。

  • Dr. Wendy Ross was named a CNN Hero in 2014

    溫迪-羅斯博士是 CNN英雄

  • for her work to help children on the spectrum

    為幫助她的工作 譜系兒童

  • take part in everyday activities.

    參加 日常活動。

  • Now she is helping the medical industry

    現在她在幫助 醫療界

  • better understand patients with autism spectrum disorder.

    更好地瞭解病人 患有自閉症譜系障礙。



  • - Hi, good to see you, Dr. Ross.

    - 嗨,很高興見到你,羅斯博士。

  • WENDY ROSS: How are you?


  • Hi, Alex.


  • WENDY ROSS (VOICEOVER): Patients coming


  • in on the spectrum may have a more

    在光譜上 可能有更

  • difficult time communicating.


  • Those with autism also have heart attacks or cancer,

    自閉症患者也有 心臟病發作或癌症。

  • and without doctors that can understand how

    而沒有醫生 能理解

  • to interact with them, they're not going

    來與他們互動。 他們不會

  • to get appropriate health care.


  • WENDY ROSS: Alex, I know you've been using the letter board.

    亞歷克斯,我知道你已經... 一直使用信板。

  • But can you tell me, what was it like

    但你能告訴我 我,那是什麼樣子

  • to be unable to communicate for so long?

    不得 溝通了這麼久?

  • WENDY ROSS (VOICEOVER): My patient, Alex Lepap,

    WENDY ROSS(VOICEOVER): 我的病人,亞歷克斯Lepap。

  • despite being nonverbal, actually has

    雖是 非語言的,其實有

  • an IQ that is very, very high.


  • INTERPRETER: It was frustrating.


  • I had some tough days.


  • But the first time I spelled openly,

    但第一次 我敞開心扉地拼了。

  • I knew my life had changed forever.

    我知道我的生命已經 徹底改變了。

  • Done.


  • WENDY ROSS (VOICEOVER): You never want to underestimate


  • somebody's ability.


  • But then again, doctors need to understand, for someone

    但話說回來,醫生需要 為人

  • on the autism spectrum who doesn't often

    自閉症患者 不常

  • look at faces, that pain scale?


  • That's not really a good way of monitoring their pain.

    這不是一個好辦法 監測其疼痛的。

  • Some of the accommodations that our program provides

    一些住宿設施 我們的計劃提供

  • are noise-canceling headphones, things like fidgets

    是降噪的 耳機,像坐立不安的東西

  • to help reduce their anxiety.


  • We are really providing autism-friendly health care.

    我們真正提供的是 自閉症友好型保健;

  • WENDY ROSS: What would you like to tell other people about you

    你想要什麼? 告訴別人你的事

  • and other people on the spectrum?

    等人 在光譜上?

  • INTERPRETER: We are so thirsty to learn, period.

    我們是如此 渴求學習,期。

  • Our brains are like sponges.


  • WENDY ROSS (VOICEOVER): Alex has a lot to say,

    WENDY ROSS(VOICEOVER): 亞歷克斯有很多話要說。

  • and so he's really become a huge part of our program

    所以他真的成了 我們計劃的一個重要部分

  • in terms of consultation on making things autism friendly.

    在諮詢方面 讓自閉症的事情變得友好。

  • WENDY ROSS: What was the moment like when

    溫迪-羅斯:什麼是 當下

  • you realized that other people could understand you?

    你意識到,其他 人們能理解你嗎?

  • INTERPRETER: It was like the Eagles winning the Super Bowl.

    這就像... 老鷹隊贏得超級碗。

  • WENDY ROSS (VOICEOVER): We want those


  • on the spectrum to exceed everyone's expectations,

    頻譜上超過 大家的期待。

  • including their own.


  • And we would like to exceed everyone's expectations

    而我們希望超越 眾望所歸

  • in the care that we deliver.




  • CARL AZUZ: A lot of kids with dogs

    很多 帶狗的孩子

  • know the animals only wish they could ride the school bus.

    知恩圖報 他們可以坐校車。

  • Now they can.


  • A man in Portland, Oregon offers a service that

    俄勒岡州波特蘭市的一名男子 提供以下服務

  • picks up pups in a custom van.


  • He takes them to a large, fenced-in pasture that's

    他把他們帶到一個大。 柵欄式牧場

  • like this giant dog park for the day

    像這隻大狗 泊車

  • so they can run, play, and be dogs.

    這樣他們就可以跑了。 玩,做狗。

  • And then he takes them back home.

    然後他把 他們回家。

  • One difference between this and school recess,

    之間的一個區別 這和學校的課間休息。

  • though-- sometimes, kids are allowed to join

    雖然... 有時。 孩子們可以參加

  • the animals on a play date.


  • So in this case, the kids and the van have gone to the dogs.

    所以在這種情況下,孩子們和 貨車都去了狗。

  • Wonder if the animals hound or Pug their owners

    不知道動物們是否 巴哥犬

  • about this, barking about how they like staying home Mastiff

    關於這一點,叫囂著如何 他們喜歡呆在家裡的獒犬

  • the time but love their Newfoundland of recess

    時而愛其 紐芬蘭

  • and wish they could Schipperke over terrier more often

    並希望他們可以Schipperke 多於梗

  • Pinscher.


  • From time to time, they've gotta let out their Rott-wilder side.

    時不時地,他們得 發揮出他們羅特-威爾特的一面。

  • I'm Carl Azuz, dal-making a bark-load of puns for CNN.

    我是卡爾-阿祖茲,我是做飯的。 有線電視新聞網的雙關語。






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