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  • CARL AZUZ: As the summer travel season gets closer,

    隨著夏季的到來 旅遊季越來越近。

  • airfares could be climbing along with the planes themselves.

    機票價格可能會隨著 與飛機本身。

  • The likely reasons why are our first topic today on "CNN 10."

    可能的原因是我們的 今天的第一個話題是 "CNN 10"。

  • I'm Carl Azuz.


  • Welcome to the show.


  • The US economy is strong.


  • Unemployment is near a record low point,

    失業率接近 創歷史新低點。

  • so more people will be looking to travel this summer.

    所以更多的人將會 今年夏天想去旅遊。

  • Jet-fuel prices have increased, and

    噴氣燃料價格 增長,以及

  • they're expected to get higher.


  • That can limit the routes that airlines will want

    這可以限制路線 航空公司會希望

  • to take since some won't be as profitable,

    以來,一些 不會有那麼大的利潤。

  • and that can increase ticket prices.

    而這可以增加 票價。

  • And then there are issues with Boeing.

    還有 與波音公司的問題。

  • One of the world's biggest airplane manufacturers

    世界上最大的 飛機制造商

  • has had its best-selling passenger

    有過 暢銷書

  • jet grounded around the world.


  • 371 planes, all of them in Boeing 737 Max series,

    371架飛機,全部是 在波音737 Max系列。

  • were taken out of service last month.

    被抽出 上個月的服務。

  • That happened after two catastrophic crashes,

    那是在兩個人之後發生的 災難性的碰撞。

  • one near Indonesia in October and one in Ethiopia in March.

    10月在印度尼西亞附近舉行的一次會議 和3月在衣索匹亞的一次。

  • Everyone aboard those flights was killed.

    每個人都在那些船上 班機被殺。

  • Boeing's been working to improve the safety

    波音公司一直在努力 以提高安全係數

  • of its 737 Max series planes.

    其737 Max系列飛機的。

  • After they were grounded, the company

    在他們被 踏實,公司

  • had to temporarily stop delivering them to the airlines

    不得不暫時停止 交給航空公司

  • that ordered them.


  • That hurt Boeing significantly because most

    這傷害了波音公司 顯著,因為大多數

  • of the money for a plane is paid when it's actually delivered.

    購機款 當它的實際交付。

  • Those deliveries are expected to pick back up later this year

    預計這些交付量 今年下半年將重拾

  • when the 737 Max aircraft are approved to fly again.

    737 Max飛機時 被準許再次飛行。

  • The impact on Boeing's finances could

    對波音公司的影響 財政可能

  • become clearer on Wednesday when it releases

    明確 週三發佈時

  • its latest financial report.


  • The impact on Boeing's reputation

    影響 波音公司的聲譽

  • is harder to measure, and it's difficult to say

    是比較難測量的。 而難言

  • when either of these challenges will be overcome.

    當其中之一 挑戰將被克服。

  • RICHARD QUEST: Only weeks away from the start

    RICHARD QUEST:Only 數週後

  • of the summer travel season, and there's no end

    暑期旅遊 季節,沒有盡頭

  • in sight to Boeing's woes.


  • The entire fleet of 737 jets still grounded.

    整個機隊的737 噴氣式飛機仍舊接地。

  • In the US, American Airlines and Southwest

    在美國,美國 航空公司和西南地區

  • are canceling hundreds of flights through August.

    正在取消數百個 8月之前的班機。

  • DENNIS MUILENBERG: It's our responsibility


  • to eliminate this risk.


  • We own it, and we know how to do it.

    我們擁有它,我們 知道怎麼做。

  • RICHARD QUEST: Boeing said it would shrink monthly production

    RICHARD QUEST:波音公司說它 會縮減月產量

  • of all 737s by 20% while it works to deliver

    所有737飛機的20%,而 它的工作是為了實現

  • a software fix for the Max.


  • Last week, chief executive Dennis Muilenburg

    上週,首席執行官 Dennis Muilenburg

  • said that work was almost done.


  • DENNIS MUILENBERG: I had the opportunity


  • to participate in another demonstration flight

    參加另一 示威飛行

  • and saw firsthand this software in its final form

    並親眼目睹了這一切 定型軟件

  • operating as designed across a range of flight conditions.

    按設計操作 一系列的飛行條件。

  • RICHARD QUEST: The pressure from investors

    RICHARD QUEST:奎斯特: 投資者的壓力

  • is building upon Boeing.


  • Shares are down nearly 15% since the start of March.

    股價下跌近15% 自3月初以來,。

  • RICHARD ABOULAFIA: The company is


  • going to be extremely keen to get the existing fleet airborne

    好不容易 空降

  • and to get deliveries of the Max on the production line

    並獲得交付的 生產線上的最大值

  • under way.


  • RICHARD QUEST: The software fix is

    RICHARD QUEST:奎斯特: 軟件修復

  • just the start of the long road back for Boeing.

    才剛剛開始 波音公司的漫漫歸途。

  • RICHARD ABOULAFIA: You're looking at imminent resolution


  • in the next couple weeks.


  • What really matters though is getting

    真正重要的是 雖然是越來越

  • all the regulatory bodies out there on the world--

    各監管機構 在世界上 -

  • in the world comfortable with this fix

    天下太平 如此一來

  • and willing to implement it, and that could

    並願意執行 它,而這可能

  • take several additional months.


  • RICHARD QUEST: Wall Street believes

    RICHARD QUEST:牆 街道認為

  • even when the 737 Maxes are back in the air,

    即使在737最大 都是回天乏術。

  • Boeing still has a host of problems.

    波音公司仍然有一個 一系列的問題。

  • Bank of America downgraded the company,

    美國銀行 下調了公司的評級。

  • citing "the cost of penalties owed to customers,"

    以 "成本 "為由 欠客戶的罰款,"

  • "a weaker negotiating position with airlines,"

    "較弱的談判 與航空公司的立場,"

  • and "operational inefficiencies from the production

    和 "業務效率低下 "的問題 從生產

  • disruption."


  • Returning the fleet to service will

    遣返艦隊 服務將

  • be a hard sell for a public that's wary of Boeing's

    一言難盡 戒備著波音公司的

  • promises on safety.


  • RICHARD ABOULAFIA: I think there's


  • going to be an emphasis on, hey, is

    將要成為 重點是

  • there an across-the-board culture problem here?

    鋪天蓋地 這裡的文化問題?

  • RICHARD QUEST: This has been a crisis of confidence

    RICHARD QUEST:這已經 遭遇信任危機

  • in Boeing's planes and one that won't be solved

    在波音公司的飛機和 不了了之的問題

  • either cheaply or easily.


  • CARL AZUZ: 10-second trivia.


  • Named the longest-reigning monarch in British history--

    被評為在位時間最長的 英國曆史上的君主

  • Queen Elizabeth II, Queen Victoria, King

    伊麗莎白二世女王。 維多利亞女王、國王

  • George III, or King Henry VIII?


  • Queen Elizabeth II, the nation's current monarch,

    女王伊麗莎白二世 國家的現任君主。

  • has raised more than 67 years, the longest

    已籌集到超過 67年,是最長的

  • reign in British history.


  • The queen is planning to host US president Donald Trump

    女王正計劃舉辦 美國總統特朗普

  • for a state visit this spring.


  • The United States and United Kingdom, two close allies,

    美國和美國 王國,兩個親密盟友。

  • both made that announcement yesterday.

    兩者都做到了 昨天宣佈。

  • The event is scheduled for June 3 through 5.

    活動時間為 6月3日至5日。

  • The White House says it's an opportunity

    白宮說 是個機會

  • to reaffirm the steadfast relationship

    以重申 堅貞不渝

  • between the two countries.


  • British prime minister Theresa May

    英國首相 特雷莎-梅部長

  • said it would also be a chance to strengthen

    說,這也將是 強化

  • their cooperation in trade, investment,

    他們的合作 貿易、投資。

  • security, and defense.


  • A state visit is a very formal event.

    國事訪問是一種 非常正式的活動。

  • In Britain, it typically includes a horse

    在英國,它通常 包括一匹馬

  • parade and royal banquet.


  • Only two other US presidents have

    只有另外兩個美國 總統們

  • been invited to one since the queen

    應邀 自後

  • ascended to the throne in 1952.


  • She first sent the American leader

    她先是發了 美國領導人

  • an invitation two years ago.


  • The countries have been trying to work

    各國有 一直在努力

  • out the date since then.


  • According to the US Environmental Protection

    據美國 環境保護

  • Agency, more than 50% of the garbage

    機構,比 50%的垃圾

  • that Americans generate winds up in a landfill.

    美國人產生的 在垃圾填埋場中結束。

  • The good news is recycling and composting

    好消息是 回收和堆肥

  • rates in America have increased dramatically since the 1980s.

    在美國的比率已經增加 1980年代以來,急劇。

  • The EPA estimates that more than a third of the trash we produce

    環保局估計,超過 三分之一的垃圾

  • gets recycled or composted.


  • The bad news is there's still a lot of recyclable material

    壞消息是還有 大量的可回收材料

  • that's thrown away.


  • And what might be the unexpected news

    而什麼可能是 爆料

  • is that we've got to pay closer attention to what goes where.

    是,我們已經得到了更密切的關注 注意什麼去哪裡。

  • A lot of garbage that looks recyclable

    很多垃圾 看起來可以回收的

  • actually isn't, and it can cause problems for the facilities

    其實不是,它可以導致 設施的問題

  • that process it.


  • ALLISON CHINCHAR: If you were thinking about putting

    如果你 正在考慮把

  • that paper coffee cup into the recycling bin,

    紙杯 扔進回收箱。

  • you could be making the planet's waste problem even worse.

    你可能正在製造地球上的 浪費問題更加嚴重。

  • Some items that might seem ripe for recycling actually aren't.

    一些看似成熟的項目 用於回收其實並不。

  • It's called wish cycling, and it's a big problem

    這就是所謂的願望單車。 這是個大問題

  • for waste-management companies.


  • Why?


  • Well, recycling centers collect and sort items, then

    嗯,回收中心 拾遺補缺

  • bundle the matching materials into large bales

    捆綁 大包小包

  • to sell back to the companies that make new products out

    回售給公司 做出新產品的

  • of those materials.


  • If nonrecyclable trash ends up in those bales,

    如果是不可回收的垃圾 在這些包裡結束了。

  • they are considered contaminated,

    它們被認為 汙染。

  • and the entire bale is taken to the dump, wasting hundreds

    而整包被帶走 到垃圾場,浪費了數百

  • of pounds of quality material.


  • Some common contaminants are coffee

    一些常見的 汙染物是咖啡

  • cups, plastic bags, greasy pizza boxes, nonrecyclable plastics.

    杯子、塑膠袋、油膩的比薩餅。 箱子,不可回收的塑膠;

  • Pizza boxes can only be recycled if they are not soiled

    比薩盒只能是 循環使用

  • by grease or food residue.


  • Plastic bags are not accepted at curbside bins

    塑膠袋不是 在路邊垃圾箱接受

  • because they clog up the sorting machines.

    因為它們堵塞了 分揀機。

  • However, they can be returned to many grocery stores

    但是,它們可以被退回 到許多雜貨店

  • to be profitably recycled.


  • Remember to look for the recycling symbol on items

    記得尋找 物品上的回收標誌

  • and check your local guidelines online before trying

    並檢查你當地的 指南在線,然後再嘗試

  • to recycle something.


  • This is important because items like glass bottles, Styrofoam,

    這一點很重要,因為項目 如玻璃瓶、泡沫塑料。

  • and plastics grade three through seven

    和塑膠級 三至七

  • are not accepted at all recycling centers

    不接受 所有回收中心

  • and could become contaminants.


  • It's going to take us all a little bit of working together

    這將需要我們所有的 一小群

  • and making an earnest effort to help keep our planet

    並努力 以幫助保持我們的地球

  • healthy and beautiful.




  • CARL AZUZ: Today's 10 out of 10 segment

    今天的 10段中的10段

  • concerns the world's slowest mammal.

    關係到世界的 最慢的哺乳動物。

  • How slow is it?


  • Well, in an average day it only moves about 120 feet total.

    嗯,在一個普通的一天,它只 總共移動了大約120英尺。

  • It's asleep for most of the time,

    它的睡眠 大部分時間。

  • and it's hanging out all of the time.

    而它的懸掛 出所有的時間。

  • And since 1992, there's been a sanctuary in Costa Rica

    而從1992年開始,就有 庇護所

  • dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating

    專心救治 和康復

  • this slothful creature.




  • Well, hello, my sweet baby.


  • I'm Judy Avey-Arroyo.

    我是Judy Avey -Arroyo.

  • I am the founder of the Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica.

    我是 "懶人 "的創始人 哥斯達黎加保護區。

  • We rescue, rehabilitate, release, care for, research--

    我們救援,康復。 釋放、照顧、研究--

  • we do everything sloth.


  • Miss Buttercup.


  • Our main goal-- and this has always been our main goal--

    我們的主要目標是... 始終是我們的主要目標 --

  • is for research.


  • There's so much unknown about sloths.

    有這麼多 不知道懶人的情況。

  • That's what I love about them, that we're--

    這就是我喜歡的原因 關於他們,我們是 -

  • everything that we're discovering is new stuff.

    我們所做的一切 發現是新的東西。

  • The Sloth Sanctuary right now is caring for 214 sloths.

    懶惰保護區的權利 現在正在照顧214只懶蟲。

  • We have reintroduced over the years 152.

    我們已經重新引入了 多年來,152。

  • We have 16 babies in the NICU nursery.

    我們有16個寶寶 在新生兒重症監護室託兒所。

  • The rest are permanent residents.

    其餘的是 永久居民;

  • This is Stacy.


  • Now Stacy was brought by the firefighters.

    現在史黛西被帶到了 由消防員。

  • She had been burned by power lines,

    她被燒傷了 由電力線。

  • so she'll be a permanent resident.

    所以她會是一個 永久居民;

  • There are two completely different species of sloths.

    有兩個完全 不同種類的樹懶。

  • One is the Bradypus.


  • That is the three-fingered sloth,

    這就是 三指樹懶。

  • three fingers and three toes.


  • The other species of sloth is the Choleopus.

    其他物種的 懶惰是Choleopus。

  • He has three toes, two fingers.


  • But prehistorically, they're not related.

    但在史前。 他們是不相關的。

  • Sloths are energy efficient.


  • Sloths are not lazy.


  • Sloths have a very slow metabolism.

    懶人有一個非常 新陳代謝緩慢。

  • What they're eating today could take up to 30 days

    他們今天吃什麼 可能需要長達30天的時間

  • to get through their system.


  • This is Buttercup.


  • We call her the founder sloth.


  • She's the sloth that started all of this crazy adventure.

    她是懶惰的開始 所有這一切瘋狂的冒險。

  • I love sloths.


  • My wish, my hope, my dream is to lift the sloths out

    我的願望,我的希望,我的夢想 就是把懶人抬出來

  • of the darkness and let people know

    黑暗中 並讓人知道

  • them and appreciate them and love them, and it's happening.

    欣賞他們,並 愛他們,它的發生。

  • CARL AZUZ: So are they slothful or just thoughtful?

    他們也是 懶惰還是體貼?

  • Maybe they're just "philoslothic"?

    也許他們只是 "哲學家"?

  • "Slother" them with questions, but you'll

    "slother "他們與 問題,但你會

  • seldom see a sloth off topic.


  • Hanging out or hanging in, they're not

    掛出或掛出 在,他們不是

  • hung up when hanging around.


  • Their cause or claws or escape clause

    其原因或爪子 或免責條款

  • is when they drop down to the ground.

    是當他們下降 落到地上。

  • They're cut from different claws, the slow.

    它們是由... 不同的爪子,慢。

  • They "slother" sleep than threaten you.

    他們 "更慢 "的睡眠 而不是威脅你。

  • Three toes or two, outside or in a

    三個腳趾頭還是兩個。 外面

  • zoo, why would you eschew a baby sloth? (HUMMING) Doo doo do do?

    動物園,你為什麼要放棄一個嬰兒? 懶惰?哼)嘟嘟嘟嘟嘟?

  • I'm Carl Azuz for CNN.





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