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Hello, everyone. I'm George. Today let's talk about "How to haggle"
A lot of times when you go abroad, you want to visit their traditional market. You can see a
variety of local products there. They are very different from what you can find in
the department store. And also one of the reasons people like to go there is
because you can enjoy the fun of haggling over the price. So today we're
just going to talk about how to haggle over the price in English.
I've prepared five techniques that you can use and each technique I have two
example sentences that you might be able to use when you are bargaining. Maybe you've
used some of them already. Here we go. Group Number One. Appeal to the sellers'
sympathy. Sometimes when you really want to buy something, and you don't have a
lot of cash with you, or you probably are not willing to pay that much money. So,
what do you do? You tell the seller that you don't have that much money. You can't
afford it. So that the seller might feel sad for you. They might be more willing
to cut the price for you. And let's just take a look at the two example sentences.
Number One.
Here "make it work for me "means
give me a price so that I am able to pay for it. I can afford it.
You try to tell the seller that you don't make a lot of money. "Unemployed"
means you don't have a job. Maybe you just lost your job or maybe you just
couldn't find one, but you really need the product, and you're asking the seller
to be a nice person to give you a nice price, so you can pay for it.
And Number Two.
Sometimes it's not because of your job. It's because of your age for who you are. If
you are a student, you know you have to pay for the rent. You have to pay for
your daily necessity. Also, you have to pay for your tuition. There's a lot of
things that you need to pay for, but you really want to buy something from the
seller. So maybe if you tell them you're a student, you live on a budget, you don't
have a lot of money to spare, then they would be more willing to sell it to you.
And let's move on to Group Number Two. Have the seller offer a price.
Sometimes it's very difficult for you to decide at which price you're going to buy it, so
why not ask the seller to offer you a price. Maybe they can just give you a
discount. And let's just take a look at the two example sentences.
Number One.
You know if you go to a market, there's
probably not just one vendor or stalls that's selling the same product. You go
around, you look at the products, you really want it, and then you tell the
seller others stalls, they sell the same product and they're cheaper. So you can
just tell them if you want me to buy it from you, you have to offer me a better
price. This only works when you think the seller really wants to sell it to you.
Maybe they're going to get angry because of this. You're trying to tell the seller
I want to buy the product from you. I don't want to buy it from any other
places, so give me a price. And Number Two.
To adjust means to make small changes, and here of course means the change of the
price. You're just asking the seller I'm not going to argue with you. Just tell me
how much cheaper you can make it for me. You're trying to be more sincere by
telling the seller you're not trying to push. It's just that if you give me a
better price, I would definitely buy it from you. And let's just move on to Group
Number Three. Make it hasty. Hasty means hurry, fast. You want to
make sure to the seller that everything has to go fast. You don't give him a lot
of time to think. You offer the price. You talk about it. And take it or leave it.
Let's just take a look at the two example sentences. Number One.
You're telling the seller that you're willing
to buy it right away. He doesn't have to wait. The only thing he needs to do is to
nod and they can get the money from you. When you're doing this, you have to make
sure the price is reasonable. It cannot be something that is too ridiculous. When
you are sure about the price. Offer it and take it. And Number Two.
When you are sure that the seller wants to sell it to you, you tell them this. That means I'm
not going to be around. I will be away. So sell it to me right now or never. It's
kind of the "Now or Never" deal. So if the seller wants to wait, he cannot make the
money from you. And let's move on to Group Number Four. Ask for a package deal.
When you are buying products, you might see them come in different sizes or
different colors. If you are offering that you are buying them all, then they
will be more willing to give you a better price. Let's just take a look at
the example sentences. Number one.
You are tell the seller I'm willing to buy more as long as you give me a special prize. You can say "get
one free", you can say "get 25% off", you can offer your price at this time. So
that the seller is actually making more money because you're buying more. And
Number Two.
You're telling the seller this
is not the only time you're making the purchase from him.
So maybe if he gives
you a better price, you're gonna come back, or maybe you're going to bring back
some new customers for him. Isn't that a better deal for the seller. Try to tell
him that this is not going to be the only time that you're buying stuff from
the stand or from the stall. And you can easily nail it. And Group Number Five. Be
unreasonable. In this group we are talking about something that is probably
a little bit unreasonable. So it's not recommended that you always use this if
you don't mind people thinking that you are not the best customer they have, then
you can use this. But be careful. You might not be welcome again. Let's take a
look at the example sentences. Number One.
You're kind of telling the seller the price is the only
one I can accept, and I'm going to sit here, or I'm going to stand here for
the whole night, even if you don't want to sell it to me. I will be standing here.
It's not going to make you look good, but if the seller really wants to get rid of
you, and it's not a really bad price, then they would say yes to you. Or you might
end up sitting there all night. Number Two.
You're trying to find out something wrong about the product, and since
they're not perfect, the price should not be at full price. This kind of makes
sense, but some sellers don't want customers to point out what's wrong with
it, especially when there are other
customers around. They might think that the seller is not selling the best
product around the area. It won't be bringing the seller a good name, and it's
not making you look good. However, sometimes it'll work because if it is
really flawed, the seller probably wants to get rid of them
right away. These are the five techniques that I teach today that you can use when
you are bargaining or when you're haggling over the price at the market.
But remember. Always make sure, after you haggle, you have to buy them. Don't just
haggle for fun. You're going to get yourself into trouble. I'm not sure if
this works in every country, but I know it works in a lot of flea markets or
traditional markets. Sometimes you can get yourself a very good deal. If you like
the video today ,make sure you click the like button down below, or subscribe to
this channel. I'll see you next time. Bye!


能不能算便宜一點~ ( How to Haggle)

716 分類 收藏
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