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You'll never see me weep again.
I'm finished with the tears forever.
You do have two sons left you, Fee...
and you have Meggie.
It's not too late for Meggie.
- Meggie?
- Will you promise me something?

If you like.
Look after Meggie. Don't forget her.
Make her go to the local dances,
meet the young men.

Help her look around her world
and find some good, kind man to marry...

who'll give her children
and a home of her own. It's time.

- Whatever you say, Father.
- Fee, she's your daughter.

It's as if you never remember that.
Does any woman?
What's a daughter?
Just a reminder of the pain...
a younger version of oneself...
who will do all the same things,
cry the same tears.

No, Father.
I try to forget I have a daughter.
It survived.
Meggie, I need no reminder of you.
Not now, not ever.

I carry you within me. You know that.
I must go.
Everything's all right now.
All in order.
The dead are buried and blessed...
and you and Mom
have my life planned out.

Meggie, we must make an end to this.
My life belongs to God.
You've always known that.

That dear and gentle God...
Who has taken from me
everyone that I've loved most in the world.

One by one.
Frank, and Hal...
and Stuie...
and my father.
And you, of course. Always you.
God is merciful.
There'll be no one else to grieve.
He is merciful.
I know you can't see that now, but he is.
He spared the rose.
He sent the rain.
No, Ralph.
Who sent the fire?


刺鳥 第15幕 (The Thorn Birds Scenes - 15. Meggie's heartbreak)

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