A2 初級 英國腔 1576 分類 收藏
How was the war, sir?
As any war
a waste of good men
Step me, boy
you've survived
My boy is to be married
When I first met Elizabeth
there was no thought of my coming between you
It's a poor Cornwall you've returned to
taxes sky high
wages in the gutter
Have they hurt you, child?
Don't child me, mister
What's your name?
Demelza Carne
Ross Poldark
I'm in need of a kitchen maid
Opening a mine
Despite our conversation
It seems we both have mining in our blood
God knows if that's a blessing or a curse
Are the rumors true, do you think?
What am I a circus attraction?
I wonder, do you not think of marriage, Captain Poldark?
What's it to me what folks say
What are you wearing?
I found it, sir
You dare to go rifling through those things
I didn't take you from your father for this
What do it matter what you took me for?
You know what people say of us
If we behave like this
it will be true
Then let it be true
What do you mean by running away
I thought after what happened
You thought you would no longer be my servant
You were right
He could have had his pick
any number of eligible girls from rising families instead of which he marries his serving wench
So you love her
Before he met you he was broken
You've given him hope
You've redeemed me
I am your humble servant
and I love you
Well I hope you will have a little love to spare
I promise you I will make the world a
better place for her
And for me?
What we know is that Ross Poldark
though clever, has a weakness
He plays it straight
No good will come of being sentimental about such folk
There are forces
opposing us
to put us out of business
But perhaps your choice of wife has coarsened your finer instincts
I have caused a rift between the two sides of our family
Can you forgive me?
Putrid throat
Whole families have gone under
Come back, my love
Come back
His daughter's burial
If I could do anything
You can pray to God I do not lose the love of my life
Has she come to take you
No, my love, she will never take me
Where's Julia?
She was peaceful
I held her in my arms
Captain Poldark
I have orders to take you to Truro Jail
I am to be tried by Justice Lister in five days time
It's not a question of whether you'll be found guilty, but when
Will I have a chance to say goodbye to my wife
Poldark will surely hang
The mine he will leave to his wife
Was she not his kitchen maid
He'll come home again
We find him
Not Guilty
He does not strike me as a man who take such things lying down
that in failing to get him hanged
you have left yourself exposed
Ross Poldark would not dare lay a finger on me
Threw him across the Red Lion, broke his nose
When I control the mine, I control Ross
You went out on the boat
Why is it fine for you to run risks
when I may not even take a boat out in calm waters
You are the most stubborn
I am
Where would you be I had not come along?
Where would you be if I had not come along
You have a son
There's a novelty
A married couple who enjoy each other's company
but then did they not marry for love
Tonight you'll have eyes for none but me
Tonight I'll have eyes for none but you
Cannot a woman love two men
A piece of my heart will always be yours
as a piece of yours will always be mine
Sometimes I think he loves Elizabeth better
She's Ross's first love
So you mistake your own value
Ross was a wise man when he chose you
And he will not forget it
You think I no longer love you
Do you doubt it
So I am not to be rid of you, my love
So you are not to be rid of me, my love
George Warleggen is to marry Elizabeth
The man who tried to get me hanged
Do you suppose that she ever seriously meant to marry George
Surely it was just a trick
She got what she wanted
I am not content to be second best
Why am I here, Demelza?
I don't know why you're still here, Ross
That those who suffer most
are the ones who ignore their heart's desires
Stop this!
Lost our nerve, have we?
Didn't fancy the battlefields of France
This is what you came back for?
My true
and abiding love
is for you
We're left idling at home while the men go off and fight battles
I do not ask you not to be reckless
For I know you cannot promise something which is so against your nature
I have changed
because of you
The woman I love is married to the man
to whom I owe my life
I wish I could be two people
someone else
Who could love another just for a day
and just for a day without feeling disloyal to the man I truly love
For I know who it is who truly owns my heart


英國BBC電視劇 波達克 第一季至第三季 劇情簡介 (Poldark & Demelza BBC Poldark series 1-3)

1576 分類 收藏
TK 發佈於 2019 年 4 月 23 日
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