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Five common mistakes made by test takers.
Everyone makes mistakes!
Even the most prepared person can make simple errors on test day and lose valuable marks.
Let's take a look at the 5 most common mistakes so you don't fall into the same traps:
Not reading the question properly.
Don't think this applies to you?
Think again.
In any test, have you ever written a few words over the set word limit?
Or maybe you've provided two answers when only one is required, and just hoped for the best?
In both instances, your answer would be marked as incorrect because you didn't follow the instructions!
So make sure you read the question and stick to what you're being asked to do.
Changing the subject in the Writing test.
No matter how well structured your work is, you still won't get a good score if your writing is off topic.
To avoid this situation, ensure you stick to the subject.
Not pronouncing words correctly.
As a test of international English, IELTS does not take off marks if you have an accent.
Your accent is not important, but your pronunciation is!
So, for example, for the word 'probably' don't say probly or prolly.
Make sure you practice and test your pronunciation with some English speakers before the test.
Repeating the question that was asked when answering in the Speaking test.
Don't be a parrot!
For example when the question is, "Who's your favorite actress of all time?"
You shouldn't answer with, "My favorite actress of all time is Marilyn Monroe."
This is because you are not showing your range of English
You're just copying the question.
A better answer would be, "I love movies, and I think Marilyn Monroe was a fantastic actress."
So remember to show off the many different English words you know.
Leaving blank answers.
In both your Listening and Reading tests make sure you provide answers, even if you have to make a guess.
You won't lose marks for incorrect answers and you might just surprise yourself by getting some correct!
Take note of these common mistakes.
And you will be well on your way towards improving your IELTS band score.
For more information on common mistakes to avoid on test day, check out Facebook.com/IELTSessentials



考生必看!考雅思最常犯的 5 項錯誤 (Five common mistakes made by IELTS test takers)

4152 分類 收藏
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