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Scrambled eggs are one of the simplest breakfast meals to make, but that doesn't mean they can't have variety.
From last night's leftovers to a few splashes of vino, here are some scrambled egg hacks that offer something for everyone.
Not sure what to do with your leftovers from last night's dinner?
Well, luckily a lot of leftovers taste amazing when added to your scrambled eggs the next morning.
From day-old roasted veggies and cooked chicken to that last cup of chili, there is arguably no easier way to use up leftover food than by throwing it all into your infinitely forgiving egg scramble.
Since your cooked meals have already been well-seasoned with plenty of time to meld flavors, incorporating them into eggs means you get to enjoy an insta-meal loaded with goodness and skip the hard work.
If you're a fan of super soft, creamy scrambled eggs, try adding a splash of milk or heavy cream to the mix.
You can also use thicker dairy options like sour cream.
The more liquid you incorporate into your eggs, the softer and more moist they will be.
Add milk if you want a slight upgrade, and move to thicker dairy depending on how custardy you want the texture.
Keep in mind that while thicker ingredients like sour cream will make the eggs richer, they also make them slightly firmer.
If you're not sure of what kind of dairy to use, experiment with different dairy add-ins and amounts.
Eating creamy scrambled eggs on the reg until you figure out the perfect formula doesn't sound like a bad way to pass time in the morning.
No matter what happens, don't be afraid to make the occasional mistake.
“Milk was a bad choice!”
Light, fluffy scrambled eggs are wonderful.
We can all agree on that, right?
Well, try adding sparkling wine the next time you make scrambled eggs to achieve this coveted texture.
Whisk in about one quarter cup for every two eggs and you'll have yourself some impossibly delicate, pillowy eggs in no time.
The bonus?
In addition to altering the texture of your eggs in the best way, sparkling wine lends an unique brightness that contrasts beautifully against the dish's inherent creamy richness.
Maybe you made meringue and now you have leftover yolks.
Maybe you froze yolks a few weeks back and you're looking for ways to use them up.
Whatever the reason for your yolk surplus, rest assured, they don't have to go to waste.
One option is to incorporate a few extra yolks into your scrambled eggs.
Additional yolks lend the scramble a beautiful, saturated golden color.
Moreover, they give the eggs fabulous depth of flavor and loads of richness.
While this dish might be too decadent for every day, it does make for a great indulgent treat every now and then.
It may sound a little unconventional, but if you really want to add a wonderful unexpected flavor to your scrambled eggs, why not throw in a little OJ?
We know what you're thinking.
Sure, orange juice is great to drink at breakfast, but in your eggs?
In a word ─ Yes!
While it may sound crazy to add any kind of juice to your egg dish, trust us on this one.
A splash of OJ works like a crazy elixir, enhancing the flavor of your eggs tenfold.
Orange juice brightens rich scrambled eggs without overwhelming them, so you might taste something different, but without being able to put your finger on exactly why.
Adding citrus to your scrambled eggs is like getting a really good face lift that no one can detect — everyone just knows you look glorious.
While most of us coat our pans with butter when we make scrambled eggs, there is a better option available: ghee, or clarified butter.
"Ghee is ancient and goes back thousands and thousands of years, and all it means is 'clarified butter."
Since regular butter is a fat with a low smoking point, it tends to burn.
As a result, your eggs retain some of that burnt flavor.
No good.
On the other hand, clarified butter is the milk fat from butter after the solids have been separated from the milk proteins and water.
Use a tablespoon of this butterfat to cook your eggs and you can avoid any residual burning butter taste.
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喜歡吃炒蛋嗎?那你一定要學會如何做出美味的炒蛋! (Scrambled Egg Hacks You'll Wish You Knew Sooner)

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