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- [Gary] The amount of
people in the market

that claim to be
something they are not

because what they're
reverse engineering

is that's where the money is
is the biggest reason
so many people lose.

(light music)
You just can't fake who you are.
You can't manufacture it.
You can't want it.
So many people in here
want to be business coaches

and they've never
built a fucking business.

I'm worried about
people that are

following the current trend
instead of following the only
thing that they actually are.

That's why it's working for me
because I haven't
waivered regardless

of what you guys
gave a fuck about.

And guess what?
Entrepreneurship's not going
to be cool one day soon too.

And let me promise you
the quickest way to win.

And I don't mean money,
I mean win.

Playing in a way that
feels right to you

before it feels right to
anybody else around you.

And I promise you that the
majority of you are not.

Who do we cherish and
who do we put on pedestal?

The people that from the
get punted everything else

and went full
pledged themselves.

When you are all in on your shit
and we now live in a world
where the internet creates

niche communities around every
fucking thing you
could ever imagine

that is an unbelievable
blessing to all of us

that our grandparents didn't
have an opportunity in.

Most of you are
chasing fucking money

and you're gonna fuckin' lose.
I hope you think about
what are you good at

or what's the truest
essence of who you are

because those are the
only two things that

create the upside
that people chase.

The people that hustle the most
are the happiest,
not the saddest.

And the reason
I push hustle so much

is because it feels like the
most fucking controllable thing

to change the outcome
of what disappoints you.

(applause and cheers)
(light music)


成功的秘訣 (The Secret to Success: All In On YOU)

1748 分類 收藏
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