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Hi I'm Sofia Malone
and you're watching Herstory.
Today I'm going to be Jane Goodall,
let's go bananas.
Jane Goodall was born April 3rd, 1934 in London, England.
She was like, “Pip pip cheerio."
When Jane was one
her father got her
a cute little stuffed animal Chimp,
and she was like, “Your name is Jubilee."
On Jane's exact fourth birthday
her sister Judy was born.
I wonder how Jane felt about that,
sharing every single birthday with her little sister.
Jane loved animals so much and she decided,
“When I grow up I'm going to live in Africa."
In 1952, Jane's parents divorced,
she stayed in touch with her father
but she was much closer with her mother.
After graduating high school,
Jane got a job at a company
that made documenting films.
Those are films that tell stories about stuff.
She hadn't forgotten about her dream to work with animals
but it would be really hard
because she didn't have a college degree,
plus she was a woman.
Back in those days, women usually just became teachers or nurses.
In 1956, Jane got a note from a family friend
who bought a farm in Kenya, Africa.
Jane was like,“oh my gosh, hurray cheerio folks, I'm going to Africa."
Jane worked as a waitress
to save up enough money
and finally, she left for Africa
on March 13th, 1957.
She traveled for weeks,
three weeks by boat to get there.
At a party, Jane met
a famous scientist Louis Leakey,
who lived in Kenya
and found fossils from the earliest humans.
He offered Jane a job
and taught her all about chimpanzees
like, “Did you know that wild chimps are only found in Africa?"
Jane loved studying chimps so much
that in July 1960, she was like, “I'm moving,"
and moved to Gombe Stream game reserve.
Jane lived in a tent by herself out of the wild
and the African government didn't like it,
so her mum came to live with her.
Studying chimps was not easy,
Jane had to carry around binoculars
a blanket, food, and coffee.
She had to wear the same clothes every single day
and crawled through vines
and got bit by flies and cut by sharp grass.
When she tried to get close to the chimps,
they ran away.
Soon Jane and her mother
both got very sick with malaria.
They had no medicine
so they were sick for two weeks,
can you imagine being all like [coughs]
and for two weeks?
After they got better,
Jane's mother was like, "I'm too old for this,"
and went back to England
but Jane stayed in Africa.
Finally, there was a chimp
who accepted Jane,
she named him David Greybeard
because of his grey hair on his chin.
He came up to Jane,
looked at her, took a fruit from her.
That was so cool,
that was the closest as a chimp had ever gotten to her.
She noticed that he used a blade of grass to poke holes
and used leaves as washcloths.
The National Geographic Society
gave Jane enough money
for another year of research
When she told them about David Greybeard.
In August 1963,
Jane's first article came out in National Geographic Magazine,
but she couldn't also take photos
so Mr Leakey arranged
a young photographer to join Jane.
His name was Hugo Van Lawick,
Hugo was like," hey," and Jane was like, “hi,"
and soon they fell in love.
Aww so romantic and they got married in London on March 28th, 1964.
Mr Leakey wanted the world to accept
Jane as an expert
so he helped her
get into Cambridge University in England.
Cambridge allowed Jane's work
with the chimps to count
toward a college degree.
In 1965, Jane completed her doctorate
and now is called Dr Jane Goodall.
She loved being like,
“I'm a woman and I'm a doctor, snap that."
In 1967, Jane and Hugo had a son,
his name was also Hugo
but everyone called him Grub.
Jane grew more and more famous,
she wrote a book called
In the Shadow of the Man
that came out in 1971
and it was a best seller.
It was even translated
into 50 different languages.
She also had a program on TV called
Miss Goodall and the Wild Chimpanzees.
Unfortunately, after 10 years of marriage,
Jane and Hugo got divorced.
She was like, “Bye bye, see you later,"
and got remarried to some guy
named Derek Bryceson.
In 1977, Jane Goodall Institute was set up
to continue the study of chimps
and protect them and other wild animals.
She also started programs
Like Take Care that planted trees in Africa
and ChimpanZoo
that helped chimps in zoos
get bigger living spaces
and make their homes more like nature.
Jane still lives in Tanzania today
and spends most of her time
traveling the world,
giving talks about things
that are important to her.
And the rest you ask, the rest?
That's herstory. Thanks for swinging.


Jane Goodall--給小孩的知名女性歷史 (Jane Goodall - Herstory for Kids)

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