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Hi guys, today I'm gonna be doing an everyday makeup tutorial.
Loads and loads of you have requested to see one,
so I'm gonna film one for you today.
I'm just gonna do kind of the look I normally go for
when I'm filming my tutorials,
so just kind of a natural look with eyeliner,
and just kind of a neutral/natural brown kind of smoky eye.
So a lot of the products, as well, I'm using
are kind of drugstore products.
I've got like Bourjois, Rimmel, Max Factor,
so, yeah, you can find them all mostly in Boots, I think.
So, um, to start off with, I'm gonna do my foundation.
And my favorite foundation is the Bourjois Healthy Mix.
I have it in shade 51 which is the lightest shade.
This just gives such nice coverage
and, yeah, it's really, really nice.
It looks really natural.
So I just kind of put it on my finger and then blob it onto my face...
like this.
So you look a little bit spotty.
So just kind of covering everywhere.
And then some days, I do, if like I'm in a rush,
I do use my fingers just to blend it in,
but I do absolutely love using the Real Techniques buffing brush.
So I'm just gonna take this and just go in kind of circular motions
over the foundation.
So you want to make sure you blend it kind of into your hairline,
up to your ears down onto your jaw,
just so you're not gonna get any foundation lines.
I love this brush as well because it's so quick.
It makes it really easy.
So once you've finished blending in all of the foundation,
making it look all seamless and natural looking,
I'm then gonna move on and just prime my eyelids.
So to do this, I'm using this mini Urban Decay primer potion
which came in the Urban Decay naked palette,
which I'm also gonna be using in this tutorial.
So I like doing this kind of first after I've done my foundation,
just 'cause it allows the primer to set, and it just means it will last longer
and work better.
So I'm just putting a little bit onto my eyelids...
and then just using my finger, I'm just gonna blend that in...
and pat it in...to the eyelid.
So now I'm going to fill in my eyebrows, and to do this
I'm using my brow kit which is really affordable.
You can get these in Superdrug,
and it just comes with a wax and a powder.
You can see mine's well used.
But, yeah, I think the powder's quite a good match for my eyebrow color.
So I really like using it.
I think it's so important to fill in your eyebrows.
They really frame your face and make a huge difference.
So, first of all, I'm just taking a spooly brush,
and I'm just brushing it through the eyebrows
just to neaten them up a bit and make sure all my eyebrow hairs
are going in the same direction.
And then I'm just taking a small angled brush,
and I'm just gonna pick up some powder.
And then because I want to do quite a natural look,
I'm just gonna not fill them in too much.
I'm just gonna kind of follow the natural shape of my eyebrows,
just filling in any gaps.
So now that my eyebrows are all filled in,
I'm now gonna do my eye shadow.
So like I said earlier,
I'm gonna be using my Urban Decay Naked palette
which I really, really love.
it's such a good investment if you want a load of eye shadows
that are great for every day, and also kind of dressing up
with these darker colors.
Today, I'm gonna be using the two matte shades--naked and buck.
And I just think these give a really good combination
for every day if you want a smoky eye with some definition.
So I'm just taking a fluffy brush,
and I'm just gonna go in with naked and pick some up.
And then I'm just gonna put this all over the eyelid,
so just roughly kind of running it over.
And then with the same brush, I'm gonna pick up some of the buck,
and I'm gonna run this through my socket line or crease.
And then you just want to go in kind of circular motions
just to blend it out.
So now I'm just gonna conceal my under eye circles.
So I get quite dark circles under my eyes
especially when I haven't had much sleep like I haven't lately.
So I'm using my Rimmel wake me up concealer
which is a really good one.
So I'm just gonna put some under the eyes...
about here...
and then I'm actually gonna take a small flat top foundation brush,
which is also from Real Techniques, just to blend that into the skin.
So I just kind of pat over it.
I'm also then gonna take on the same brush,
just a little bit of buck under the eye
just to help kind of define it...
and just add some more definition and a bit of shadow.
I love using a fluffy brush for this 'cause it kinds of blends it out
as you put it on which is really handy.
So now I'm gonna line my top eyelid, and to do this
I'm using my Collection Extreme 24 hour felt tip liner.
I've only bought this quite recently,
but I have really been enjoying using it.
It's got--it's just like a felt tip pen almost for eyeliner,
which is really cool.
It really helps to be quite precise when you're putting eyeliner on.
So...I kind of start in the middle of my eye
and then go back and then go right into the center again,
and the look I'm gonna go for is kind of thinner in the middle
and then kind of gets thicker towards the outside
and then a small flick.
So once you're happy with your eyeliner,
I'm gonna do my mascara,
and I'm using my all-time favourite mascara--Max Factor false lash effect.
Um, I featured this in my Haul video which I did recently,
if you haven't looked at that already.
But, yeah, this is really good for adding loads and loads of volume
to your eyelashes.
It's got such a big wand.
It's really chunky with kind of plastic bristles which is my favourite kind.
So, yeah, I'm just gonna apply a good coating to my eyelashes.
For my bottom lash line,
I'm gonna use my Avon SuperShock Gel eyeliner.
I really like this 'cause it's kind of a cross almost
between a liquid eyeliner and a pencil.
It's really kind of smudgy and, yeah, it's really, really good.
It's really, really black as well, which I love.
So I'm just gonna line my lower water line.
So now my eyes are finished I'm gonna go back to my skin,
and I'm gonna cover any kind of spots and blemishes I have
using my Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer.
This is amazing. I've got it in the color 1,
which is fair which is--I'm pretty sure it's the lightest color they do.
So I've got a few break outs, like on my chin,
so I'm just gonna use this.
I'm just gonna dab it on them and then just blend them out with a finger.
I'm also gonna put a tiny little dot on the end of my nose,
just because I tend to get a little bit of redness on my nose and shine,
and this really helps to kind of combat that.
And now I'm just gonna powder my skin using my Rimmel Stay Matte powder
and my Real Techniques blush brush.
It's actually meant for blusher, but I really like it for powder
and setting my face.
So, yeah, I'm just gonna powder all of my face.
I tend to have kind of combination to oily skin.
So this really helps to kind of keep my makeup in place,
and I definitely can't kind of skip powdering.
So I'm just--I'm not kind of rubbing it on,
I'm pushing it on with the brush,
which helps, again, just to set it all in place.
The next step I'm gonna be doing is some contouring.
And I'm gonna be using my Nars Laguna Bronzer
and the Real Techniques contour brush.
So I'm gonna pick up a little bit on the brush,
and I just tapped some off then,
and then I'm gonna go under my cheekbones
just in a line.
And this really helps to create some definition to your face.
For blush I'm gonna be using this little one from Clinique
in the color bashful plum.
And I just think this is a really natural color for every day.
It's quite subtle with a tiny little bit of shimmer in.
So I'm just picking it up on my Real Techniques stippling brush,
and then I'm gonna smile and apply it to the apples of my cheeks.
A step that I never like missing out is highlighting,
and to do this, I'm actually gonna use a color from my eye shadow palette.
I'm gonna use this one on the end called virgin.
And I'm just gonna go in with my finger,
and then I'm just gonna go along the tops of my cheekbones.
And then with another finger, I'm just gonna blend that in.
I'm also gonna take some under my eyebrows...as well.
And the final thing I need is something on my lips.
Cause this is quite a casual kind of everyday look,
I'm gonna go with this Nivea glamorous gloss in pink sugar.
And this is kind of really moisturizing
as well as adding a really nice kind of summery pink tone.
So guys, I hope you've enjoyed this makeup tutorial.
I hope it's helped you out if you wanted to see how I do my makeup
for lots of my videos.
Um. yeah, let me know in the comments below
if you have enjoyed it and if you want me to do
kind of another makeup look maybe, um, darker smoky eye
for maybe nighttime or something like that.
I could look into doing that maybe for you.
So, yeah, please give this video a thumbs up
if you've enjoyed watching and remember to subscribe,
and I'll see you all soon. Bye.


日常妝容 (My Everyday Makeup Tutorial)

327 分類 收藏
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