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On the northern shore of Lake Ontario, near the US border,
lies Canada's largest city.
Toronto is the capital of the province of Ontario
and is a major economic and cultural center for the country.
Founded as York by the British in the late 1700s,
Toronto is now a proudly Canadian city
and nearly six million people call the Greater Toronto Area home.
The Megacity attracts people from all over the world
and neighborhoods such as China Town, Greektown and Little Italy
are just some examples of Toronto's diversity.
Nearly everywhere you go,
you can catch a glimpse of the city's iconic CN Tower,
one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World.
Architecture meets art in the Art Gallery of Ontario,
designed by the groundbreaking Toronto-born architect Frank Gehry,
who used to visit the original gallery as a child.
No less impressive, but from a different era altogether,
is the elegant hilltop castle Casa Lomo
It was dreamt up a century ago by the ambitious Sir Henry Pellatt,
whose family motto was "Foremost If I Can".
This motto perfectly reflects the spirit of the Torontonians,
in what is nicknamed "the City that Works".
The entrepreneurial Canadians also know how to relax.
Take a stroll in one of Toronto's many green spaces,
such as the Edward Gardens and High Park.
Families, couples, and students share the botanical displays
with the curious chipmunks.
Near the waterfront,
Toronto's rejuvenated distillery district mixes the old with the new
in a tasteful way.
One of the most striking contemporary twists to a historic building
is the design of the Royal Ontario Museum.
Browse the galleries with artifacts of Canada's Aboriginal Peoples
and depictions of the country's past.
Then see artworks from across the globe and explore the nature exhibits.
Overlooking Lake Ontario is modern Canada Square,
a cultural hub in the heart of the award-winning Harbourfront Centre.
Relax a while in the centre's pleasant marina
or visit a theater or brewhouse.
Sports fans can catch a game in Rogers Centre
or visit the nearby Hockey Hall of Fame.
First-timers are often surprised by the size of Toronto,
which is North America's fourth- largest city.
Dundas Square, the downtown end of Yonge Street,
is reminiscent of New York's Times Square.
Find designer brands in the Eaton Centre
or shop in the city's huge underground mall called the PATH.
A different shopping experience altogether
are the vintage clothes stores at the Kensington Markets.
This central neighborhood represents the funky,
"anything goes" side of Toronto.
When it's time for lunch,
try Italian or Greek food or a typical "Hogtown" treat.
Saint Lawrence Market, in the heart of the Old Town,
is the best place to go for fresh produce.
Families should check out the fun Ontario Science Centre
or visit Toronto's exciting entertainment parks.
See the bears take a nap or take a splash in the Toronto Zoo
and meet Snoopy and his friends in Canada's Wonderland.
Don't leave Ontario before taking a day trip to the Niagara Falls.
The largest of them all, the Horseshoe Falls,
sits on the border with New York state.
Each year, millions of people come to watch this spectacle
an experience you'll never forget.
The Falls are the perfect finale to your Toronto visit.


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