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Come with us on an incredible journey across the African jungles and savannahs.
At the very south of the continent,
we reach the cosmopolitan city of Cape Town, South Africa.
This is where the waves of the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean meet along endless beaches.
And it's also where the rich cultures of Africa meet with European influences
- a fascinating place to study English.
Welcome to EF in Cape Town, and the African adventure of a lifetime!
You will find EF Cape Town on Kloof Street, just off Long Street,
one of the most popular streets in Cape Town.
Our school building has been recently renovated and boasts modern classrooms,
a multimedia language lab, and an outdoor recreational area
with spectacular views of Table Mountain and Lion's Head Mountain.
Outside class, the favourite meeting places are the student lounges,
and the pleasant outside patio.
The whole building has free wireless internet for our students.
EF's experienced teachers use our own teaching method, the Efekta System,
to help you become fluent in English.
At EF Cape Town we offer students small international classes.
Apart from the general English classes that students can take we also
offer students special interest classes.
Topics include African art and music, South African history and politics,
Business English, and South African tourism, including the wine industry.
Students can also prepare for
official English exams which are recognised all over the world.
In Cape Town you have the choice between staying with a host family
or in one of EF's residences.
Staying in a residence is a good option if you want to live among other students
from all over the world.
Staying with a host family is the perfect way to experience
typical South African hospitality.
The Monday when you start your course, we'll take you around to see Cape Town
and help you get to know the city.
The EF Activities Office is there so you can make the most of your free time.
For sure you'll want to experience some African adventures.
Join us on a safari to see the famous "big five":
the elephant, the lion, the leopard, the rhino and the buffalo.
Head out to sea to watch the whales and dolphins in the ocean.
Or just relax soaking up the African sun along the beautiful beaches.
Camps Bay is just 10 minutes from the school.
Every week we have a beach volleyball competition at the beach, Camps Bay.
All students from school go to the beach and we have two teams and play against each other
and we enjoy it, and it's very nice. We have a lot of fun!
Visit the waterfront with it's pleasant cafés and shopping.
Hop on the boat to Robben Island to learn more about South Africa's history.
This is where national hero Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for many years.
When Apartheid was finally abolished, he became the President of modern South Africa.
Today's Cape Town has a vibrant and cosmopolitan nightlife.
Green Point and Long Street are two of the most popular areas,
jam-packed with bars and nightclubs.
Here you can enjoy a mix of music from Africa and all over the world.
If you're looking for the combination of a great English school in an exotic location
we recommend EF Cape Town.
When it's time to fly back home over the jungles and savannahs of Africa
you'll bring memories of your adventures that will last for a lifetime.


EF 國際語言學校 南非開普敦 (EF Cape Town, South Africa)

3195 分類 收藏
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