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We know more and more people are living in small spaces, which means kids are sharing even smaller bedrooms.
So we challenged ourselves to make a fun, comfortable shared kids' room as small as possible for a 4 year old and an 8 year old.
The key is to create smart, safe solutions using age-based planning, personal spaces and adaptable furniture.
We started with a loft bed that's up high for the 8 year old.
Below, where it's easier to get in and out, we put in an extendable bed for the 4 year old.
Then we added personal storage above and under their beds.
Curtains give each kid a private space, and the bottom one detaches easily.
The loft bed comes with storage, so we made this a wardrobe corner for the 8 year old.
We filled the corner with hooks at different heights; a step stool helps reach the top rows.
A mirror is a must—especially an unbreakable one.
The 8 year old's space continues with a spot for schoolwork; the desk adapts to height, too.
Kids learn by copying, so we made a similar work and play space for the 4 year old.
There's more play stuff here with a toy box on wheels and a doll's house that doubles as shelves.
It's not always fun to share, so we used colours to highlight personal space.
Then we added cabinets at adult-only height for storing stuff like seasonal clothes.
The 4-year-old needs a wardrobe, too, so we put in hooks at low heights.
And two shelving units that we painted for a personal touch.
These boxes don't have lids, so they're not tempting to climb.
It's a safety thing, just like window catches.
That's a lot of smart, fun solutions in one shared kid's room, but we squeezed it down to 6.7 square metres.
We had to build it of course.
Come on in, we'll show you how it's shared—and personal.
Different ages have different needs, so each kid can have important personal time in their cosy retreat.
...Where they can keep secrets, too.
And hooks high up keep certain things out of the younger one's reach.
But some needs are the same—like proper spots for studying math books or colouring books.
They need space to play together, too, because they still do!
Most of all, they need secure, comfy beds so the whole family sleeps soundly.
Ready to find the possibilities in your small space?
Use age-based planning, personal spaces and adaptable furniture to make a safe, fun shared kid's room for growing up, not apart.
Happy playing!



IKEA 小坪數改造計畫:歡樂孩童房 (IKEA Square Metre Challenge Part 4: Shared (and personal) kids’ room)

7652 分類 收藏
Ginger Liu 發佈於 2019 年 3 月 23 日    Ginger Liu 翻譯    Evangeline 審核
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