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Thank you for playing along.
This first one is from @bigmike199516.
-Come on. -Oh, @bigmike119515?
This is @bigmike199516.
Oh, I don't know that guy.
-I don't know him. -Yeah, there was --
-515? -There was 199,515 other Big Mikes.
He says, "My superpower would be to able to replace all the air
in the bag of chips with chips." There you go.
Thank you. Finally!
Finally, Big Mike says it.
-Tells it like it is. -For humanity.
-This is -- Oh, come on. This is from @ryanm5292.
Are these Russian bots or something?
They're hacking "The Tonight Show" hashtag game.
What of it? Hilary's e-mails?
"This is my favorite bit.
I love when Jimmy Fallon does the hashtag.
I love his sense of humor."
He says, "I think my superpower would be to know what people's
dogs have named their owners." Hey, there you go.
-Flip it around, man. -Flip it around, dude.
-Flip it around, man. -This one is from
Is the last name? Matthew Hegarty?
Yeah, it's like in the phone book it would be --
"Hegarty, Matthew?"
-Yeah. -"Here."
"Here. Here sir."
"Big Mike, 31543?" "Here, sir."
He says, "My superpower would be to tell if
it's an actual emergency when my wife yells, 'Oh, my God!'
from the other room. Usually, it's about a show on Investigation Discovery."
What happened?
Oh, my God!
This one is from @EquinsuOchaCA.
California -- Equinsu Ocha California maybe?
He says, "Caller ID allows us to see who's calling.
My superpower would allow me to see why they're calling."
"Hey, I need a ride to the airport.
It's your buddy, Matthew Hegarty."
-This one is from @gumgumerson -Oh, I love @gumgumerson!
-He -- I think he's played the game before.
-Yeah, many times.
Thank you, Gum.
Gum rules, man.
He says, "I'd have the power to turn my legs into ghost legs,
so I wouldn't have to get up when someone was trying to walk
past my seat at the movies or an event.
Just walk through me, bro. It's cool.
I got ghost legs."
-Come on. -Just ghosted out.
This one is from @MadisonGanglof.
She says, "I want the power to switch bodies with my cat
so I can lay around all day and he can take on
some responsibilities for once."
Get to work! "Meow!"
This one's from @Kristoffer.Er.
-[ Russian accent ] Kristoffer.
Should be @Kristoffer3491246.
-3495678. -Bot.
He says, "I want to be able to turn every Alexa's voice into
Christopher Walken's."
"The weather today will be --"
This last one is from @Brendathegoat.
Greatest of all time.
Brenda, the greatest of all time.
-Oh, there you go. Yeah, the goat.
-I got you. -The goat.
-Greatest of all time. I got ya.
Or could be -- -Or just a goat.
Could be a goat.
That's what the tweet is, yeah.
It's a goat typing out stuff.
@BrendaTheGoat, she says, "I wish I could look in the mirror
and try any haircut.
Wish I'd done that last time.
Turns out I can't pull off bangs."
There you go.
Those are our "Tonight Show" hashtags.
Check out more of our favorites.
Go to tonightshow.com/hashtags.


我有超能力 (Hashtags: #MySuperpower)

475 分類 收藏
Clément 發佈於 2019 年 2 月 26 日    餓犬 翻譯    Evangeline 審核
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