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LINE Is More Than Just a Communication Tool
Are you sending messages and stickers to your friends on LINE now?
Do you know you can do more than that with the app?
Here are several useful and meaningful uses for LINE.
First, LINE can save your life when you are in serious danger.
For example, in 2016, a Taiwanese almost drowned after his boat turned over in the ocean.
Luckily, he was saved because he had sent a message to his friend on LINE
before he fell into the water.
LINE can also be used to raise money for those in need.
Take the people of Kumamoto for example.
Their town was hit hard by two earthquakes in April 2016,
and it needed a lot of money to recover from them.
Because of that, a set of cute LINE stickers was created
to make users aware of the situation.
When anyone bought the stickers, the money went to help the victims in Kumamoto.
On top of that, people can make a living with LINE.
For example, a Taiwanese police officer came down with some serious health problems,
so he wasn't able to work anymore.
In order to make money to raise their three children,
his wife started designing and selling her own LINE stickers.
As you can see, LINE is more than just a tool for sending messages and stickers.
When you use it wisely, it can also be a lifesaver and money raiser,
and it can make you a breadwinner.


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