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-Thank you for coming back to the show.
-Thank you. I feel like this is my second home now.
It's awesome. -Right. It should be.
We love having you on.
Cause I love... -Yes.
-I mean, last time you were here, we had...
-Yeah. -...Kevin Hart was here.
-[ Laughing ] We did. That was a lot of fun.
-And I asked him to stay out and play with the animals.
-Yeah. -And he said, "I hate animals."
[ Laughter ] Or, oh, no -- actually, he goes,
"I like animals. I'm afraid of them."
-All right. That's okay. That's all right.
-And he had -- oh, my gosh. It was the funniest.
-Yeah. I like to think maybe we helped him,
a little bit, overcome his fear. -Maybe.
-A bit more comfortable.
But, I mean, for me, it was really cool
because we actually reached over 100 million people on Facebook,
so for me, what a great... -Yeah.
It was the number-one trend on YouTube.
[ Cheers and applause ] -Yeah, thank you so much.
-100 million people. -Yeah, it was awesome.
And for me, that's just such a great way
to get the -- the message of wildlife and conservation
out to so many people, so thank you so much.
It was awesome. -No, are you kidding me?
Thank you right back to you. -You, as well. Thanks, guys.
[ Chuckles ] -The show -- "Crikey!"
-Yes. -"Crikey! It's the Irwins."
-You've got to say, "Crikey! It's the Irwins."
-Oh, sorry. [Australian accent] "Crikey! It's the Irwins."
-"Crikey! It's the Irwins." -"Crikey! It's the Irwins."
-There you go. -[ Normal voice ] Yeah.
-Perfect. -It -- It --
It was the biggest debut for Animal Planet
in the last five years, so congratulations on that.
-Thank you so much. Thanks, guys.
-Over 12 million people have seen it around the world.
It's a giant hit. -Yeah.
-I'm happy for you and your whole family.
You know I love the whole fam.
So, thank you for coming back. -Thank you.
-Now, you brought some animals tonight,
and, hopefully, I'll get along with them and...
-Yes. Hopefully. -And, yeah. Yeah.
-It's gonna be really fun.
So, are you ready for the first animal?
-Yeah, here we go. Absolutely, we love it.
-Okay, we've got two of them coming up here.
-Okay. -So, this is Ping and Pong,
and they are absolutely adorable.
Hey, guys!
Hello! Hello, guys! [ Otters squeaking ]
-Take your body and kind of...
-Yeah, you can hold them really nice and tight in there.
These are otters.
These are actually little, baby otters.
That's great. [ Otters squeaking ]
So, see those... -Oh, my gosh.
-...those little vocalizations that they're making?
-Yes. -Now, that's actually --
Oh, he's eating you a little bit.
-All right, watch it. Ohh.
-That's how they communicate with one another.
Now, Asian small-clawed otters --
these are the smallest otters in the entire world.
Whoops. -He's eating...
-He's eating -- He's eating you now.
-...the microphone, yeah.
-Now, these guys are really cool.
They're from Asia. They're amazing.
And they've actually got -- I think he loves me.
-I think it's cute, but you never know.
The -- The squeaks.
-They're still babies. -Yeah.
-So they will get a lot bigger than this.
All right, here we go. [ Laughter ]
-They'll get bigger, yes. Okay. -They will. They will.
-Oh, my goodness. -Aren't they just so special?
-Yep. Okay. -Here.
Let me put your mic back -- mic back on.
-Hi. Yeah. -There we go.
-Hi, buddy. Okay, it's good. -Isn't that awesome?
So, they can actually have... [ Otter squeaking ]
-He found it again. -They can have...
-He's gonna find it again. -Oh, my goodness.
-Hi, buddy Ping, buddy Pong.
-Ping and Pong. -Hi, buddy.
-Now, they actually have the finest fur in the world.
Oh, he's giving you a kiss.
-I think he almost bit -- or bit me.
He almost bit me or kissed me. -Oh, they're so -- so cute.
-Hey, buddy. I love them. -Congratulations.
Well done. Well done. [ Laughter ]
-I'm not squeezing him or anything, I swear.
-Thanks, Ping and Pong.
-I'm just holding him, and that's all.
All right, I'm ready to get Ping and Pong...
-All right, we're good? Okay. -Thank you for this.
[ Cheers and applause ]
Thank you very much. -Oh, my God.
-Oh, my God. Thank you. -Thank you very much.
-Ohh, gosh. -How cute are they?
Are you -- Are you all good? -Yeah, I'm great.
I love -- Yeah, that's fantastic.
-That's good. Okay.
So, next, for this next one,
I think we're gonna come around again.
We're gonna sit down here.
And I'm gonna grab a few pieces here for you of sweet potato.
-Mm-hmm. Oh, man.
-This next animal loves sweet potatoes,
so if you want to sit down... -Oh, okay. Okay. Oh, no.
-...and then, you can put... [ Laughter ]
-I can see what's kind of coming.
-You can put your legs out like this.
-Oh, gosh.
-Now, you want to hold the sweet potato just here,
so they don't bite your fingers. -Oh, no.
What do you mean they won't bite my fingers --
hold it like this? -So, it'll -- it'll be good.
-I don't know. -It'll be good, I promise.
-What do I do with that? -You can grab that one, as well,
and you can feed them. -Oh, no.
-They love sweet potato. -All right.
-All right, so, we've got Quill Smith and Quilly Nelson.
And you'll see their names in a second.
Come on in, guys.
These are porcupine. -All righty.
[ Laughter ] Good to see you.
-Hello. -Okay. What do I...
-There you go. -Now, can I...
-Have a go at that.
So, now, these guys -- they're African --
[ Laughter ] He's curling up now.
These are African crested porcupines,
the largest rodent in the continent of Africa.
-Okay, this might be the most dangerous thing I've ever done.
-And see those spines there? Yeah.
That's actually -- That's their defense mechanism.
If a predator is gonna get them,
they'll actually sink them right down into their skin.
And that's -- that's how they avoid predators.
They're amazing. -All right, all right.
-How cool is that? -Does he want --
Yeah, it's unbelievable. -And see how they're --
That shaking there means they're a little bit --
a little bit unhappy.
They're thinking, "Just what's going on?"
[ Laughter ]
But, see, once they've got that --
once they got the sweet potato, they're completely happy.
-They absolutely love it. -I can feel him eating it,
but I just... -That's great. How cool is that?
-Yeah, man. -Look at them go.
-Well, I'm just happy that I had kids,
you know... -So cool. Here you go.
-...when I -- when I... -Yeah. [ Laughs ]
What do you think, eh? -...when I could.
-Now, they'll get... [ Laughter ]
...they'll get a lot bigger, too.
When they're full-grown,
they could easily have a go at a lion.
If -- If -- If it's getting close,
they'll just stab right in with those quills.
[ Laughter ] How cool is that?
-All right, this is unbelievable.
-They're amazing, aren't they?
-It is a pleasure to meet you guys.
Oh, wow! My God! All right, all right, Robert.
-You're good. You're good.
All right, should we take them right now?
-Robert. Robert. Robert. -You're good. You're good.
-Robert. -All right, bye, guys.
-Robert. -Now...
-Be very careful, whatever happens next.
-I don't know how we're gonna get this.
Here. Let's see. -Okay.
-There we go. You're good now.
-All right, all right. This is great.
-All right. See you later, guys.
[ Laughs ] -Oh, my heavens.
All righty. Okay. -Are you good?
-That's -- That's not the carrot.
All right, here you go. [ Laughter ]
You're having -- the carrot's over here.
Here you go, buddy. Eat this.
Eat this. -[ Chuckling ] Okay.
-All right, good to see these guys.
Oh, my gosh. Yeah, I think --
[ Laughter ] -Wow, they really love it here.
-Security? Oh, no. Okay. -[ Laughing ] Okay.
All right, no worries. There we go.
-All right, yep. Okay, good.
-It's a bit of a challenge picking them up, as you can see.
-Ohh. Ohh, my gosh. -There we go.
-Yeah. -Well done, guys.
[ Cheers and applause ] Good job.
That was great. That was so cool.
Do you want me to grab your sweet potato for you?
-Yeah, that's what he was, yeah, going for.
-All right. No worries.
So, I think we're gonna stay down here for a little while.
[ Laughter ] Have a look at this guy.
Now, this is... -I'm not putting him in my lap.
I'm not. -This is a giant aardvark.
-I don't want to move. -And the aardvarks --
they are native to Africa, as well.
See those massive claws there?
That's what they use to dig.
So, they're really interesting animals.
They've got that big, long nose.
-Yeah. -And that's how they smell.
They've got a great sense of smell.
And the end of their nose actually looks a bit
like a marshmallow.
It's so cool.
-Has he -- Have we... -How special are they
-A random aardvark. -Big ears, great hearing.
-This is -- And, sorry.
I didn't even quite even hear what you were saying.
-Yes. -Is he an -- It's an aardvark --
It's an anteater?
-Yeah, so they'll -- they'll eat ants and termites.
And, yeah, they're great at digging.
They'll find a termite mound. They'll break into it.
But we've got a little mixture here,
and that's kind of a mix of squished insects and bugs,
and they absolutely love it.
See that? -Absolutely.
[ Laughter ] -It's really good.
So, it's actually really quite good for them.
They absolutely love this. -I can't believe it.
-So, we're gonna head down here now for this one.
We couldn't really fit this one on the stage.
-Okay. -So, this --
This is Debra -- This is Debra the Zebra.
-Oh, my goodness. -And I absolutely love Debra.
Do you want me to come around this side?
-Sure. -So...there we go.
-Debra the Zebra. Hi. How you doing?
-So, Debra the Zebra -- she's actually still quite young.
-Hi. -She's a young little zebra,
and she still loves her bottles.
Now, she's only about six months old.
You're welcome to pat her, though.
-Six months old? -She loves her pats, yeah.
-Oh, my gosh. -Now, these guys --
they use those stripes for camouflage.
They're one of the best camouflage animals ever.
Now, do you want to grab this bottle?
-Sure. -And you can feed her.
Isn't that amazing?
She is so sweet. -Oh, my gosh.
-Absolutely adorable, aren't they?
-This looks fake almost. -Yeah, yeah.
And unlike horses, they can actually be
sometimes quite aggressive out in the wild.
Yeah, really cool. [ Laughter ]
So, that's Debra.
Isn't she cute? -She's unbelievable.
And she's for sale at FAO Schwarz for eight months.
[ Laughter ] Just kidding.
-Oh, good girl, Debra. -This is unbelievable.
-Yeah. -Thank you for --
you kind of took it a little bit easier on me this time.
I appreciate it. -No worries. No worries.
-And Robert Irwin, everybody. [ Cheers and applause ]
"Crikey! It's the Irwins"
airs Sunday nights at 8:00 p.m. on Animal Planet.


【今夜秀】豪豬寶寶嚇壞了吉米! (Robert Irwin's Baby Porcupine Finds a Home on Jimmy's Lap)

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