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Now I thought I'd share some of my favorite
"All I want for Christmas" wishes from you guys.
Here we go.
This first from is from @gingerbreadtho.
She says, "All I want for Christmas is for Netflix
to stop making me feel bad
by asking, 'Are you still watching?'"
Yeah. I'm still watching 'cause I worked all day.
Leave me alone.
This one here is from @Mikefaubert1.
He says, "All I want for Christmas is to go back in time
and change my daughter's name from Alexa to something else.
Literally anything else."
Aw, come on.
Beautiful name.
This one's from @dollarclown.
He says, "All I want for Christmas is for Jason Momoa
to just hook up with my wife already
so I can stop hearing about it."
Oh, wait!
He's everyone's hottie, man.
This one's from @jammiedior.
That's a cool name.
Jammie Dior.
I'd like to have a friend like Jammie Dior.
Friend Steve, friend Dennis.
This is Jammie Dior.
It's like a deejay.
DJ Jammie Dior.
Bringing in the new year!
Dance instigator Jammie Dior!
Uh, sorry, Jammie couldn't make it.
She's very tired.
She says, "All I want for Christmas is hash browns
where every layer is the crunchy layer."
Yes! That is right, Jammie!
I love Jammie Dior.
This last one here is from @thecanmancan.
He says, "All I want for Christmas is for people
to stop clapping when a plane lands.
It's what it's supposed to do!"
There you have it. Those are our "Tonight Show" hashtags.
To check out more of our favorites
go to tonightshow.com/hashtags.


我要的耶誕節 (Hashtags: #AllIWantForChristmas)

577 分類 收藏
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