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- Hello everyone and welcome back to English with Lucy.
Today I'm going to talk to you about 11 everyday brands
that you might have been pronouncing incorrectly.
Oh the horror.
Oh the shock.
Let's get started.
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Let's get started with the lesson.
The first brand that you might be pronouncing incorrectly
is this one.
Now it's a Chinese brand and I've heard lots of variations
but it should be Huawei.
There are lots of articles floating around
saying it should be Huawei or Huawei
but it should be Huawei.
One billion people are probably laughing at me right now.
The next one, I'm sure you've heard of this brand.
It should be pronounced Adobe.
However, I've heard many variations
especially with the magic e on the end, Adobe.
Honestly, Adobe's kind of cool.
They should consider a rebrand.
The next one, the Swedish furniture giant.
It should be pronounced Ikea.
However in England we call it Ikea.
The next one, if you're really posh
you have a washing machine and a dishwasher from this brand.
It's a German brand.
It's the founder's surname
and it should be pronounced Miele, Miele.
Not Miele or Miele as I've been saying it.
The next one, that gorgeous watch brand.
It should be Tag Heuer.
Tag Heuer.
The next one, another German brand.
It should be Bosch.
The next one number seven,
I have very happy memories of playing these games as a kid.
It's a Japanese brand and it should be Sega.
I always thought it was Sega.
The next brand, this one definitely shocked me.
It should be pronounced Asus.
Not Asus.
The next one, a Korean brand,
one of Apple's biggest competitors.
It should be pronounced Samsung.
not Samsung as we pronounce it in Britain.
The next one, a Japanese brand.
This one is named after the founder
and it should be Casio.
But most people do pronounce it Casio.
And then the last one, another watch brand.
This is a French brand.
And in Britain we pronounce it Rolex.
But it should be Rolex.
I'm terrible at that French r.
Right, that's it for today's lesson.
I hope you enjoyed it
and I hope you learned something.
Don't forget to sign up for Skillshare.
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And yes, my Instagram is just Lucy now.
So exciting!
Anyway, I will see you soon for another lesson.
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11 個你念錯的品牌 (11 brands YOU pronounce INCORRECTLY (Adobe, Huawei, Rolex, Casio, Samsung, Miele, Ikea))

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