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If you are wondering about some cool spots to take London touristy photos when you're here,
then I have Charles here (Charles: "hi guys") from the channel and Instagram @wandergasm
He's gonna show us some of the best spots around like central London, Westminster...
Where you can take some really cool London-y shots. Big Ben what's up with that?
Yeah, it's a little bit covered in scaffolding so it's kind of ruining the photographic opportunities I guess,
but we're gonna walk around right?
Yep, I'll show you some other spots and cool things you can do. So let's do it!
Okay, our first spot is Victoria Tower Gardens where we are right now
and you can get a really good view along the bank here of the London Eye and
Westminster Bridge, and there's a couple of spots around here that you are gonna take photos of, right?
Yeah, there's a few little spots: a whole line of trees behind us, this really nice, the park both
there we got some statues... just a very London-y area really.
Okay, so this spot right in front of the Houses on Parliament and all these really cool buildings
I think it's a really great angle for a shot here, and I'll kind of show you where exactly this is.
You kinda have to come around Westminster Abbey and come along aside,
and this is on the way to Victoria Tower Park.
All right you can't come to London and not take a photo with one of the classic Red Phone Box.
They are kinda all over Westminster, right?
A good majority are around outside Big Ben and Westminster area
And we will get some photos. Yeah!
We're just here on Victoria Embankment on opposite side the London Eye
just taking some really cool shots, I guess on the on the wall here, very nice little area...
You can kind of walk towards Westminster Bridge as well get some nice shots there...
Very busy area though! It is very busy.
So this is definitely a better place to get a shot of the London Eye because it's not quite as busy,
and you can't get in without having a bajillion people...
There's not many people on here should have seen not many people here
But when you see the photos are actually really cool!
Yeah looks great!
Hey guys, so this is Whitehall garden, this is a bit more of a hidden off-the-beaten-path spot
We've got some really beautiful buildings here. We've got the old gardens, we've got the benches...
Great place to come get some family shots or maybe with some bloggers shots.
And it's just off of Victoria Embankment, so it's really close to all the popular places that we've just gone through
But not as know as everything else! Yeah!
All right, thanks Charles for showing us some of the cool photo spots around London!
No worries, you're welcome!
And also if anybody doesn't want to take the photos themselves or they're a little worried about
someone taking off with their camera
and want to have the whole family in the photo or something, everyone can hire you, can't they?
Yes! I will come hook you up with some amazingly edited shots around London!
So if you're like you have the whole family here you want to take some nice photos of your trip,
or if you've just gotten engaged or something, then Charles is your guy.
I will leave a link down in the description box
to an information page more about how you can get your photos taken in London just like how I have,
and also, link up your Instagram account.
Yep, do that come check me out.
Very inspirational, very cool and your YouTube channel of course.
Yeah, thanks again, and we'll see you in the next video!


5 個倫敦的拍照好地點 (5 Great Photo Spots in London)

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