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Hello, I'm Katie. Here is Cigu.
Many people come here for buying seafood.
But why is here? Why not somewhere else?
Let's go find out.
Let me introduce you a very important person here, Mr.Wang.
He is the guru of breeding and farming here.
Let's welcome him.
Hello, Mr.Wang.
Hi, Katie.
Mr.Wang, I have heard that you have a very special way of breeding this place.
Can you share with us?
It's a sustainable fish farming cycle
that follows the order of the food chain.
The fish we farm here is mainly milkfish.
Waste produced by milkfish,
remaining feed and organic matter
can be the food for hard clams and grass shrimps.
And the waste produced by hard clams and grass shrimps
can be the food for phytoplankton and aquatic plants.
The phytoplankton and aquatic plants, in the end, can be the food for milkfish.
The cycle reaches an equilibrium
and purifies the body of water naturally.
Under such a farming method,
we get larger and more delicious fish, shrimps, and clams.
So, why Cigu has the best seafood?
Is there any secret in it?
As Cigu is close to the seaside,
we use a mixture of sea water
and water from the estuary of Zengwun River
in our fishing farms.
Besides, the water is pumped in and out through different pipes.
Cigu has a natural advantage.
It's a place where sea water and freshwater meets.
Together with the unpolluted land and water,
seafood in Cigu is therefore even more delicious.
Katie, have you ever seen people digging for hard clams?
Of course, I don't!
But it sounds really interesting.
How does it work?
Midnight is the perfect timing for clam digging.
Hard clams are vulnerable to sunshine.
They die soon after they leave water.
Therefore, the digging process starts at 2 to 3AM.
Before we dig for hard clams, we have to check their quality
as well as water salinity.
If the first few clams we dug stink,
that means the entire pool of clams have gone bad.
As we catch the hard clams, we have to check their sizes
and put ones that are too small back to the fishing farm.
Wow! The hard clams are large and fresh.
When you come to Cigu, don't miss out the seafood here!
I came here to construct fishing farms
and became friends with Ahfen.
She often catches some wild hard clams,
crabs, and fish. They're all wild.
Residents in Cigu are extremely familiar with the sea.
They know the exact dates of spring tides and neap tides just by looking at the calendar.
With a hand hoe and a bucket, they're ready for catching hard clams.
You need to pour salt into the hole
in order to catch a razor clam.
Cigu has a diversified ecosystem.
It's a great place for families to dig for treasures.
But remember to check the tidal period before you come!
Wow! These are all freshly caught from the seashore.
We have red tipped clams, large hard clams, and oysters.
It takes just some simple recipes
such as steaming, cold seafood salad, or soup, to make a delicious seafood dish.
Where did you get this super large clam (250g)?
I caught it on the beach.
The clam must really old.
It takes 3 to 4 years for a clam to grow into a size like this.
Before you get to taste the delicious dishes,
you have to meet the seafood expert of Cigu.
But I don't have any friends in Cigu who can catch fishes or do anything like that.
What can I do?
It's ok.
We have a lot of seafood restaurants here in Cigu.
Katie, try this. These hard clams are from Cigu.
Look at this clam, it is so large,
twice larger than the normal one.
I'm gonna take a bite of it.
Umm… It just slides over the shell.
It's not that flavorful, just naturally sweet. (請重錄音)
It's good.
Let's try the razor clams.
It's already come out from its shell,
and it has a really special shape just like bamboo.
I'm gonna try it.
Not that chewy, and it tastes a little bit salty and a little bit chilly.
You can almost taste both flavors.
It's really good.
If you want to eat a crab,
you have to try a wild one.
It's much sweeter.
It tastes creamy.
You can feel a paste in your mouth, just falls apart in your mouth.
Really good! I love it.
Wow, it's super tender, super sweet.Naturally sweet.
Wow, that's so awesome.Did you see that?
Really nice.
Is this a Siganus fuscescens?
It's also called a rabbitfish.
If you get stung by a rabbitfish, the pain will linger for a moment.
I'm gonna try this fish, it looks so nice.
This one is stir-fried, so it has a crispy outside.
But it's really tender inside.
I can taste a little bit sour because they put a little lemon on it.
Oyster vermicelli is another common dish in Cigu.
This one is the oyster with hand-noodles.
Okay, I'm gonna try this.
Oh,it's so big.Look at that.
The noodle is great.
It looks plain, but actually it is full of flavor.
If you think that you're not satisfied with all these kinds of seafood,
you have to try this.
Giant grouper soup with pickled watermelon is another must-eat here.
The meat of the giant grouper is quite chewy,
and the pickled watermelon gives the soup a slight sour.
It's really appetizing.
Is it good, Katie?
It's good.
It's really nice, super good! I love it.
The delicious seafood is due to freshness.
Oh, so that is the secret of why people always come here for the fresh seafood in Cigu.
So it is a definite must-do when you come here in Cigu.
Seafood in Cigu is awesome!
The grand finale activity in Sigang's incense event


《哈 臺南》第十二集:呷海產 (Hot Tainan EP12. Enjoying Seafood in Cigu)

287 分類 收藏
Hot Tainan 哈臺南 發佈於 2018 年 12 月 4 日
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