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Sleep actually enhances your memory and it refreshes your learning ability.
You need sleep after learning to essentially hit the save button on those new
memories, so that you don't forget.
But what we've also learned is that you need
sleep before learning as well and now -to almost prepare your brain, a little bit
like a dry sponge ready to initially soak up new information. So you need
sleep on both sides of that equation and that's why pulling the all-nighter
before the exam is a very bad idea.
When you sleep you actually see almost a
three-fold increase in creative abilities as a consequence and there's
some wonderful anecdotes demonstrating this sleep inspired creative benefit.
Keith Richards, from the Rolling Stones, actually used to go to sleep with a
guitar and a tape recorder because he understood the power of dream sleep, what
we call REM sleep, and he describes in his autobiography how one night he
started the tape recorder, went to sleep and the next morning the
tape had run all the way through, he rewinded it back and there in some ghostly
vision were the opening chords of Satisfaction,
the most famous Rolling Stones song.
And then he said it was followed by about 43 minutes of snoring thereafter.
It's probably the reason that no one has ever told you
to stay awake on a problem.
Sleep is a wonderful health panacea. Every major disease that seems to be
killing us in the developed world has significant -and many of them causal-
links to a lack of sleep. So the two most feared diseases,
which are Alzheimer's disease and cancer, both have strong links
to short sleep duration across the lifespan.
Short sleep will actually predict all cause mortality. So you may
have heard that old maxim people would tell you that "you can sleep when you're dead".
Well, it is mortally unwise advice if you adopt that mindset.
We know from the science that you will be both dead sooner
and the quality of that now shorter life will be significantly worse.
Less sleep does not equal more productivity, it's a fallacy that still
remains in business and it's actually a very costly one too. The RAND Corporation
several years ago performed a global survey of the cost of sleep deprivation
across nations and what they found was that insufficient sleep within the
workplace cost most nations about two percent of their GDP. So, just think about
that, if we could solve the sleep crisis within the workplace we could perhaps
double the budget for education, maybe we could even half the healthcare deficit
that were suffering in most of these developed nations. So sound sleep is
sound business, that's exactly what the science teaches us.


你應該睡更多的五個原因 (5 reasons why you should sleep more | BBC Ideas)

3412 分類 收藏
Fei Hao 發佈於 2018 年 11 月 25 日
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