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Hello, in this lesson we going to look at the beginning
of your IELTS speaking test this is when you walk into
the IELTS speaking examination room and you greet the examiner for the first time
this is before part 1 begins you will need to greet the examiner and
do an identification check we often call this part 0
there are 4 questions to part 0 and I'm going to give you the questions
and give you some useful tips so that you can be confident in your answers
and give a good first impression to the examiner
so lets start with the first question in the first question
the examiner will introduce him or herself and the examiner will give their name
so the examiner is going to say good afternoon my name's elizabeth
what's your full name or maybe they might say
could you tell me your full name please and you need to answer good afternoon
elizabeth you can give the examiner's name or
not its your choice and then you say my name's bui minh trang
now it's a simple question and simple answer but I still have some tips for you
so the first tip if you're going to use the name of the
examiner and say good afternoon elizabeth
please don't give a title this is incorrect in English
we don't use titles with first names so if you're going
to use the name of the examiner only say good afternoon elizabeth
but if you don't feel comfortable using the name of the examiner
it's fine its not a problem
you can just say good afternoon now when you give your name
there are two tips I want you to remember
the first tip is when you say my name's bui minh trang
please don't say my name is bui minh trang
I want you to use the contraction
my name's now the reason this is important
is because this is part of pronunciation when you contract a word from is to my name's
then is higher level pronunciation so remember that for the rest of your exam
and try to use it as much as you can
and the other tip is when you give your name
please don't speak quickly don't say ..........................
I want you to say the name clearly because sometimes it's difficult
for the examiner to hear foreign names so you need to say my name's
bi min tang and of course the point is to smile
don't forget to smile this is your chance to greet the examiner
and be friendly and show confidence so smile look at the examiner in the eyes
and relax the second question is very easy the examiner
will ask you what can I call you
and there are 3 ways that you could reply
you could say you can call me minh
or you could say just call me minh
or please call me minh so those are 3 possible answers
that you can give now for some tips
my first tip is please don't explain why people call you this
this is really part of the test this is only the greeting
so you're going to give the examiner simple clear answers
you don't need to add more information and I know some of you have English
names and of course you can give the examiner you
English name you can say you can call me by
my English name Mary now this is fine but please remember
do not make a mistake with that sentence you still need to say you can call me
you need this preposition by you can call me by
my English name Mary and if you don't have an English name
please don't worry it doesn't matter so lets have a look at the third question
the third question the examiner will ask you where are you from
or the examiner might say could you tell me where you come from
now let me give you some possible answers
you cuold say I'm from Hanoi
I'm from you could say I come from Hong Kong
I come from you could also add more information
if you want not too much just a little bit more if you want
you could say I'm from Calcutta which is in the east of India
now it is good to add a little bit more information it's friendly
but also it's shows the examiner good grammar which is in the east
this is a clause which means it is high band score grammar
so you're already showing the exminer that you have good English
now lets have a look at some tips don't expand any further
you can give the location and stop don't say any more
again these are simple questions simple answers also don't ask the examiner
any questions so for example don't say I come from Hanoi have you been
there don't give the examiner recommendations
don't say I come from Hanoi I think you really should go there
so please don't do that just keep it simple
short and accurate and the last tip for you
this is with the pronunciation for the names of the cities where you come from
please try to use the English pronunciation so for example Hanoi please don't say
Ha Noi please say Hanoi or for example Calcutta please don't say Kolkatta
please Calcutta the reason that we do this is
because you're showing the examiner that the English pronunciation is natural
for you right so lets move on to the last question
question number 4 and the final question
question 4 the examiner will ask you could I see your
identification please or the examiner might say
can you show me your identification please now for your answer of course you need to
give the examiner your identification
and you can also say here you are
or sure here you are or of course
here it is so you can choose any
of those answers now for some tips
identifcation is often called ID so if the examiner asks you
for your ID it's the same it means identification keep your answer short
you can see here it's just a very short answer just a few words
don't make it any longer and the last tip it is possible
for you to actually say nothing and give the examiner
the identification but I think it's nice just to say something these are all
very polite and perfectly normal to say in that situation
so those are the 4 questions for part 0 for greeting the IELTS examiner
and doing the identification check please watch the video again
practice answering the questions correctly and remember smile
relax be confident and start your test in the right way
well that's all I'll see you in my next IELTS lesson



雅思口說第一步:和考官打招呼 (IELTS Speaking: Greeting the examiner)

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