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pumpkins are everywhere this year it's nearly Halloween and by now you've
probably either carved out a pumpkin and wondered what to do with the bits you've
scraped out had a pumpkin flavored coffee or maybe you've even picked out
your own pumpkin from a farm meaning of course taking lots of photos to fill
your social media feed obviously the tradition of carving pumpkins comes from
the United States well actually NO there was a very
strong tradition of carving root vegetables in the British Isles going
right back to the Middle Ages probably and the vegetable that they would be
carving was a root vegetable and it was a turnip in Ireland and in South of
England they were called Punky's and in east anglia they were called
jack-o'-lanterns now what happens is Irish migration takes these Halloween
traditions to North America where the the vegetable available around this time
of year that's going to make good lanterns is the pumpkin and it's much
much easier to carve but does the American love of pumpkins run deeper
than just being an autumnal colored crop that's easy to make into a Lantern one of
the coolest things about the story of the pumpkin is it's actually helping to
rejuvenate small family farms so the popularity of pumpkin pie in the
jack-o'-lantern has led to the revitalization of the very thing the
pumpkin represents the small family farm and now farms over here are costing onto
the pumpkin trend too last year people in the UK spent 10 million pounds on
pumpkins for Halloween and more fields have been taken over by pumpkins to
cater for the demand in the last three years we've started growing pumpkins
which was something new to us we were already well-known for our fruit during
the summer months so it was just a natural expansion and progression to to
do something later in the year so yeah it's it's a huge benefit to the business
and could the Brits love of pumpkins grow even further in the future there's
veneration of the small family farmer and how the idea of toiling in the soil
builds strong work thick and builds morals and a sense of
virtue these are all traditions that come old traditions that come from
England - and I think maybe in this time of discord that we have across the world
with brexit in England people return to a sense of nostalgia to these old
fashioned ways to make a living in the land as much as they move into cities
and they move into office jobs over the years people still like to think of
themselves as farmers at heart and all that that represents


為什麼萬聖節要刻南瓜? (Halloween: How did we fall in love with pumpkins? - BBC News)

3315 分類 收藏
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