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good morning good afternoon good evening we're sorted food and this is Fridge
Cam. Today we are experiencing London's best full English breakfast
myself Jamie and Ebbers have been individually assigned a price point we
are going to go out and find an amazing full english breakfast for that price
point take the others there and try and justify our choices they'll be eating
they'll be talking they'll be probably arguing and does it have to be a full
English breakfast yes just so I know I've got the brief correct - no Demi no semi full English so I've got our first
breakfast today I brought the boys to Billingsgate market a unique London
experience the markets pretty much shutting up it's 8 o'clock and we're
going in for breakfast in the billingsgate market cafe
fish market isn't the first place I think we're coming to for filling this
breakfast the market is very ebbers the cafe isn't no it's the opposite event
the food hasn't arrived yet but the thing that you've nailed is the greasy spoon atmosphere
if you're gonna come here you've got to get there fishy breakfast scallop kipper or star
of the show what people who walk through this door come for
the scallop and bacon abroad that's the one everyone comes off it's four quid it's
less than a fiver like that is gonna be our starter today. It's the scallop of
breakfast bacon grilled tomato. I mean those scallops have come from the UK's biggest fish market next door about
20 steps away not even feet 20 steps oh it's not where that came from
no I don't think there's anywhere in London you can buy and eat and enjoy scallops as delicious and as cheap as this
right my turn and I hope the boys are ready for a
breakfast if you're supposed to breakfast like a king we're going to
rule the world with my choice. What a surprise what
delicious Come to a steak restaurant for a full English
which is renowned to be one of the best steak restaurants in London
cornflake cereal milk and obviously you have to go with a recommendation of the house
which is for a shot of bourbon
I'm gonna have this for breakfast every day. Can we get one Hawksmoor breakfast for three please
everytime that door opens into the kitchens my heart skips a beat
HP gravy ... if you could smell what was coming off of that dish, so good
Trotter baked beans unlimited toast there's actually only four slices so I dont...
think we can ask for more so you know HP brown sauce yeah no ...
now turned into gravy. I'm fairly happy with my choice
choice at this stage. I am happy with your choice, I think you've done well.
Now usually this would go against every bone in my body. Sharing.
but I think we can probably cope with this amount
Short rib bubble and squeak is something else
don't mind me if I don't butter the toast. I'm marrowing.
what is so classic about a full English is that it's so familiar yeah and yet this
poses more questions it's not the obvious I'm approaching full these can be a real
my place is so good I don't want to be turning up this full two down one to go
we're gonna go classic we're going greasy spoon we're going full English
but Italian this place I think is amazing because it is a cafe it's run by
an Italian family is called E. Pellicci it's in the top 45 TripAdvisor
restaurants in London and it's a cafe so there's gotta be something amazing about
everything is homemade by mum she's got a lot of beautiful chicken bacon a mushroom pie
not long come out the oven you've got lasagnas canolloni's these everything is
homemade all the chips are cut by hand so if you need to know anything give us a shout
already good find how did I not know this existed I'm now suddenly so worried about my choice
I mean we are it's cozy it's RAM everyone knows everyone this is perfect
two full english breakfast with chips and fried bread
one of my favorite, so good - we're gonna come back for pasta next time this is the bit where we discuss budget and
whether or not we thought these were value for money
let's start with the first place all being not a full English debatable a slice of
English history one of the oldest fish markets you've got fresh scallops and
for a tenner scallops bacon egg coffee four quid if you want the roll you're not
just getting breakfast are you you're getting like visiting something is
something different Hawksmoor if you were to have that by yourself
yeah with the milkshake and a coffee with service 30 quid hands down the best
food we ate today - the quality of business unbelievable great
value for money considering everything that you get the best food do you know
what was annoying though what number three because that was the best full English
experience and the moment walks in the door I felt like I was a member the
family that is a quintessential full English breakfast it's a place that
you'll talk about when you go back home value for money
an incredible value for me very uniquely different three uniquely brilliant turns
out we're really excellent at picking full english breakfast well done lads can I have a
lie down now you see the thing about full English breakfast is it doesn't
have scallops ooh but also there are so many places to go in London alone let
alone the rest of England and then you get onto Irish breakfast and Welsh
breakfast... breakfast is amazing and I'm sure we've missed places
out why don't we create a list let's compile at the biggest list of the best
places to go to breakfast in the UK in the comment section down below what a
great idea get typing anything more than that



倫敦最棒的英式早餐?! (London's Best Full English Breakfast?! (At 3 Price Points))

2424 分類 收藏
Emily 發佈於 2018 年 10 月 30 日
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