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Now I thought I'd share some of my favorite
#homecomingfail stories from you guys.
This first one's from @StevecarlsonWF.
He says, "I nervously asked the girl I liked,
'Do you want to go to homecoming?'
When she said yes, I was still so nervous
that for some reason, I blurted out, 'Cool. With who?'"
"I-I-I'm just doing a survey.
I want to know who's going with who."
This one's from @boobearmelly.
She says, "Nelly's song 'Get Your Eagle On' was playing.
I dropped down so low, my pants split down the middle.
All my friends had to huddle around me
and dance me out of the gym."
I mean, that's what friends are for, man.
That's what friends are for.
This one's from @airmailbird.
She says, "My friend's dad rented a limo
for him and his homecoming date, but he was also their chauffeur
and gave them 'The Talk' on the way there."
"When a man and woman love each other..."
This one's from @dackjaniels.
Not Jack Daniels. Dack Janiels, man.
Dack Janiels. I get it.
He says, "I only knew one dance move
that I learned from an M.C. Hammer music video,
and I danced that one move all night.
My date asked if I knew anything else,
so I tried an impromptu spin move
and accidentally slapped her in the face."
This guy's a disaster!
Go home. That is a fail.
Mr. Janiels
This one's from @MCDani9214.
She says, "My date really loved the song
'You're Beautiful,' by James Blunt.
When it came on, he said he needed to
feel this one on his own
and went to a corner and danced with himself."
-"You're Beautiful"? -What?
You're beautiful
Can I be blunt?
This one's from @burninglegacies.
She says, "Our homecoming had a low budget,
so we got an elderly deejay who played songs off YouYube.
We spent half the dance waiting for ads to be over."
"I like this Geico ad."
"Pretty good."
"Hold on a second."
This last one's from @VIPrice.
He says, "My mom chaperoned our homecoming.
She showed up a little tipsy and ended up
leading the whole school in doing the 'Thriller' dance."
There you have it.
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【今夜秀】#崩壞返校日 (Hashtags: #HomecomingFail)

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