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Hey there and welcome to Life Noggin. Oh! A pizza bagel! Sweet!
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Your world is pretty awesome! I had a great time when I was there. I saw a bunch of cool
places and even helped my friend Phil fall in love!
But now a lot of you have asked if you could come and visit me in my world. Maybe help
us fight one of those big scary monsters we've found or just hang out with me and Triangle
Bob on the couch. Or maybe instead of visiting us, you just wanna upload your mind to the
internet in an attempt to live forever, AND that's fine too. That;s a good reason.
So could something like that ever happen? Is it possible to transfer your consciousness
to the internet?
Well, for right now, no. That's because even if it was only a matter of scanning your
mind and emulating it on a computer, your tech just isn't there yet to be able to
feasibly download and handle all of that information in a timely manner. There is A LOT up there.
For the future though, we don't know for certain yet if it could happen, and if even
if it could, it would likely be some sort of moral issue on if the emulated brain was
really /you/, but we can look at what scientists think and what some companies are trying to
Like the company Nectome. Since the tech isn't really there yet to fully scan your mind,
their mission is to try and preserve your brain well enough so that it keeps all of
your memories intact. Then, after they figure out how to successfully store it all in some
sort of brain bank, they think that you'd be able to digitize your preserved brain and
use it to recreate your mind by the turn of the century. Basically, you preserve your
mind now, and then use it to digitally recreate your consciousness later when your tech hopefully
catches up to your ideas. It's ambitious for sure!
And Nectome has already been able to make a few steps in the right direction. They were
able to preserve a pig's brain well enough that all of the neural links inside the brain
were intact and could be seen with an electron microscope. This is after Nectome did something
similar with the brain of a rabbit. Surely this is different than doing the same with
a human brain, but it's definitely a start.
And even if they did manage to store your brain, and we go out on a limb and assume
all of your memories came along with it, there's still the whole thing about actually transferring
your mind to the digital world.
Scientists and researchers really seem to be divided on whether or not this whole thing
is really possible. Some people believe that the brain is just simply not computable, while
others, like Ken Hayworth, a neuroscientist and president of the Brain Preservation Foundation,
that's a thing, envision a future where you can upload you mind to the digital space.
But no matter who's right, what seems a lot more likely than transferring your consciousness
to the internet, is finding a way to connect your mind to a computer.
There's already been some work done along this path! Just last year, a team of engineers
from Wits university were able to use an EEG device, which detects electrical signals in
the brain, to transmit neurological activity to a credit card sized computer called a Raspberry
Pi. Then they live-streamed the data and put it up on an open website that the public could
check out for themselves.
So, in the end, we don't know for sure, but maybe one day you'll be able to upload
that mind of yours to the Life Noggin Cloud.
Until then, we'll keep a hot plate of pizza bagels waiting for you. Mmm you can just taste
the not realness!
Question for you! If you could live in my world forever, and we're hanging out, where's
the first place we're going? Let me know in the comment section below,
or tell us, what should we talk about next!?
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As always, my name is Blocko, this has been Life Noggin, don't forget to keep on thinking!


可以把腦袋備份到雲端嗎? (Could You Backup Your Brain To The Cloud?)

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