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Hello friends, welcome back! Do you feel
nervous and anxious when speaking on the

phone in English? when somebody calls you in English you're stuck, you're nervous,
because you're not confident speaking on
the phone in English? or when you have to

call somebody... be that for work purposes or for personal purposes, you don't know
how to communicate what you want on the phone... Friends there is no need to feel
nervous or anxious talking on the phone
in English! In this video lesson I will

teach you how to improve your confidence speaking on the phone in English in two
situations... the first being when you are
receiving a call from somebody and the

second being when you have to call
somebody to get something done... friends

please note this is not a vocabulary
lesson... these tips will help you speak

more confidently on the phone... they will
enable you to communicate more

effectively while you are on phone calls
and enable you to get what you need to

get done, while you're on the phone....
Friends before we go through these tips,
which you can use to improve your

confidence speaking on the phone and
enable you to get things done, I would

love to hear from you! Join the
discussion in the comments below this

video and tell me do you ever speak on
the phone in English? So do you use Skype? do

you use landlines? do you use your mobile phone? Do you use WhatsApp? do you
communicate in English on the phone? tell me in the comments is it for work
purposes...so do you have to talk on the phone for
your job? or is it for personal purposes?
maybe you are chatting to friends in

English, maybe you are booking an
appointment.. whatever you're doing tell

us in the comments below this video... now friends I do understand that when you're
receiving a phone call from somebody in
English, you may be panicking because

your level of English is not high enough...
use these tips to calm down and to

communicate better on the phone... friends these tips I'll be sharing with you I've
used, using my second language. the
Croatian language, and they work! Be

positive while we're going through these
tips, as I know they will help you to

communicate to speak more confidently on the phone... let's begin by looking at the
first situation, that being when somebody
calls you... now before you answer the

phone call, so you hear your friend
ringing (bring bring) in the background and

you're starting to panic... before you even
go to answer the phone, what I want you

to do is to smile :) Okay why do I tell you
to smile? Smile and laugh... you want to

answer that phone call on a positive
note... as English is your second language

and you're probably nervous and anxious
because you're not confident using the

English language, let alone on the phone..
you want to break the ice, but you need

to break the ice with yourself... the best
way to do this is to smile :) Smile and

laugh a little bit, so that when you
answer that phone call, you answer it

happy... you're happy and you will not
sound nervous and

anxious... by smiling when answering that
phone call, the other person will notice

from the tone of your voice, they will
notice that you sound happy, that you

sound interesting and they will be
willing to talk to you... okay so you're

smiling, but before you answer the phone
call... but what next you? you still have some

issues in communication... friends while
on the phone call don't worry about every

single word... pay attention to key phrases
and key topics.... questions that that

person is asking you... many English
speakers when speaking on the phone ,they

connect words, they speak very fast and
maybe a landline or the connections

simply cuts out... try to pay attention to
those words, questions and phrases that

that person is saying to you... now
something that I like to do when I'm

talking on the phone, is I like to have a
piece of paper on hand and I like to

write down words or key phrases... so some important dot points... why do I like to do
this and I suggest that you do the same
as well... because while you are on that telephone

call and you may not understand
everything... you're taking notes so you're

organizing your ideas, and towards the
end of that phone call you can ask

questions back to that person you're
speaking to... remember friends you want to

be able to speak confidently, you want to
communicate and you want to get stuff

done over the phone... asking questions
back to the speaker is a great way to

make sure that you've fully understood
what they're saying and that you're

doing what you need to do on the phone...
you're getting that stuff done...

so for example I maybe call my dentist
and I don't really understand my dentists

accent or they're speaking.. they are using strange words, but I want to make
an appointment at 12 p.m. tomorrow... and the dentist said bla bla bla 12:00... and
I'm like huh? I'm stuck... but I wrote down
12 o'clock and I will ask a question

back to confirm that I've fully
understood what that other person was

saying... so I will ask the dentist, or the
other person on the line... I'll say okay

just to confirm is the appointment at 12
p.m.... this way friends by asking

questions back using those dot points
that you've written down, you will avoid

miscommunication on the phone and you'll get what you need to get done.. now what
about when you need to call somebody ,and you need to get some information, or you
need to make an appointment
or do something? In these situations when

you are calling somebody to get
something done, I suggest that you plan

your phone call before... you don't have to
plan how your whole phone call... I'm not

talking about planning every single
sentence or word you're going to say, but

write down the questions, the information
that you need from that speaker.. so for

example, if you're trying to reserve a
table at a restaurant...

write down, okay maybe when do you need to go?.. I need to go at 1 p.m. I want to
sit by the window... I want xyz---
whatever you need from that phone call

write those questions down before you
even go to make that phone call... also

friends if you're nervous before making
that phone call again smile... I know this...

I've said it a few times, but by you
smiling maybe laughing a little bit.. tell

yourself a joke in your head before you
go to answer or to call somebody in

English, you will portray yourself as
being happy and interesting on the phone...

this will enable people to listen to you
over the phone, but also give you that

information that you need...
now friends, in both situations, be that

if you're calling somebody or if you're
receiving a phone call, what I want you

to do while you're speaking on the phone
is to open your mouth and speak slowly...

Now why do I say this? English is your second language and when
you're on a phone call, there may be some
interference... be that because of the

network... whatever it is...
but sometimes I can't even understand

some native speakers on the phone,
because of bad signal! this really

frustrates people, these bad network and
signal issues... I know it frustrates me

all the time...
but even if I'm on the phone with a

native English speaker and we have bad
network... bad signal issues... I speak slower

and I speak clearer.. why? because I want
to get what I need to get done over the

I want my message to go across... you

should be doing the same... while you're on the phone I suggest that you speak
slower, and you open your mouth, so that
you are clearly pronouncing words and so

that the other person can understand you.. also you shouldn't be speaking with a
soft voice.. speak loud! Now when I say
speak loud I don't mean shout on the

phone... don't shout while you're in a phone call
but speak loud, open your mouth, pronounce words clearly so that the other person
can understand you... a lot of the time
when we are in phone calls there may be other

factors which may hinder your
communication... this could be because of

bad network, bad signal and this is
really frustrating... but it's even more

frustrating when you're on the phone
with somebody and they're speaking

softly and they're not pronouncing words
clearly... to overcome this open your

mouth! I know you can do it open your
mouth and say words clearly out loud and

don't speak very fast... while you're in
that call, you're calling that person

because you want to get something done... by you having prepared before that
information you want to ask, you've
already done a lot...

you're already smiled... so you've already
came to that call on a positive note but

it's not enough to be positive and to be
speaking very fast and using a strong

accent which the other person can't
understand... calm down a little bit speak

slower, open your mouth so that you can
speak more clearly so that person can

and so that they can help you! Friends I

would like to highlight these tips work...
as I use them on a regular basis.. use

these tips, improve your confidence
speaking on the phone in English and

avoid miscommunication! Have better and more meaningful phone calls using the
English language... friends I would love to
hear from you! Have you used any of these

tips? are you speaking in the phone at
the moment and why are you speaking on

the phone in English is it for work
purposes... is it for private purposes? join

the discussion in the comments below
this video... if you like this video lesson

you'll also love other lessons here on my
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English like a native English speaker...

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with them... thanks for being here, thanks

for watching and I'll see you in the
discussion in the comments below this

video... bye for now



如何自信地用英語講電話 (How to Speak Confidently in English on the Phone)

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