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Hi in this video I'm going to show you
the fastest way to get a job you see
with this one small shift in your focus
you're gonna get a clear idea whether or
not you're really on the fast track to
getting a job or just treading water in
your own job search
Hi my name is Ian Jenkins founder of
job hunting secrets dot-com where we equip
jobseekers to find new opportunities in
less time searching through job boards
surfing company websites polishing your
resume filling in online applications
they're all typical activities that we
associate with making progress in a job
search right well if you spend time the
past weeks and months doing these exact
same activities have you seen any real
progress in your job hunt
chances are you're not where you want to
be in your job search right now is I was
in the exact same position myself after
spending endless days online looking for
a job
63 resume revisions in nearly one year
of unemployment
I knew I was not on the fast track to a
job and that's when I started
researching different approaches to job
hunting now that was a question that
made me rethink my entire approach and
that was what's the tipping point in my
own job hunt in other words what's the
simple activity that most important
activity in my job search and am I
spending enough time doing it
I started looking at my entire job
hunting process and all the things that
I was doing to fill my day i was
searching through chalkboards day in and
day out i was reading through emails
filled with career alerts i was surfing
company websites everyday and polishing
my resume until its Sparkle and then if
i was lucky as filling in applications
as well I did all of these things in the
hopes of landing in interview now when
you look at all of these activities
which one has the most value to you
and your job on in other words if you
only had 30 minutes to spend on job
money today which of these would be the
most valuable use of your time and the
answer is interviewing why when you meet
a hiring manager that's when you become
more than just a resume
it's an opportunity to demonstrate your
skills and the value that you can bring
to an organization so if you want to
know if you're on the fast track to
finding a job
ask yourself how much time have you
spent face-to-face with hiring managers
this week you see the more time you
spend talking discussing and meeting
with managers in the industry of the
companies that you want to work in the
faster you'll find a job in the book
headhunter hiring secrets author skip
Freeman says that there's sort of an
unwritten rule amongst headhunters in
the US and that is it takes six first
time face-to-face meetings to land a
single placement what this means is that
in companies where they are actively
looking to hire on average you have to
have six first time face-to-face
meetings in order to land a job offer
so how does this put you on the fast
track to finding a job well if you
change your focus from how many jobs
have I applied for this week to how many
face-to-face meetings have I had this
week would you start to think
differently about how you use your time
when day-to-day activities would you
change to get more face-to-face time
with managers he hasn't mentioned before
I won't struggle to find a job once i
started measuring the progress of my own
job search but with time spent in front
of managers instead of the number of
applications and I feel them i got on
the fast track to finding a job because
that's when I discovered a method that
consistently got me into six interviews
a week with managers in the industry
that I wanted to work in now getting out
and meeting with industry insiders is so
much more rewarding than sitting behind
a computer and feeling helpless in your
job search
so to get on the fast track to your next
job change how you met
your progress by monitoring how much
time you spend face-to-face with
managers you see this small change in
how you measure your own progress will
get you to rethink your daily activities
as well I hope you found this video
valuable if you'd like to know how i
teach jobseekers to get up to six
interviews a week
click on the link below and if you want
to stay up-to-date on more helpful tips
like this then make sure to subscribe if
you've got any suggestions for future
videos please leave them in the comments
area below and I'll talk to you soon



求職技巧 – 最快獲得工作的方式 (Job Hunting Tips - Fastest Way To Get A Job)

1567 分類 收藏
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