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That is quite literally no such thing as a day off when you have lots of animals that you have to look after
oh this is such a mess
You didn't even try you didn't even try Meep. Oh
You're so rubbish
You didn't even try!
Okay, I'm gonna go and run a bath for him because I need to get this shed off. He's so rubbish
This is my animal towel
also I do not recommend sharing human towels with animal towels this is my designated animal towel to dry Meepy when he comes out because
He is a really really heavy bodied snake and I really don't want him to get a cold after.
You ready Meepy? Should we go and take you to your bath? Augh
So heavy!
Who needs dumbbells when you have-
Look at this Meepy this is fun!
♪ Cause it has to be done, it does, it has to be done. ♪
♪ Cause you are rubbish and you don't do it yourself. ♪
Now this is interesting. Meepy I need your head. Now you can see around his its all cloudy that's because he's got a scale court.
He hasn't remoted eye cap and if you let that happen over and over again
You can actually jeopardize the integrity of the eye. And Meepy! I need you buddy
I need you. Look give me give me a moment. I'll try to do this. Give me a break. Give me a break
♪ Hello darkness my old friend... ♪
Yes, yes, yes, it's nearly off, very gently.
gently Gently slowly slowly,
ohh lovely yes yes yes yes yes
And there we have it. That is oh
let me see if my camera will focus my cameras playing all sorts of tricks today-there we go.
That's his eye cap that covers his eyeball. (When he sheds)
See that scale? It's actually called the Brill. The brilliant Brill.
Look, what you did
Was that you?
Meepy's looking really good. We've got all of his stuck shed off.
Um he looks a bit crusty on top of his head. That's just um the water drying funny. He doesn't have any stuck scales there don't worry.
He had a really cool big
Shed piece of scales so I decided...
Randomly to commandeer them and lay them up my arm. These are his belly scales. Oh, yes, oh
you look so much nicer!
You'll notice as well pythons at least some of the pythons
It'll have these vestigial legs, and they can be more prominent in other species
Or with age just make sure that you do remove all of the dry skin around that as well. or the scum
sorry, not dry skin. all suck shed as well
Just because around the vent it can cause some infection if you leave it, but he's all good
Oh Meepy is not happy with me. Meepy is all nice and dry now. Look how much prettier
he looks this is where they are called blood pythons because they go to sort of
blood-Red kind of Murky Brown color
So yeah, you can actually see his colors now. 10 years ago. I brought this going home, and he was like 4 inches long
He's a bit bigger now
quite a bit bigger
Well, that's it
I'm going to now deal with
getting rid of all those stuck shed in my
Bathtub but you don't really need to see all that. Don't forget to subscribe if you haven't already because I do lots of fun,
Animal stuff all the time and-oh, you don't need to see the kitchen. oh, that's bad
Alright, I'm going to go and Sort my life out. Bye!
*creepy whisper* hey, don't forget to subscribe


又來了!血蟒蛻皮卡關 | 移除蛇的眼窗皮 (NOT AGAIN! Blood Python Stuck Shed | Removing Snake Eye Cap)

353 分類 收藏
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