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  • We've just arrived from Taipei off a bus.


  • We're about a half hour outside of the city right now


  • come to explore what's known here as the 'Abandoned UFO Village.'

    來探索這裡已知的東西 作為'被遺棄的不明飛行物村'。

  • Let me repeat: Abandoned UFO Village.


  • I have a lot more questions about this place than I have answers

    我對這個地方有很多疑問 比我有答案

  • but we're going to go inside and see what we can find.


  • It's already looking quite abandoned on the walk up here.

    它已經看起來很放棄了 在這裡走。

  • It's very abandoned feeling.


  • And we don't know where we're going to be totally honest but we're just winging it.

    我們不知道我們要去哪裡 說實話,但我們只是扯著它。

  • Gonna look for some abandoned-looking UFOs.


  • Ok, well, UFO sighted on the ground.


  • Can you see that yellow looking structure right ahead?


  • That's our first glimpse of the UFO village.


  • I am absolutely fascinated.


  • Like it's…we haven't even really got inside but just approaching it like it's…fascinating.

    就像它......我們甚至都沒有進去 但就像接近它一樣......令人著迷。

  • I'm kind of speechless to be honest because it really is totally untouched looking

    說實話,我有點說不出話來 因為它真的完全不受影響

  • and I'm not seeing really anyone else around.


  • And I…I don't understand how it's not really even on the map.

    而我......我不明白怎麼做 它甚至不在地圖上。

  • But it's here.


  • It's strange.


  • This, by the way, is supposed to be one of the most haunted places in Taiwan

    順便說一下,這應該是 台灣最鬧鬼的地方之一

  • if not the most haunted place in Taiwan so we will keep that in mind.

    如果不是台灣最鬧鬼的地方 所以我們會記住這一點。

  • See if we find some ghosts.


  • Oh my god!


  • Ok so I stuck my head inside the window and just here that's the door.

    好的,所以我把頭伸進了窗戶 就在這裡,那就是門。

  • As you can see, it looks like an airplane door which, I think, is how they're intended to be designed.

    如你所見,它看起來像一個飛機門 我認為,這是他們打算如何設計的。

  • They go all the way wrapped around.


  • Wow.


  • Look at the old TV.


  • I just wanted to show you what underneath one of these UFOs, as we're calling them, looks like.

    我只想告訴你底下的東西 正如我們稱之為的那樣,其中一個不明飛行物看起來像。

  • It's floating, just hovering there above the ground.


  • Looks like it used to be maybe a picnic table.


  • I don't even know where to start with this place because it's so cool and I'm just dying to keep exploring

    我甚至不知道從哪裡開始這個地方 因為它很酷,我只是想繼續探索

  • but first I wanted to give you a little bit of background context

    但首先我想給你 一點背景背景

  • and tell you what I do know about the Abandoned UFO Village.

    並告訴你我所知道的 關於被遺棄的不明飛行物村。

  • This crazy place has a bit of a mysterious background


  • and so what's believed is that this was intended to be a holiday resort by the water.

    所以我們相信這是有意的 在水邊度假。

  • We're right on the water here.


  • You can see my hair is all full of salt water already within a few minutes.

    你可以看到我的頭髮都充滿了鹹水 已經在幾分鐘之內。

  • It's a great surf spot and so this was a place to come to relax.

    這是一個很棒的衝浪點等等 這是一個放鬆的地方。

  • The construction started in 1978


  • and during the two years that it was being built - and there were people around -

    在它建造的兩年中 - 周圍有人 -

  • a lot of weird things were happening


  • and so there were these inexplicable car accidents, there was at least one suicide that occurred

    所以有這些莫名其妙的車禍, 發生了至少一起自殺事件

  • from, I believe, the construction workers who were spending a lot of time on this land.

    我相信建築工人 誰在這片土地上花了很多時間。

  • And as far as I can tell and, again, it's shrouded in mystery -

    據我所知,再說一次, 它籠罩在神秘之中 -

  • there's not a lot of information about this - one day people just left.

    關於這個的信息不是很多 - 有一天人們離開了。

  • So around 1980 this place was just a ghost town


  • and it has that kind of eerie feeling of a gold rush town that was just abandoned overnight.

    它有一種令人毛骨悚然的淘金小鎮的怪異感覺 那是一夜之間就放棄了。

  • And there's no information about why people left and why it's never been used again.

    並且沒有關於人們離開的原因的信息 為什麼它再也沒有被使用過

  • Ever.


  • I mean it's years, decades later and there's still nobody here.

    我的意思是幾年,幾十年後 而且這裡仍然沒有人。

  • I mean I think there are maybe some squatters living here now and then but

    我的意思是我認為可能還有一些 擅自居住在這裡的擅自佔地者,但是

  • this place is totally abandoned.


  • The theories that I've heard about why it was abandoned

    我聽過的理論 關於它被拋棄的原因

  • and why all of these bad things kept happening


  • is number one that this was a burial ground for Dutch soldiers.

    這是第一 荷蘭士兵的墓地。

  • 70,000 Dutch soldiers.


  • Taiwan used to be a Dutch colony and so this is believed to be a burial ground

    台灣曾經是荷蘭殖民地 所以這被認為是一個墓地

  • and the idea being that the spirits that were here didn't want this ground occupied,

    而這個想法就是那裡的精神 不希望這個地面佔用,

  • especially by a holiday resort.


  • The other is that there used to be a ceremonial Chinese dragon near the entranceway to the build site

    另一個是曾經有過儀式 在入口附近的中國龍對修造站點

  • and the decision was made somewhere along the way to tear it down

    並做出了決定 一路上把它拆掉

  • to have easier access to the construction zone


  • and that, of course, brings very bad luck.


  • Dragons are a very important symbol in Chinese culture


  • and they represent good fortune and so to destroy one is seriously bad luck.

    他們代表著好運等等 摧毀一個是非常糟糕的運氣。

  • And so those are the two most likely theories that keep occurring when I'm looking up research.

    所以這些是兩種最有可能的理論 當我在研究時,這種情況一直在發生。

  • But the most fascinating thing about this UFO Village


  • is that people can't seem to agree on whether it exists or not, including newspapers.

    是人們似乎無法達成一致 是否存在,包括報紙。

  • I have read so many sources telling me that this entire village was demolished in 2010

    我讀過這麼多消息來源告訴我的 整個村莊于2010年被拆除

  • and that not a trace is left.


  • It looks like there's some left to me.


  • It looks like the entire thing is left.


  • So let's go look around more.


  • Here's an example of where I think people might actually be living as squatters

    這是我認為人們在哪裡的一個例子 實際上可能是擅自佔地者

  • because the gate is closed


  • and it does not look like they want you to go inside there.

    它看起來不像 他們希望你進去。

  • So maybe somebody's still living in this one.


  • As you're walking around, you can still see some places where there used to be a structure

    當你四處走動時,你仍然可以看到 有些地方曾經是一個結構

  • and I don't know why it's not there anymore.


  • This one looks like it really did just vanish because most of the tiles on top there look to be intact.

    這個看起來真的只是消失了 因為頂部的大多數瓷磚看起來都完好無損。

  • But it looks like there was a house there.


  • This is the perfect spot in the village to show you the two different types of pod houses here.

    這是村里向您展示的完美地點 這裡有兩種不同類型的吊艙。

  • They're both made by the same Finnish architect.


  • This one is more square in shape - they're called Venturo houses -

    這個更方形 - 他們被稱為Venturo房子 -

  • and then these ones are my absolute favourite.


  • They are called Futuro houses and they look like flying saucers

    他們被稱為Futuro房屋 他們看起來像飛碟

  • and when I was peeking my head inside the window of one

    當我偷看我的頭 在一個窗口內

  • you can see that the furniture is specially designed and built to go inside

    你可以看到家具 是專門設計和建造的內部

  • because it's hard to furnish a circular house.


  • It's not the kind of thing you can just go to Ikea for


  • and it really reminded me of Buckminster Fuller-style houses,

    它確實讓我想起了 巴克敏斯特富勒式房屋,

  • which are also circular and have that prefabricated design

    這也是圓形的 預製設計

  • and they're elevated off the ground and these Futuro houses, honestly,

    他們被抬高了 而且這些Futuro的房子,老實說,

  • the way they're sitting on the stilts,


  • it looks like a flying saucer could've very well just come down from the sky and rested there.

    它看起來像飛碟可以很好 剛從天而降,在那裡休息。

  • So as I'm walking along the street here


  • it looks like there were three UFO type houses here that were actually demolished.

    看起來這裡有三個UFO型房屋 實際上已被拆除。

  • And there's so much mystery around what's actually taken place here

    周圍有太多的神秘感 這裡實際發生了什麼

  • but I think that they may have started to demolish these and had more problems and bad luck,

    但我認為他們可能已經開始拆除這些 並且有更多問題和運氣不好,

  • whatever you want to call it, and then just stopped.


  • And that's why this land has never been touched, it's never been redeveloped.

    這就是為什麼這塊土地從未被觸及過, 它從未被重新開發過。

  • There was one plan at some point to build here again,


  • to redevelop the land as a beach resort again, from what I understand, and nobody will touch it.

    再次將土地重建為海灘度假村, 從我的理解,沒有人會觸及它。

  • Nobody.


  • So the door of this Futuro house is just blown right out and you can peek inside.

    所以這個Futuro房子的門就是 吹出來你可以偷看裡面。

  • Some of the windows are blown out too.


  • So here's the living room, the old television there,


  • and then that was the kitchen there in the centre,


  • and then if I pan to the right, through there you can see there's a bedroom

    如果我向右邊移動, 在那裡,你可以看到有一間臥室

  • and then on the other side is the bathroom.


  • I especially like this house behind me because it looks like whoever lives here now

    我特別喜歡這背後的房子 因為它看起來像現在住在這裡的人

  • built their current house around the UFO house


  • and it's kind of hard to tell from the front here that's facing the water,

    從前面這裡很難說出來 面朝水面,

  • but you get a little hint if you look at the second floor balcony

    但如果你看,你會得到一點暗示 在二樓的陽台

  • you can see that there's like curved windows.


  • But if you look at the back you can definitely see the butt end

    但如果你看看後面 你絕對可以看到對接結束

  • of a UFO sticking out the back of this house.


  • It's a really good idea and what I find even more interesting about this place

    這是一個非常好的主意,我發現了什麼 這個地方更有趣

  • is that if you look over here there's quite a large apartment building

    如果你看看這裡是 這是一個相當大的公寓樓

  • and on the other side there's what looks to be a very large beach resort with people going in and out.

    另一方面看起來像是什麼 一個非常大的海灘度假勝地,人們進出。

  • And this is very - I'm guessing - valuable property.

    這非常 - 我猜 - 有價值的財產。

  • I mean this is prime real estate on the beach.


  • There's these beautiful, lush green hills on either side.


  • It's a prime surf location.


  • I mean that's why this beach resort was intended to be here in the first place, right?

    我的意思是這就是為什麼這個海灘度假勝地 原本打算在這裡,對吧?

  • And there's people living on either side but nobody has touched this land in the middle.

    並且有人生活在兩邊 但沒有人在中間碰過這片土地。

  • It's been decades.


  • And there were plans at some point, I believe, to redevelop this land and they were scrapped

    我相信在某些時候有計劃, 重新開發這片土地,他們被廢棄了

  • and I just can't understand why people left in the first place

    我只是無法理解 為什麼人們首先離開了

  • and then why nobody has built here since on this prime section of the beach in Taiwan.

    然後為什麼沒有人在這裡建造 在台灣海灘的這個黃金地段。

  • I justit's mindblowing.


  • I really don't understand and it's killing me that I can't figure it out and I can't find anyone to ask.

    我真的不明白而且這讓我很傷心 我無法弄清楚,我找不到任何人問。

  • So I guess we'll never know.


  • Marc seems to think that a tree growing in the doorway is going to stop us.

    馬克似乎認為一棵樹在成長 在門口將阻止我們。

  • You just go around the tree.


  • Oh man, it really is low.


  • Ooh aah I'm stuck.


  • Ok I made it.


  • Oh my god!


  • Your backpack's gonna get stuck like mine except yours is way bigger.

    你的背包會像我一樣卡住 除了你的更大。

  • Nice.


  • Made it.


  • Look inside.


  • Whoa!


  • Oh my god.


  • This one's trashed.


  • A lot of these houses the insides are fairly well preserved but this one

    其中很多都是內部的 保存完好但是這個

  • has just been laid waste to.


  • I don't know if you can see in the middle there - right there, the yellow -

    我不知道你是否能在中間看到 - 就在那裡,黃色 -

  • that is the door.


  • I'm currently standing in the doorway.


  • The door should be where I am, instead it's in the middle of the house,

    門應該在我的位置, 相反,它在房子的中間,

  • and then just to the right of there if you look closely you can see the ground.

    然後就在那裡的右邊 如果你仔細觀察,你可以看到地面。

  • So the middle of the floor here has actually just fallen out.

    所以在這裡的中間 實際上剛剛失敗了。

  • What goes up, must come down.


  • Good luck.


  • Gonna be tricky.


  • It doesn't help having a drone strapped to your back.


  • No.


  • Ok.


  • Hey, that's pretty good.


  • Yeah, I got poked by the tree but nothingnothing too bad.

    是的,我被樹刺了一下但是 什麼......沒什麼太糟糕的。

  • It's so cool to see in that last house especially how the bottom has dropped out

    特別是在最後一所房子裡看到它真酷 底部如何退出

  • and the trees just come in.


  • I mean this place has been abandoned since 1980.


  • The wind maybe has blown in the doors, the windows, and the trees just move right in.

    風可能在門上吹了, 窗戶,樹木正好進入。

  • This looks like another house where the trees just seem to be taking over.

    這看起來像另一所房子 樹木似乎正在接管。

  • I don't know where that drill sound is coming from.


  • I kind of want to go take a look but it looksthis one looks a little sketchy.

    我有點想去看看,但看起來...... 這個看起來有點粗略。

  • So the whole side of this house is gone.


  • Actually two sides.


  • This place has seen better days.


  • It's all collapsed.


  • Wow, yeah, the roof has just come right in.


  • There's the bathroom.


  • Not very private.


  • That is a bathtub with a view.


  • Somebody still lives in this house.


  • The mattress is out on the lawn but there's the closet, you can see the kitchen over there,


  • and the TV is on the sofa.


  • So we are finding out that this Abandoned UFO Village might not be so abandoned after all.

    所以我們發現這個被遺棄的不明飛行物村 畢竟可能不會那麼放棄。

  • I don't know if you can see behind me the Volkswagen parked right by the flying saucer?

    我不知道你是否能看到我身後 大眾汽車停在飛碟旁邊?

  • I just spoke to a man there and I said, 'Do you live here?'

    我剛跟那裡的一個男人說過,我說, '你住在這裡嗎?'

  • and, you know, 'Do you sleep here?'


  • and he said yes and he's fixing it up and he let me take a peek inside

    他說是的,他正在修理它 他讓我看看裡面

  • and he's got like paint cans and it looks like he's not only living there

    而他就像油漆罐一樣,它看起來像 他不僅住在那裡

  • but he's kind of fixing it up and it looks lovely inside.


  • So I guess this abandoned place


  • I mean people are coming in and they aren't afraid about ghosts or a destroyed Chinese dragon

    我的意思是人們進來而他們不是 害怕鬼魂或被毀壞的中國龍

  • or 70,000 dead Dutch soldiers buried here possibly


  • and it's become this kind of little community.


  • So I've seen him there - I've only spoken to him -

    所以我在那裡見過他 - 我只和他說過話 -

  • but I did see a couple of other people who look like they were maybe residents here.

    但我確實看到了其他幾個人 看起來他們可能是這裡的居民。

  • So it's kind of cool to see that it's not so abandoned after all.

    所以看起來很酷 它畢竟不是那麼放棄了。

  • What do you see there?


  • It's a photograph.


  • You see a photograph?


  • Yeah, it's of a couple.


  • Does anyone know who these people are?


  • Look at that cool sofa.


  • It's really cool - and these chairs.

    這真的很酷 - 還有這些椅子。

  • And there's like an old TV there, reminds me of the TV from my childhood.

    那裡有一台舊電視, 讓我想起童年的電視。

  • You can see how the mattress looks pretty good until you look down and see the floor

    你可以看到床墊看起來很不錯 直到你往下看並看到地板

  • and it looks like the bed frame has just disintegrated.


  • It's got those 1970s colours: oranges and greens.


  • This is the drawer in everyone's kitchen that you need to reorganize.

    這是每個人廚房的抽屜 你需要重新組織。

  • That is such a cool washer.


  • I'm glad to know that if I'm ever in a typhoon or something,

    我很高興知道,如果我曾經 在颱風或其他什麼的,

  • I'm probably safest on the toilet.


  • That makes me think of Jurassic Park.


  • Oh yeah!


  • Isn't there a scene where the dinosaur takes him off the…?

    是不是有一個場景 恐龍把他帶走了......?

  • Yeah.


  • What if that happened here?


  • Let's just hope it wasn't a dinosaur that ripped the roof off that thing.

    我們只希望它不是恐龍 那個東西撕掉了屋頂。

  • What? You found another toilet?


  • Yeah, it's perfectly framed.


  • We have been walking around this Abandoned UFO Village for hours

    我們一直在走動 被遺棄的飛碟村幾個小時

  • and I even though I still really don't understand the many mysteries about this place,

    而我即使我還是真的不明白 關於這個地方的許多謎團,

  • I actually think now that that's a big part of its charm.


  • And I can confirm that this place does exist.


  • No matter what you read, it is here.


  • It was not demolished and I've just had such a good time walking around here.

    它沒有被拆除,我剛剛被拆除了 這是一個在這裡散步的好時光。

  • I hope that you have too.


  • We love exploring abandoned spots like this so if you know of other places around the world

    我們喜歡探索這樣的遺棄景點 所以如果你知道世界上其他地方

  • that you think we should go and check out then make sure to leave a comment down below.

    你認為我們應該去看看 然後確保在下面留下評論。

  • I hope that you think this was a fun video.


  • I've definitely had an amazing day here exploring with Marc - you agree?

    我在這裡度過了美好的一天 和Marc一起探索 - 你同意嗎?

  • Yeah, loved it.


  • So we hope you'll subscribe to our channel for more travel adventures

    所以我們希望您訂閱我們的頻道 更多旅行冒險